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Topic: The advertising of beauty products
   1. What techniques do advertisers use to persuade people to buy their products?
   2. Which techniques are most effective?
   3. How do the techniques link to visual elements to appeal to a particular target audience?

   Estéé Lauder Hydrationist moisturiser (Mindfood March 2010 pp1-2)

Technique                                   Example                                     Effect
Neologism                                   Hydrationist                                Adds to the idea that the product is very
                                                                                        new-so new it has a new name
Declarative Sentences                       Moisture is one of skin’s key defences      Makes a statement that makes it sound as
                                  ’s moisture barrier is strengthened   though it is a fact. Adds to credibility
Direct address                              Your skin                                   The reader feels as if the ad is directed at
                                            You’ll see                                  them. Makes them more likely to buy it
Comparatives                                Younger healthier                           Plays on women’s propensity to compare
                                                                                        themselves with others
Positive adjectives                         Dramatic exclusive                          Adds to the positive image of the product
Statistics                                  100% 50%                                    Adds credibility
Strong verbs                                Strengthened experienced proved
                                                                                        Implies speed of effect
Imperative                                  Feel the instant                            Tells the reader to do something so they
                                                                                        are likely to do it
Repeated structure                      Rush of moisture/look of aging               Opposites – one cancels out the other.
                                                                                     Links them by repeating the structure

   Lancome Génifique Moisturiser (Mindfood March 2010 p3)

Technique                               Example                                      Effect
Declarative Sentences
Imperatives                             Reactivate, discover                         Tells the reader to do something so they
                                                                                     are likely to do it
Similes                                 As if infused with life                      Allows the reader to make a comparison
                                        As if lit from within                        which is positive
Positive adjectives                     Cushiony velvety vibrant radiant visibly     Makes the product very desirable
Minor sentences                         Spectacular results                          Stands out and has impact because it’s
Graphs                                                                               To add credibility
Linked words                            Discover/invents                             Implies newness and gives credibility
Direct appeal                           Your                                         The reader feels as if the ad is directed at
                                                                                     them. Makes them more likely to buy it
Adverbs                                 Astonishingly breathtakingly, dramatically   Adds to the verbs-all very positive and
                                                                                     add to the seemingly impossible effects of
                                                                                     the product

   L’Oréal Revitalift Cream (Mindfood March 2010 pp11)
Technique                                 Example                                    Effect
Statistics                                87% less, 96% more                         Adds credibility
Declarative sentences                     Elastin is…
                                          Skin is…
                                          Revitalift is…
Adjectives                                  Sensitive, young, new, gentle                 Adds to the positive image of the product
Celebrity endorsement                       “My wrinkles…” Andie McDowell                 If a celbrity uses it, it must be good. Adds
                                                                                          credibility. Plays on snob appeal “I use the
                                                                                          same as …”
Slogan                                      Because you’re worth it”                      Easy to remember
                                                                                          Direst appeal

   Clinique Clarifying Lotion (Women’s Health Feb 2010 p7)
Technique                                  Example                                        Effect
Comparatives                               Younger, longer, smoother, livelier, better,   Plays on women’s propensity to compare
                                           smaller, clearer                               themselves with others
Imperatives                                Refine, soften                                 Tells the reader to do something so they
                                                                                          are likely to do it
Declaratives                                It’s unique…                                  Makes a statement that makes it sound as
                                                                                          though it is a fact. Adds to credibility
Question                                    Result?
Active verbs                                Whisks, block, clog,
Linked words                                Whisk/sweep,                                  Easy elimination
                                            Just, only, unique, all,                      Nothing else is like it
Direct address                              you
Incomplete sentences                        And it’s priced…
                                            Daily and over…

    Sukin Natural Skincare (Women’s Health Feb 2010 p87)
Technique                                 Example                                         Effect
Adjectives                                Active, essential, natural, affordable          Adds to the positive image of the product
Listing                                   Do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate,          Gives the impression that some creams
                                       sodium laureth….                            contain huge amounts of chemicals
Superlatives                           highest                                     Makes you think nothing is better
Slogan                                 Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth        Easy to remember

Positive nouns                         Vitality, radiance                          Adds to the positive image of the product

   Bobbi Brown Mascara (Mindfood Jan/Feb 2010 p11)
Technique                             Example                                        Effect
Imperatives                           Make                                           Tells the reader to do something so
                                                                                     they are likely to do it
Gp of three minor sentences           Unbelievable volume. Endless build.            Each adds to the positive image of the
                                      Exceptional separation                         product
Positive adjectives                   Unbelievable, endless, exceptional, unique     Adds to the positive image of the
Linked words                          Bold statement/Introducing/party

