LORD OF THE FLIES ASSIGNMENT SHEET
Reading Schedule – The chapters must be completed by the dates listed below:

Wednesday             2/1             Chapter 1             (25 pages)
Friday                2/3             Chapter 2             (16 pages)
Thursday              2/9             Chapter 3             (10 pages)
Tuesday               2/14            Chapter 4             (18 pages)
Thursday              2/16            Chapter 5             (19 pages)
Tuesday               2/21            Chapter 6             (14 pages)
Thursday              2/23            Chapter 7             (15 pages)
Monday                2/27            Chapter 8             (21 pages)
Tuesday               2/28            Chapter 9             (10 pages)
Thursday              3/1             Chapter 10            (15 pages)
Monday                3/5             Chapters 11           (13 pages)
Wednesday             3/7             Chapter 12            (20 pages)

QUIZZES - There will be several quizzes on the reading. If you are absent on the day a quiz is given, the next
quiz score will be doubled.

VOCABULARY: You will be given vocabulary words each week to study and write sentences or groups of
sentences for. These will be due Wednesdays and you will be tested on the words.

ANNOTATING: You are expected to have your own book to annotate as you read. If you do not, you will
have to make notes on a separate piece of paper. A reading notebook will also be a part of this assignment
which is fully explained on the accompanying handout.

CHARTS: You will be given handouts to chart themes in the novel, the development of “The Beast” symbol,
and the different levels of allegory in the novel. Ensure you complete these handouts as I will collect them for
evaluation at random times during the next four weeks.

PROJECTS: There are two separate projects in this unit. You will receive a packet explaining each

ESSAYS: There will be an at least two (2) in-class essays during this unit where you will be expected to write
short, mega-paragraph compositions which will be graded anonymously by either your own class or another
section of the class. Each will count fifty points. They will focus on elements of DIDLS or the different
specific literary elements we discuss for the novel.

CAHSEE: We will spend one full day between today and the test reviewing this exam, question types,
strategies, and expectations.

LATE WORK: If your assignment is not completed when asked for, do not ask to turn it in late. Not only will
I not accept the assignment, I will deduct points from your participation grade.

RECREATIONAL READING: Your book for the quarter should be chosen immediately. Your first
recreational reading assignment is due Friday 2/24 and then every four weeks thereafter.
Monday       1/30    Beginning of Semester – Powerpoint Notes; Begin Allegory Unit;
Tuesday      1/31    Powerpoint and Background Information Quiz
Thursday     2/2     Vocabulary Week One Sentences due
Friday       2/3     Vocabulary Quiz;
Mon-Wed.     2/6-8   Work on Survival Manual
Thursday     2/9     Study Questions Chapters 1-3 due; Week Two Sentences Due;
Friday       2/10    Vocabulary Quiz;
Tuesday      2/14    First Annotation/Journal Check
Tuesday      2/21    Study Questions 4-6 Due; Allegory Final
Friday       2/24    Deserted Island CD Project Due
Monday       2/27    Second Annotation Check;
Wednesday    2/29    Study Questions 7-9 due; Mega-Paragraph #2;
Thursday     3/1     Vocab. Week 3 due
Friday       3/2     Vocabulary Test;
Wednesday    3/7     Study Questions 10-12; 3rd Annotation Check
Thursday     3/8     Lord of the Flies Test; Vocabulary Sentences Week Four Due
Friday       3/9     Vocabulary Test; Symbolism,
Monday       3/12    Allegory and Theme Charts Due
Thursday     3/15    Peer editing of Rough Draft; Rough Draft due
Friday       3/23    Final Draft of Essay Due

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