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                     The Gem of the Bahamas

            Plantation Bay Beach Resort Long Island

27 Acres of Prime Caribbean Real-estate beach front on a unique peninsular with over
              3,000 ft of golden sand on the garden island of the Bahamas.

                 Joint venture proposal layout

             Plantation Bay Ferguson Point

                     Investment Opportunity

27 Acres of prime development land on Long Island Bahamas, 3,000 ft of
golden sand beach on the Caribbean side of this beautiful island. The land
comprises of small trees and bush with an elevation of around 14ft. It is a
peninsula of land making it quite unique to the Islands, as shown in the
pictures below.

                           Plantation Bay south beach

Ferguson Point is located ¾ mile back from the Queens highway, the main
road of the island. Long Island is 80 miles long and only 4 miles at its widest
point. The land is situated exactly on the tropic of cancer so it is very easy to
find on any map of the Bahamas.

The land has been granted planning in Principle for a residential subdivision
back in 2003 which is fully transferable.
It has many Investment possibilities for various developments, i.e. separate
housing units or multi family housing, Hotel or (Marina facility) the
government of the Bahamas is encouraging this type of development.
The property has 3,000ft of continuous un-spoilt beachfront with views over
Doctors Bay looking south, and Harvey’s Bay or Deals beach looking north.
East is the Exuma sound. Plantation Bay is only 15 mins from Stella Maris
Airport where there are two daily flights to Nassau, the capital of the
Bahamas. The airport also has private landing facilities.
Electricity, water, Telephone are all available in the near by Queens Highway
which is at the end of the private road.

        Looking east towards little Exuma this piece of beach faces north

There is a deep water port on the opposite side of Doctors Bay to the south,
where large ocean going yachts can dock. Five minutes further south there is
also a ferry facility which arrives from Nassau twice weekly. A container
port is just 15mins south at the main ferry port. Most building materials are
ready available on island. The resort was designed to be built with state of
the art Tri-steel construction. IE making them stronger safer and a faster
building method. Thus cutting construction time by at least 50%.
No, Tri-steel built home has ever been lost to Hurricane, earthquake or any
other natural disasters. They are also impervious to rot or and other

       Looking south along Deals beach Harvey Bay to Ferguson Point

Attached are various pictures of the beach viewing the property from
different perspectives? Any Agent will tell you the most important thing is
Position, Position, and Position. On the following pages there is a conceptual
plan showing what leading Architects Robertson Ward consider one of the
lands best uses for what is in great demand in this part of the Caribbean.
Also Attached are various other developments that are ongoing with their

This idea combines the use of a development, and the formation of a private
Balinese type residential island. Separate from the development.
Also enclosed is a prospectus giving the investor an insight on Long

            Beach Point Plantation Bay looking over Exuma sound

South facing beach on point

                                        The Common Wealth of the Bahamas

Just 55 miles east of Florida, extending south for 750 miles, lies a paradise. Imagine 100,000 square miles of brilliant
turquoise shallow waters sprinkled with over 700 islands and hundreds of cays, scattered like seashells into the sea, and year-
round sunshine. These are the islands of the Bahamas.

The Bahamas lay claim to the world’s third largest barrier reef – the Andros Barrier Reef - a Mecca for divers, snorkelers and
fishermen. The Bahamas’ also boasts what is often referred to as the sailing capital of the world – the Abacos - an extensive
reef system and myriad offshore cays, which provide over 100 miles of protected cruising area for yachts. Famous for its
bonefish, sport fishermen from all over the world come to Bahamian waters to pit their skills against this elusive fish.

The twin attractions of a natural utopia and a real estate haven make buying property in the Bahamas a desirable
consideration. Recognized worldwide as a premiere off shore banking center, the Bahamas provides investors with a stable
political system and a tax-free environment. Quick and easy access to the US and Europe, a modern infrastructure and a
strong professional base are other reasons to invest here.

Although over 200 of the islands are privately owned, to date only 30 of them are inhabited, with a population totaling
289,000. Every year, 3.6 million tourists flock to The Bahamas. Beyond the more popular destinations of Nassau and New
Providence lie the Out Islands - popular amongst adventure sports enthusiasts - the jewel of which is Long Island.

                                                         Long Island
Located 40 minutes southeast of Nassau, right on the Tropic of Cancer, two contrasting coastlines – The Caribbean Sea on
the west, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east –The Island has two airports and a first class main road The queens high way
that runs the length of the Island, Car hire is available at the airports on the island and there are now two fights a day out of
Nassau seven days a week, at a cost of about $70 US each way, and takes 40mins, The flight from Miami to Nassau takes
about 40mins also.