   Regenerist Cream (Mindfood Jan/Feb 2010 p17)
Technique                               Example                                    Effect
Pun                                     Whipped (cream/defeated)                   Clever
                                                                                   Links cream and quality
Imperative                             Save                                        Tells the reader to do something so they
                                                                                   are likely to do it
Direct address                         your
Comparative                            More hydrated                               Plays on women’s propensity to compare
                                       longer                                      themselves with others
Slogan                                 Love the skin you’re in                     Easy to remember
                                                                                   Direct address
     Decléor Hydra-Floral (Mindfood March 2010 p89)
Technique                                  Example                                        Effect
Inclusive pronouns                         our                                            Includes reader
Repetition                                 damage
Negative connotations                      Onslaught, ravages, pollution, dehydration     Makes the product seem indispensable
alliteration                               Protection from pollution                      Makes the words more memorable, links
                                           Supple, soft                                   them in meaning because they are linked
                                                                                          in sound
Adjectives                                 Immediate, continuous, maximum,                Adds to the positive image of the product
                                           natural, soothing, healthy
Imperatives                                Enjoy                                          Tells the reader to do something so they
                                                                                          are likely to do it

     Joyce Blok (Mindfood March 2010 p97)
Technique                                 Example                                         Effect
Alliteration                              Refresh, restore and rejuvenate                 Memorable
                                          Specific skin concerns                          Links words in meaning because they are
                                          Sensitive skin                                  linked in sound
Imperative                                Love your skin again                            Tells the reader to do something so they
                                          Refresh, restore and rejuvenate                 are likely to do it

Group of three                             Safe, painless and convenient

Listing                                    Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
                                           Uneven skin tome, acne, sun damage,
                                           dehydration and fine lines
Adjectives                                 Gentle, sensitive, specific, safe, painless,   Adds to the positive image of the product
Repetition                                 gentle
Declarative sentences                    “instantly brightens”                       Makes a statement that makes it sound as
                                                                                     though it is a fact. Adds to credibility

   Priori products (Mindfood 2010 p91)
Technique                                Example                                     Effect
Unsubstantiated claim                    Voted by leading authorities                Adds to credibility for gullible people
                                         We’ll guarantee you’ll look..
Comparatives                             Younger healthier                           Plays on women’s propensity to compare
                                                                                     themselves with others
Inclusive pronouns                       We’ll                                       Makes readers feel included
Adjectives                               Anti-aging, natural, potent, skin-saving,   Adds to the positive image of the product
                                         proven, noticeable, powerful, green
Imperative                               Give your skin the PRIORI glow..            Tells the reader to do something so they
                                                                                     are likely to do it
Group of three                           Cleanse, tighten and minimise
                    Hydrationist   Lancome   L’Oreal   Clinique   Sukin   Bobbi Regenerist Decléor   Joyce   Priori
                                                                          Brown                       Blok
      Positive           X           X         X                   X        X                X         X       X
Statistics/Graphs        X           X         X
   Imperatives           X           X                    X                 X       X         X       X        X
      Listing                                                      X                                  X
   Declarative           X           X         X          X                                           X
      Slogan                                   X                   X                X
     Inclusive                                                                                X                X
  Strong verbs           X
 Comparatives            X                                X                         X                          X
    Questions                                             X
 Direct address          X           X                    X                         X
     Celebrity                                 X
  Superlatives                                                     X
    Neologism            X
    Repeated             X
       Simile                        X
     Adverbs                         X
  Linked words                       X                    X                 X
Minor sentences                      X                                      X
  Strong verbs                                            X
   Incomplete     X
 Positive nouns       X
 Group of three           X           X   X
       Pun                    X
    Repetition                    X   X
     Negative                     X
   Alliteration                   X   X
Unsubstantiated                           X
                                                             Research Log

17.03.2010                                                         Decided on topic and collected advertisements
                                                                   Annotated ads and wrote up findings
18.03.2010                                                         Filled out table on frequency of techniques
22.03.2010                                                         Wrote intro to report
23.03 2010                                                         Started answering first question in report

30 .03.2010                                                                                    Completed

   Research Report: The Language of Beauty Product Advertising

   I chose to investigate the language of beauty product advertising because I was interested to see how advertisers use language
   to persuade people, mainly women, to purchase products which, as far as I know, do not work. I was keen to see whether
   different advertisers use the same techniques, which were the most effective and how these techniques promoted an image of
   the product.

   What persuasive language techniques do advertisers of beauty products use and which are most effective?

