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					                             FACT SHEET
1. History of Rotaract
    First club formed in 1968 - Rotaract Club of University of North Carolina
    Unofficial predecessors included Round Table Clubs in UK, Quadrant
      Clubs in US, and others worldwide
    Officially formed to bridge Interact and Rotary Clubs, to give a venue for
      social action for “socially conscious youth” in the 60s
    Name combines “Rotary” and action, or “Rotary” and “Interact”
    Currently more than 7600 clubs in 158 countries

2. Stats on Our Club
    Formed in Fall 2005
    Over 40 members officially, with attendance at mtgs b/w 20-25
    Members in varying programs: Arts, Engineering, Preopt., Act Sci and
      varying years 1-4
    We recruited at Clubs Days, had an info meeting with pizza, have had 3
      gen meetings and 3 execs so far.. and we’ve taken part in Oktoberfest and
      District Conference
    Members include past Rotaractors from Colombia, Egypt and participants
      in Rotary Polio campaigns in Burkina Faso & Togo, Exchange students in
      Germany, Past presidents of Interact Clubs and children of Rotarians
    We are supported by David Dean, district Chair for Rotaract and Mike
      Johnston, who will attend our meetings

3. Our Club’s Focus:
    Professional Development: speaker come in to talk to us
    Leadership Development: trip to Ecuador through Leader’s Today
    Community Service:
          i. toy drive for Child Witness Centre
         ii. visiting w/ elderly community members
        iii. food packing at House of Friendship

4. Example of the Possibilities for Rotaract Future
    Andres’ experiences with Rotaract Club in Colombia, District 4290
         i. Projects: Home of Sacred Family, Bakery Workshop, Conferences

5. Long Term Goals:
     Working with your club and Rotary Club of Kitchener, which has also
       invited us to speak and help them with setting up an Interact Club
     Volunteering again at the Oktoberfest and other projects
     Getting involved in Polio Plus campaign, establishing core projects for our
       club, building a mentorship network with your club
     SPEAKER: for our last meeting (November 24th)…                       email
       uwrotaract@yahoo.ca if interested

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