PEEBLES HIGH SCHOOL PTA
                 Minutes of September 8th 2010

Present: Gerry O’Fee (Chair), Claire Ketley (Minutes Secretary), Lucy McLennan,
Hannah Walters, Sandra Grieve, Mary Connor, Freda Gillie

Apologies: Jo Bowley, Mike Webber, Donna Allen (Treasurer), Lisa Houston,
Theresa Reville ,Cate MacLean, Jane Greenshields.

1.    Dates of PTA meetings 2010/11

Tuesday 9th November
Wednesday 19th January
Tuesday 8th March
Tuesday 26th April (AGM with Parent Council)

     2. Dates for the Diary

S1 residential/Parents evening - Thursday 16th September. Freda and Mary to leaflet
information on PTA and 200 club.

S1 Parent open evening – Tuesday 26th October, 4.00 – 5.15.

S1 Parent Evening – Wednesday 24th November. Refreshments; Gerry, Hannah plus

Christmas Concert – Thursday 16th December, 7.00. Refreshments; Lucy, Claire,
Gerry plus two.

S1 Choices evening – Wednesday 16th March. Sandra and Gerry to leaflet
information on PTA and 200 club.

Spring Concert – Thursday 24th March, 7.00. Refreshments; Lucy, Claire, Gerry plus

3.   Website

Gerry and Lucy will be trained by Steve Douglas on the addition of content in the
near future. Simon Fraser from West Linton is willing to maintain website for free
and has written to the Rector to suggest this.

4.   200 Club

Following draw held on evening (see below) balance is £1162.36 with c85 members.
If every adult contributed the club would generate £15000/annum. Form went to
every S1 parent but only three replied. Simon Fraser has designed a more
contemporary leaflet to promote the club. 2,000 will be printed at a cost of £335.
Lucy and Simon offered to fund this personally, however, it was agreed that funds
should be provided by the PTA. The leaflet details will also appear on the website
and winners of each draw will be displayed on the home page.

Winners of draw held on the evening were:-
£100 Robin Leith - no 159
£50 Gerry O’Fee – no 360
£25 Louise Scott – no 357

Lucy to contact new Sixth Year Editor of the PHS page in the “Peeblesshire News”,
with a view to publicising 200 Club.

5.   PTA Input to School Concerts

The PTA looks forward to providing refreshments and raffle at Christmas and Spring
concerts, as has been traditional for many years. It was felt that this method of
fundraising for the whole school community was more vital than ever, in view of the
severity of recent SBC cutbacks.

6. Christmas Raffle and Fair

Freda to establish from the Christmas Light Association dates of the fair and to
organise the sale of raffle tickets. Lucy to mail local businesses to seek prizes, Donna
to be asked to source raffle tickets, Freda to distribute 200 Club leaflets at the fair.

7.   Bag Packing

Following January meeting, Straiton Sainsbury to be asked for permission to bag pack
at their store. Claire to write to Sainsbury and Tesco in Peebles to seek permission to
bag pack at these stores. Mary to put up PTA and 200 Club leaflet on community
notice board at Tesco and Sainsbury.

8.   Other Fundraisers

Lucy and Claire will run a stall on the green during Whipman week in West Linton.

Paul Binns President of West Linton Rotary is willing to do a joint fundraising event
with the PTA in the hope of encouraging younger members to Rotary. Gerry is to
email John Brown to ask if he could meet with the Presidents of Rotary Clubs in the
catchment area of PHS, plus members of the Senior Student Council. The Senior
Student Council will be asked to give a presentation. Also, Head of Home Economics
to be asked if students might be able to provide refreshments. Rotary will need to
know where the monies would be going.

PTA to look at the following websites as a possible source of funds: - &

Freda is thinking of holding a coffee morning in Peebles.
9.     New Chair 2011-12

Gerry is standing down at the end of this academic year. Would Sandra be willing to
take over?

10.    AOB

At next meeting, check supplies for concerts and parents’ eves.
When school calendar becomes available on website, committee to organise rota for
parents’ eves.

Next Meeting: - Tuesday 9th November. Staffroom 7pm

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