   Imperatives were the most common technique used across all the ads I analysed. Most of the commands were related to the
   characteristics of the product being advertised-Feel (Hydrationist), Refine, soften (Clinique) Refresh, restore rejuvenate (Blok).
   These imperatives create a rapport with the reader and by telling them to do something, they are more likely to do it. People like
being told what to do and advertisers use this to their advantage. They add a feeling of urgency to the ad and they speak
directly to the reader. They are very effective for this reason.
Positive adjectives
All the ads I studied used positive adjectives. They contributed to giving a positive image of the product and would encourage
the consumer to purchase the product. Hydrationist used dramatic and exclusive, Genifique used cushiony, velvety, vibrant,
radiant, youthful while LÓreal used sensitive, young new, gentle. The choice of adjectives showed what image of the product
the advertiser wanted to portray. LÓreal wanted to emphasise the gentle qualities of their product while Hydrationist
emphasised the more vivid and exciting characteristics. The Bobbi Brown mascara ad used adjectives like unbelievable,
endless, exceptional and unique to emphasise that this product is unlike any other. The Joyce Blok ad wanted to emphasise the
safety of their product, so they used words like gentle, sensitive, safe, painless. The positive adjectives were very persuasive in
several ways. Firstly, they give information about the effects of the product. If a product was described as ‘natural’ or suiting
‘sensitive skin’ it appealed to people who were keen not to use very chemical and possibly toxic products. If a product was
described as giving ‘youthful’ effects, it appealed to people who were worried about aging skin. Who wouldn’t want skin that is
vibrant, radiant and velvety? All of these adjectives promote effects which are attractive to the reader.
The use of positive adjectives is very persuasive because they either give information or they give a positive image for the
Declarative Sentences
Declarative sentences were a very common feature of the advertising of beauty products. They state something as though it is a
fact and this is a very persuasive technique. People are likely to believe something which sounds as though there is no question
about its validity. For example “Moisture is one of skin’s key defences” (Hydrationist) and “It’s unique” (Clinique) or “No one
measured up to Olay Regenerist…” These statements leave no room to disagree so make the product seem well supported by
‘facts’. Declarative sentences add a convincing quality to the advertisement and are persuasive because they sound like facts.
The use of comparatives was widespread probably because people, notably women, often compare their skin or appearance
with others. The use of a comparative implies a comparison with someone else and as beauty products are meant to make
people look better they tend to encourage this. Hydrationist uses younger, healthier, Clinique uses younger, longer, smoother,
livelier, better, smaller, clearer. Priori uses younger, healthier. It is significant that all three products use younger as this is a key
feature that beauty products are trying to achieve. The use of comparatives encourages comparison and is very effective for this
reason. People would always choose the ‘better’ of the options and this, of course, can be achieved by buying the product being
3. How do the techniques link to visual elements to appeal to a particular target audience?

All advertisers have a target audience in mind when they advertise a product. They choose language techniques to match their
audience. The Priori ad is targeting people who are looking for natural products. The visual image is of product packaging which
is lying on leaves and moss. The predominant colour is green which emphasises the ‘greenness’ of the products. This is also
emphasised by the use of words like natural, anti-oxidants, green tea, healthier. The headline ‘Natural wonder’ also reinforces
the natural quality of this product. The Sukin ad also has a green image as well as stressing the economy of the product. It uses
words like botanicals, vegan, and natural as well as affordable. The main colour is green also with pictures of plants. This ad
also has a list of the chemicals that it doesn’t contain. This lets consumers know that most cosmetic creams do contain these
toxic sounding chemicals. The Regenerist ad has a predominant colour of red with the jar of cream in the middle and glowing
white from the bottom. It looks like a trophy and this is referred to in the ad when it says that this cream beat others in a survey
even though it was much cheaper. This ad is targeting those who want the best effects with the least amount of money spent.
The overall effect of the results of the survey added to the image of the glowing centre stage product target. Decleor and
Hydrationist used pale flowers and drops of moisture in their ads and the Clinique ad used just drops of water. All these ads
what to emphasise the moisturising qualities of their products and so the water droplets are supported by words like moisture,
moisture boost, moisture barrier, sustainable moisture complex, and hydration. The target audience is those who feel that their
skin lacks moisture. The use of flowers makes the product seen natural. The Decleor ad is all natural but the Hydrationist isn’t.
yet, they both use the same graphic. It was significant that some ads had a link between the graphic and the text while others
didn’t. This suggests that some people are swayed more by the picture than the text.

I found many language techniques which advertisements use to promote beauty products. The most common were positive
adjectives, imperatives, declarative sentences and comparatives. The language techniques were used effectively when
combined with the visual images to target particular audiences. This is a very competitive area and appeals to people’s desire to
look better, to save money or to be natural were common.

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