ILC onf Min Application by 64JB6CO


                                    for the Position of
                         CONFERENCE MINISTER
                       Illinois Conference, United Church of Christ

Name:                       [type applicant name here]
E-mail Address:             [type email address here]
Preferred Phone:            [type number here]
Additional Phone:           [type number here]            (optional)

A complete application will include the following items:
    This Application form, including the identify contact information above and
     your responses to the four extended answer questions found on the following pages.

       An up-to-date Ministerial Profile provided directly from Parish Life and

When you complete this application form, you may save it and then attach your
completed application file to an email to . If you prefer,
creating a PDF file of your completed application responses is also acceptable. No
printed applications will be accepted.

Application materials should be received by March 1, 2010, in order to receive primary
consideration by the search committee. Both a Ministerial Profile and this application
form with its extended answer questions must be received in order to be fully

If you have questions about the application process or about the search process more
generally, please feel free to contact either of:

        The Rev. Sharon Ellis Davis, Search Committee Chair | 773.398.0996

        The Rev. Matthew Emery, Vice Chair & Secretary for Candidate Communications | 815.963.8431

       Grace and peace to you as you discern whether God is calling you to ministry
         with and among the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ!
                  Please answer the 4 questions using only the space provided.

1. Why are you seeking the role of Illinois Conference Minister, and what gifts, skills &
qualities to you bring that would empower this conference for ministry in the future?

[begin response here. response should fit within this page.]
2. Our Conference serves a very diverse community. How do you understand cultural
competence and what demonstrated skills would you bring to this Conference and its
diverse constituencies?

[begin response here. response should fit within this page]
3. Describe the strengths and weaknesses you have discovered in your own leadership
style and experience.

[begin response here. response should fit within this page.]
4. In a paragraph or two, identify your competence with computer technology, virtual
office, text messaging, blogging, etc. Indicate your comfort with technology and its use
in ministry settings like the Conference.

[begin response here. response should not be longer than 2 short-to-moderate paragraphs]

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