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					Welcome to        3 rd


{   Mrs. Kester
    Room B3
                               What to Expect
Third Grade is a year of changes: exciting and overwhelming at
  the same time. Third grade expectations are much greater
  than ever before: student and parent must be up for the
Your child knows how to read, write, add, and subtract...now we
  move on from there. We will build upon existing knowledge
  and create life-long learners.
There is an incredible amount of content to cover so
  responsibility is great. Third graders must come to school
  each day with a positive, respectful attitude, be prepared to
  learn, take initiative and be willing to draw outside of the
The pace if fast, but by working together as a TEAM we will
  help each other make incredible gains and succeed!                Together
We have 2 main rules in room B3: Work Hard and Be Kind. I           Everyone
  will guide your child through the exciting world of third
  grade and they will leave each day knowing that they are          Achieves
  loved, that they were heard, that they are smart and that they
  can accomplish anything!                                          More
I will challenge them in ways they never thought possible, I will
   expect nothing but the best and I will watch them grow into
   the most incredible 3rd graders ever. I will teach them to
   think, to be proud and to never give up!
What can you expect? One AMAZING year!
Mrs. Kester
   I received a Bachelor of Science
    degree in Education from
    Westfield State University in MA
    and a Masters degree in
    Elementary Education from NAU.
   I have taught 2nd grade, 3rd grade,
    4th grade, and I’ve also served as a
    Media/Technology Specialist over
    the past 19 years.
   I like to jog, bike ride bake, and
    spend time with my family.
   I live in Chandler with my
    husband David , our son Michael
    and our daughter Megan.
   I am a HUGE sports fan…love my
    Red Sox, Patriots, and of course,
    the Phoenix Suns!
                    8:30-8:45: Morning Meeting/DOL
                    8:45-9:20: Math Warm Up,
Daily Schedule   
                     reteaching and enrichment
                     9:20-9:45: Thinking Strategies
                    9:45-10:15: Specials
                    10:15-11:30: ELA Language
                                  Reading
                                  Grammar
                                  Listening and Speaking
                                  Spelling
                    11:35-12:10: Lunch/Recess
                    12:10-12:30: R and R (reading and
                    12:30-1:30: Math Block
                    1:30-2:30: ELA Writing
                                  Written Expression
                                  Listening and Speaking
                    2:30-2:45: Agenda, homework and
                    2:45-2:55: Teacher Read Aloud;
                     Pack and Stack
                    3:00: Dismissal
        Common Core Curriculum
     This year, third grade will begin the full implementation of Common Core
Curriculum in English Language Arts and partial Common Core in Math. Please go
     to the following websites to learn more about Common Core Curriculum:
       English Language Arts                      Math
           Writing                                    Number &
           Speaking and                                Operations Fractions
            Listening                                  Standards in
           Language                                    Mathematical Practice
           Reading
                Literature
                Informational Text
                Foundational Skills

Literature Studies
 Nightly Reading (approx. 15-20
   min. per night)
 Reading Reflections and Book

 Assessments

     DIBELS

     Skills Assessments

     Comprehension Assessments

 Students will receive whole group

   instruction, as well as, small
   group, and individual instruction
   throughout the year.
           Writing and Language

 Write From the
 6 + 1 Traits of Writing

 Harcourt Writing and
  Grammar Skills
 Power Writing

 Write on Track

 Cursive writing
                            Thinking Maps
    Fulton Elementary is a
  Thinking Maps school. We
 use these strategies to help
organize our ideas in all areas:
  reading, writing, grammar,
 science, Social Studies and
          even math.

  Our writing program, Write
 From the Beginning, uses the
tree map and flow map to help
students organize their writing,
 which will be beneficial as we
   begin writing 5 paragraph
      reports and stories!
 100 No Excuse Words
 Students will be assessed on spelling during
their daily writing and published work from
their Write From the Beginning samples.
 Students will be given spelling lists based on
ELA Common Core Standards. Lists will be
generated according to spelling rules and areas
of concern. Rules will be spiraled and will be
seen several times throughout the year.
   Scott Foresman (emphasizes vocabulary
    and builds upon skills with incorporated
    spiral review)
   Math Blocking per concept
   COMMON CORE: fractions (Quarter 1)
   We will focus on:
       Place Value
      Number Sense

