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					Governors’ Messages

Key items from The Warwick
 School Governors’ Meeting
        2 July 2012
    Key messages from the Governors.
Governor Vacancies: There         Engaging with parents, staff and
  are a number of Parent            students: Governors identified a
  Governor posts currently          number of events (e.g. Awards
  vacant. We are keen to fill       and Open Evenings; School
  these as soon as possible and     Council meetings) to attend to
  would be happy to discuss         meet and increase engagement
  the work of the Governors,        with parents, staff and students.
  how Governors can make a        Attendance: Governors noted the
  difference to the school, and     increase in student attendance
  what the role entails, with       levels and thanked Anna Wells
  any prospective candidates.       and Eileen O’Hara for the work
                                    they had put into securing this
    Key messages from the Governors.
Pastoral reports: The Governors Improving teaching
  noted the considerable work      standards: Over 80% of
  that the Pastoral team had       lessons have this year been
  undertaken and the notable       assessed as being “Good” or
  level of successes achieved,     above. This is good news
  including: work in the           for our students and reflects
  community; success on the        well on all members of the
  sports fields; music and         teaching staff.
  performing arts. The Governors Good Samaritans: Three of
  expressed their thanks and       our Warwickians helped a
  appreciation to Rochelle Roy     man who collapsed in the
  for her pastoral leadership.     street, looking after him
                                   until an ambulance arrived.
   Questions for Governors.
• If you have any questions for our
  Governors, or wish to discuss any
  aspect of the school with a Governor,
  please send an e-mail to:

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