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Conference 2012 - Workshop & Session Descriptors

Pre-Conference Workshop PC-1: The Way We Word
– Classification and Object Naming 101 Workshop

Session Description

Object naming and classification is vital for museum collections documentation.
This workshop will provide novice cataloguers with:
 an overview of accepted standards for object naming and classification for historical
   collections (Nomenclature, Parks Canada Classification System).
 hands-on guidance through the cataloguing process
 practical advice on cataloguing situations such as:
       - unknown objects
       - adding object terms or classifications to the standard
       - multi-purpose or multi-component objects
       - object sets, models, etc.

Come share our experience, our passion and our play on “The Way We Word “!

Session Summary

1) Focus - The major points to be covered:
Although collections documentation is of vital importance to museums, many museum staff
and volunteers lack training in, and struggle with, the use of museum documentation
standards. This basic-level workshop will provide all the novice cataloguer needs to know to
use museum classification systems and object naming standards such as Nomenclature 3.0
and Parks Canada Classification System for Historical Collections.

The Workshop will provide:
 a discussion of why classification and object naming is important
 an overview of the available standards and their strengths and scope
 hands-on guidance in assigning classification and object names
 practical advice and discussion of common cataloguing issues such as unknown objects,
   adding classifications or object names to the standard, and cataloguing multi-purpose,
   multi-component objects, sets, and models.
 Participants will also receive the most up-to-date information available about the Parks
   Canada Visual Dictionary Online, and the incorporation of Nomenclature 3.0 into various
   commercial software packages for collections management.

This workshop is at a basic level, for staff or volunteers that have had little or no experience
with classification standards. It will focus on classification of historical collections.

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2) Outcomes - What will attendees gain, learn, or be able to do after attending the

Attendees will learn the importance of using a museum classification standard, and how to
use it in their daily work. They will understand the strengths and scope of the available
standards, in order to select the right tool for their museum. They will be able to handle:
 basic cataloguing tasks (e.g. assigning names and classifications; supplementing the
    standards with needed terms)
 more complex situations (e.g. cataloguing sets, or components), as well as
 common but perplexing “cataloguing conundrums” that crop up.

3) Audience:
This workshop is intended for novice cataloguers – those with little or no experience with
classification systems for museum cataloguing. It is intended for volunteers and staff that
need to understand, on a practical level, how to use classification and object naming
standards in their daily work. This workshop would be useful for museums of any size, but we
will be focusing on classification systems for historical collections (not art or natural science

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                                  Conference 2012: Rendezvous -“All Together Now!”
                                     Kamloops Museum & Archives & Hotel Five540Forty
                                            Kamloops, BC - October 17- 20, 2012

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