Long Island is one of the most scenic of the out islands destinations. While the western coast has powder-soft, white or pink
and gold sandy beaches, the eastern coast falls dramatically into the sea from high, rocky cliffs, unique to the Bahamas.

The climate is idyllic, with and an average means temperature of 80 degrees, tempered by the constant Trade Winds and
tropical showers. Although it receives the least rainfall, Long Island – dubbed the ‘garden island’ because of its rich black
soil - is the most fertile of the Bahamian islands.

The island has various shops, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, Schools and Builders merchants, and can cope with most every
day needs. There are two other major developments under way, Stella Maris new golf and marina resort 15mins north. And
the Cape Santa Maria resort 20mins north. These ongoing expansions are a testament to its importance as far as the
Government of the Bahamas is concerned.
The island has been granted special dispensation to boost its importance as a growing resort destination. In March 2006 it
was also granted a cruse ship docking port license to further boost its importance.

Plantation Bay resort will be the first eco friendly resort using its own solar energy core plant and water purification system.
It will be a vehicle free resort, with owners using golf car friendly drives to and from its own parking facility. The formation
of little Plantation Island will again be unique to the Bahamas. It will be accessed only by its own private bridge. Making it
only excessable to owners of the exclusive island. Its five 1 acre sized lots all have magnificent ocean beachfront. The island
will have a Balinese design feel to it, with low rise luxury family residences. The island will have its own private on site
security personnel. In addition all owners will have full use of all resort facilities. This opportunity is unsurpassed by
anything else on today’s buyers market.

Measuring almost 80 miles in length (hence, it’s name) and 4 miles at its widest, Long Island has a population of only 3,100.
Farming, fishing and tourism form the economic base of the island. In June each year, the island’s economy is further
boosted by the influx of thousands of tourists who have come to attend the famed annual Long Island Regatta.

                                                 Investment Opportunity

For your investment you can own 3,000 ft of continuous beachfront on beautiful Long Island Bahamas. All utilities: water,
electricity and telephone are available. The land will be bordered at the back by its own private road. The Queen’s Highway, is
in close proximity, as shown on the lot map attached. Also attached are some ideas regarding development with beach houses
and a marina condo facility, plus a private island retreat.

Most of the land on the island is Bahamian-owned ‘generational land’ passing from descendant to descendant, and rarely comes
on the market. Such a large parcel is especially rare with so much beachfront on the more desirable east coast Caribbean side of
the island.

This parcel of land is freehold and is covered by Lawyers Insurance. The revenue possibilities of the real estate investment are
         You can either keep the land for your own use- with or without rental properties- or develop a condo facility or
housing structures.

                                        Other Reasons to Invest in the Bahamas
         Other points of interest Plantation resort Ferguson point has its own little bit of history. Besides being very
         easy to defend as a fortification, it is also right on the tropic of cancer making it easy to find on any map. It
         was also home at one time to the notorious Pirate Captain Kidd, who was imprisoned on the point in a little
         jail before being shipped back to England and hung! Part of that Jail still exists on the point although now
         very overgrown. captures h
         The point itself is a delight, as it captures the prevailing the trade winds from the north side of the island.
         Water depth off the point is very swim friendly safe with NO rips or pull currents, so totally safe for
         children to swim.

         There are very few restrictions on what you can do with your land once you own it. Permits, when required, are
         liberally granted.
         The International Persons Landholding Act of 1993 makes it easier for non-Bahamians and companies under their
         control to own property. The government also gives accelerated consideration for permanent residency to major
         investors and owners of residences valued in excess of $500,000.00.

There is however, a Government land tax for property over $100,000 of 10%, under $100,000 it is 2½%

Incentives to do business in the Bahamas are many. While some business people tout the proximity to the U.S., a time
zone shared with the stock markets of New York, and a strong professional infrastructure, the biggest consideration is
freedom from taxes.

