August 1, 2012
HR MANAGERS MEETING AGENDA                                                                                         1:30 – 4:30 pm
                                                                                                          AAG Conference Room

         Interim         Becky Daniels, Employment Security
    Facilitators:        Phil Wilson, Natural Resources

     Attendees:          HR Managers
Topic                                                                               Facilitator(s)
    Welcome & Introductions
                                                                                    Becky & Phil                            1:30 pm
          HR Manager Meeting Facilitation (see bottom of page)

    Executive Ethics Board Updates                                                 Melanie deLeon, EEB                     1:35 pm

                                                                                    Terry Wilson, DES
    Enterprise Risk Management – Update                                                                                    1:45 pm
                                                                                    Drew Zavatsky, DES

    OSHRD Updates
          Diversity Executive Order Implementation                                 Ginny Dale, OSHRD
          IT Workforce Planning (convening of OCIO Workgroup)                                                              1:55 pm
                                                                                    Mark Sullivan, OSHRD
          GMAP Report (Veterans, Diversity, IT, OLRS?)
          Enterprise Report Timeframes (if time allows)
    Labor Relations Division Updates                                               Rick Hall, LRD                          2:10 pm

    2014 Salary Survey Planning                                                    Lidia Santiesteban, OSHRD               2:25 pm

    DES Personnel Services - Updates                                               Scott Turner, DES                       3:00 pm

    Time, Leave and Attendance Project Update                                      Katie Gerard, OSHRD                     3:10 pm

    Break                                                                          All                                     3:25 pm

    Open Forum/Pressing Issues                                                     HR Managers                             3:35 pm

    End of Meeting                                                                 All                                     4:30 pm

         We are looking for new facilitators. Here’s the backstory… Several years ago we, as a group, agreed to have two
         facilitators, each with a “term” of two years. The terms overlapped with a change in January of each year, with the idea that
         we’d always have one facilitator who was experienced. As of June 30, 2012, our two facilitators were Peggy Zimmerman
         (whose term ends December 31, 2012) and Becky Daniels (whose term ends December 31, 2013). Effective July 1, Peggy
         retired from state service. Becky moved to a position as a Labor Relations Manager and will no longer be a member of the
         HR Manager group. So… both positions are now vacant.

         Phil Wilson has agreed to step in to Peggy’s role until December 31, 2012, and Becky has agreed to reprise her facilitation
         role one last time at the August meeting. We’d like for you to consider stepping up to take one of the facilitator roles:
                  Becky’s role: Serve from September 2012 through December 2013
                  Peggy’s/Phil’s role: Serve from January 2013 through December 2014.
         You’ll have the opportunity to volunteer (or be volunteered!) at the beginning of the August meeting. Thanks!

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