      Addition/Subtraction with regrouping

      Multiplication

      Division

      Time

      Money

      Graphing

      Geometry

      Measurement

      Probability

      Discrete Mathematics

     **CUSD Curriculum outlines 4 chapters a

                    3rd Grade Science Curriculum

  1st Quarter
                  2nd Quarter           3rd Quarter      4th Quarter
                    Plants           Light and Sound   Health & Nutrition
Inquiry Process
                              3rd Grade Social Studies

     1st Quarter
                       2nd Quarter                3rd Quarter         4th Quarter
                       Geography              European Explorers   Famous Americans
(Junior Achievement)

                         Social Studies
   Agenda must be signed EVERY NIGHT!
   Keys for Success must be signed EVERY
   Homework is sent home daily. (20-30
    minutes per night). If no specific
    homework is assigned, then your child
    must just read that night. There will not be
    homework assigned over the weekends
    unless your child fails to complete assigned
    work during the week.
   Students should complete homework
   Assignments are due the following day.
   Reading nightly is a part of daily
    homework. Reading Response logs will be
    assigned weekly.
        Letter grades in math, reading
         and writing.
        Participation and Excellence
         Towards the Standards grades
         are awarded for Science and
         Social Studies.
        Look at the work weekly in
         the Friday Folder! *There
         should be no surprises!*
        Progress Reports will go home
         half way through the quarter.
        Register on-line to check your
         child’s progress in grades at
                    Classroom Management
   We will have 2 simple rules for our room…”Work Hard and Be Kind”.
    We will discuss ways to demonstrate both and the outcomes of those
    behaviors. Our class agreements are mutual respect, attentive listening
    and appreciations-no put-downs. By agreeing to these rules we will
    make our classroom a fun and safe place to be.

   Consequences are an obvious result of misbehavior. Hopefully, we can
    take many steps to resolve issues when they arise before severe
    consequences are given.
           Conference with teacher
           Responsible Thinking Process Reflection Sheet

           Communication Home
AIMS Testing
  AIMS testing dates: April 16-19
 It is IMPERATIVE that your child does not miss
 any school during testing dates. Mark your
 calendar NOW!

 1 ½ hour – 2 hours of testing every day

 Reading and Math tested each day

       Skill based instruction and
       Parent support at home

       Test taking strategies practice
        throughout the year.
                Tax Credit Donations
   $400 for married couples
     $200 for individual tax

   Donations to school will
    support field trips for all
       grade levels, Art
     Masterpiece, and after
         school clubs.

   Donate online @
3rd Grade Mining Field Trip

    Trip can be paid for by tax
     credit donations for students
   Parent chaperones may pay
     with cash or check for their
   Trip Dates: November (exact
     date TBD)
  * Informational Meeting to be
     held in advance of the field

   Please notify me of any changes in
    transportation or contact information
   Dress Code - NO flip flops! Wear
    sneakers on P.E. days (Days 3 & 5)
   Library books are to be returned the
    DAY BEFORE we have library
   Please fill out ALL forms in student
    packet and return on the first day of
   If you need to get in touch with me
    throughout the day, please email me! I
    will do my best to respond the same day.
   Lunches: $2.50 daily
       Money can and should be put onto your
        child’s account with the cafe’
                      Important Links
   Our classroom website: http://ww2.chandler.k12.az.us/Page/12356
   Our school website:
   Our district website:
   To register to CUSD and Fulton’s websites (to receive updates):
   To add money to your child’s lunch account:
   District calendar: http://www.mychandlerschools.org/Page/1298
   Tax Credit Donations: http://www.mychandlerschools.org/page/1131
   To check grades ON-LINE: We are moving over to a new grading
    program this year, so I will send you the link when I get it .
                 No Phone Zone

   For the safety of our
    children, please stay
    off of your cell phone
    while in the parking
                    Class T-Shirts

                                       Third Grade
                                        Torch Bearers
 Order Form will be                 Passing the Flame of
  sent home shortly                     Knowledge

 Cash Only!

 We will wear them on
  all field trips and spirit
  day Fridays. 
  Have you registered to
 receive updates from our
class and school websites?
   Please fill out the Curriculum
    Form in the student packet
    and return. List any questions
    you may have and I’ll compile
    a FAQ’s list to be sent home by
    the end of the week.

    I look forward to partnering
    with you to make this a
    memorable year for your

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