    Plantation Bay Resort ∙ Ferguson Point ∙ Long Island Bahamas
                   Conceptual Development Plan
Key Components (Detail below)
         Total Resort core area of 27 acres contained within a gated community
         Multi-family Marina Village Site
         Central Facility/Reception and Administration
         Main Beach Club & Restaurant
         Lagoon & marina
         Island Pool & Cabanas
         Single Family Estate Lots
         Engineering & Total Energy Plant

Multi-Family Marina Village Site
Multi-family site quartered by 8’.0” deep (L.W.), navigable, bulk-headed canal
88 Units in twenty-two 2 ½ story villas with three bedroom and two 4 bedroom penthouses per villa
Each unit to have either a dock-side or beach frontage setting
Each Unit is entitlement to include an assigned boat dock located on the canal
All traffic and circulation within the Marina Village is restricted to golf buggies and walking
The “island” is accessed from the mainland over an elevated suspension bridge

Central Facility/Reception & Administration
This control facility is located adjacent to the gated entrance and security booth
All vehicular traffic other than that associated with the 5 Estate lots, to be parked in the ad joining car parks
Set off by a raised, formal terrace with freshwater swimming pool and 2 pagodas with the site spilling
down onto 2 beaches and the canal

Main Beach Club & Restaurant
Central meeting and function area built on pilings & located strategically in the centre of the canal
Contains restaurant and bar, widows walk, wide verandas and changing rooms
To include 18 boat slips for drive up service and enhance nautical theme

Lagoon & Marina
The lagoon or canal is laid out with 3 entrances to be self flushing. The existing hand cut canal
Delineating and creating an island of the 5 Estate Lots which is extended in the low lying, marshy eastern
Portion of the site to create the canal and marina dockage for citing the 88 units
The canal will only be accessed by boat from the main SE entrance. The 10’0” high suspension bridge,
Shallow water and strategically placed rocks will limit boat access from the other 2 entrances.

Island Pool & Cabanas
Provides a second setting for private, casual entertainment with a barbeque and bar facilities
Located strategically in the centre of the island to act as an attractive visual buffer between the villas

      Single Family Estate Lots
      5 Privately owned, plus one acre sized lots, located on the existing small island at the western portion of the
      Lot owners have access to and the right to utilize the facilities of the Resort

      Engineering & Central Energy Plant
      The reserve is located outside the gated community and controlled from the Security Booth
      Engineering, utilities, stores, laundry & staff quarters located within the reserve

       Arial view shows the point with its surrounding beaches and its relation to the main
island highway. The property was valued by the leading agents, H.G. Christies five years
ago with infrastructure at $7,200,000 million but has gone up in value by 40% to excess of
$15m with infrastructure. This was priced at under $2m by the islands largest contractor in

The availability of beachfront property and the dream of paradise are becoming far
scarcer by the day.

Proposed Development

      Above shows the formation of the resort and the creation of little Plantation Bay
      Island, with canals and beach front Villas. Each building would contain 2
      apartments and 2 penthouses. Each apartment would be 3 bedrooms and 3
      bathrooms, around 2,800 sq ft with wraparound decks.

      Penthouses would be 4 bedrooms with a master suite bedroom and separate private
      deck, at around total 3,800sqft. Each apartment would get use of docking facilities
      as-well full resort activities and management services.

      Owners could step on a plane in Miami or Fort Laudable and be fishing from their
      own boats in less than two hours. The resorts in house management services could
      have your larders filled and waiting for you! with your boat fueled and ready to go!

                                     Tranquil living

      Beautiful Bahamian architecture can still be found in the
      Bahamas real estate markets, but they do not usually have their
      own private marinas.

Long Island was also voted one of the best 10 islands in the world to live in the 2006
better living magazine.

 Proposed canal and beach front Villas showing penthouses and wrap around decks

Shown below are examples of interior finishes, showing top quality

Diagram above shows two mirror configurations for bottom
apartments on the shown canal picture. The Penthouses are a
completely different lay out. Boat slips for 50ft are normally selling at
plus $450,000 without dwellings!

Bathrooms by Kristi acid stained floors by Kemiko

  Profile Analysis for Developers on Bahama projects

       1. Rum Cay Development Rum Cay                    $ 700 Million
       2. February Point Exuma Exuma                     $ 190 Million
       3. Hog Cay Resort            Hog Island           $ 100 Million
       4. Cape Santa Marie          Long Island          $ 90 Million
       5. Stella Maris Resort       Long Island          $ 250 Million
       6. Four Seasons Hotel        Exuma                $ 550 Million
       7. Ritz Carlton              Rose Island          $ 700 Million
       8. The Gin Bimini            Grand Bahama         $ 850 Million
       9. Cable Beach               Nassau               $    1 Billion
      10. Grand Bahama            -                      $ 450 Million
      11. Cotton Bay                                     $ 650 Million
      12. Emerald Bay              Exumas                $ 850 Million
Shown below are just some of the on going projects on Long Island, and
surrounding island cays; indicating a huge demand for these type of projects.

      Area distance reference to Long Island

      15 Mins via water Rum Cay and Leaf Cays
      30 Mins via water February Point
      50 Mins via water Four Seasons Exuma
      10 Mins via air George Town Exuma
      20 Mins Cape Santa Marie Long Island by road
      10 Mins Stella Maris by road

Plantation Bay/Ferguson Point would have the only fully protected Marina.
This is just one aspect and idea for the land which has many possibilities
It is unique piece of property with wonderful outlooks over the sea.

The Bahamas has very little private beachfront left. So wonderful beachfront
on an un-spoilt island only a short flight from cold winters?

You can fly out of Miami and be on your boat in under an hour! Or take a
island hopper via George town Exuma which only takes 10 mins. New York
is just 2 ½ hours away.

Incentives to do business in the Bahamas are many. While some business
people tout the proximity to the U.S., a time zone shared with the stock
markets of New York, and a strong professional infrastructure, the biggest
consideration is freedom from taxes.

Following are a list of tax exemptions in the Bahamas: Beginning with, if
you make it you keep it!
      Capital gains, inheritance, withholding, profit Remittance corporate,
royalty, sales, dividend, pay roll, interest and personal income taxes (Nil)

                  View from Ferguson point looking over Exuma sound

                Satellite view showing water color of long island

The concept given is just one of many that this unique property can be used
for. The idea of having an island on an island connected by a bridge! Having
all the luxuries but separating it from the main complex, but having all the

This in itself is a unique concept in the Bahamas only repeated in such
places as Miami’s Star Island. But with a very different price tag! The
scarcity of such a large amount’s of beachfront speaks for itself. A private
island on an island, but with none of the inconveniences of an island! The
development would be kept completely separate from the island. But owners
get full use of all facilities of the resort restaurant and private club. The
Resort will be car free and zoned walk friendly with use of Golf cart
roadways. A resort only for millionaires where they are not bothered by
anyone! Every need is taken care of and catered for.
A facility run by experts who understand what service is all about, and can
meet the whims of its clients. A resort where everyone is an owner! Looked
after by a private management company who understands what is required.

                     Expense and Profit Gain

Land preparation:

Construct road from Queen’s highway to property. Prep and grade road
surface with crushed coral finish                             $ 51,000
Dredge Canals from north side of point and south side of point 50 ft wide
entrance channels, utilizing old Slave cannels with a 250ft wide basin 8ft
deep.                                                             $1M 500.

Run services i.e. under ground Electrics, water and Tel.
$ 300,000 Purely for back up..

(It is planed for Solar and Satellite facility with its own private water supply)
Infrastructures costs are under                                         $2M
Construct Tri-Steel units as shown above:
Build cost of each 4 Plex unit consisting of two apartments Aprox 2,800sqft
each and two penthouse units Aprox 3,800 sq ft each.
$550,000 finished building price.
Twenty two 4 Plex buildings                                            $12M

Each apartment will have its own 50ft boat dockage. The units could be sold
on fractional shares of 12 week increments at $250,000. That is half of what
is being asked at near by February Point Exuma. That would make each
building worth                                                      $4M
Or these can be sold out right. Near by Cape Santa Maria Resort is asking
$950,000 for half the sqft without any Docking and their sold out!

Profit Margin after all expenditure in excess                          $74M
This profit is based on using standard construction methods to give the
developer a feel for what could be made using the old method of building.
If they use the state of the art Tri-steel system the profit margin greatly
There are 68, fifty foot boat slips in the marina. These can be sold or rented.
This is a separate profit from shown above. None of these prices include the
5 ½ acre island..

                     Little Plantation Island

Little Plantation Island would be a private island and separate entity to
the development. The 5 ½ acre island has been divided into 5 separate
island lots all with magnificent views. Access would be by private road
The island would have its own on island private security staff and
maintenance, which would look after the owners needs. Every lot has
panoramic views and stands within its own sanctuary.
Attached are some designs showing Balinese type low impact housing.
Remember these are just one concept created in Tri-Steel. This gives the
feel and look of wood but 90% stronger. Tri-steel products have been
specially formatted for coastal building with all its inclement conditions.

Design ideas only

Three bedroom units

Tri-steel can construct and design any building using standardized design and reformat it to steel. It
can have any external finish that the owner requires. All steel is pretreated and not exposed to the
elements, thus keeping its integrity fully intact. Its tried and tested format is now being used in over
52 countries world wide. It is rapidly gaining momentum with builders as the future of building. What
once took years to do, now only take months with no down side! Stronger- faster- safer- with greater
profit margins. No mistakes no waste and everything fits perfectly.

           Harvey’s Bay is also known as Deals Beach

     Looking along deals beach north, and south to Ferguson Point.

For more Information or questions call Owner: Michael Quirke Tel: 876 505 1159

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