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									 On the Move
               Seth                             Mark
               Ellison,                         Mamber,
               Levi                             Gogobot
               Strauss                          The Menlo
               The San                          Park source
               Francisco ap-                    of trusted
               parel named                      travel advice
Seth Ellison president of       appointed Mark Mamber
the global Dockers brand.       vice president of sales.
He is former president of       Previously, he served nearly
the swimwear group at           five years as vice president
Perry Ellis.                    of advertising sales at

                Crystal                        Michael
                Foster,                        Mortensen,
                Peninsula                      Union Bank
                College                        The San
                Fund                           Francisco
                The Red-                       financial
wood City nonprofit organi-                    institution’s
zation dedicated to helping     brokerage subsidiary,
local low-income, under-        UnionBanc Investment
represented, first-gen-         Services named Michael
eration college students        Mortensen chief executive
named Catherine Crystal         officer. He served as presi-
Foster executive director.      dent and chief executive
Recently, she consulted         officer at PNC Investments.
with the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation’s Post-
secondary Success Team.                        Amanda
              W. Dean                          The
              Henry,                           Campbell
              Legacy                           technology
              Partners                         innovation
              Residential       company that applies
              The Foster        optics to transform identity
              City com-         verification and wireless
mercial and residential real    communications ap-
estate investment com-          pointed Amanda North vice
pany named W. Dean Henry        president of marketing and
chief executive officer.        communications. Previous-
Before his appointment, he      ly, she was vice president of
served as president of the      corporate communications
company.                        at Splunk.

               Bruce                            Barry
               Kleinman,                        Roach,
               Global-                          SafeAm-
               Foundries                        erica Credit
               The Milpitas                     Union
               semiconduc-                      The Pleasan-
               tor foundry                      ton financial
with global footprint ap-       institution named Barry
pointed Bruce Kleinman          Roach as president and
vice president of product       chief executive officer. He
marketing. He is former         is former vice president of
corporate vice president        retail delivery at Meriwest
of platform marketing at        Credit Union.

               David                           Salazar,
               Kaltsas,                        Skytree
               SunWize                         The San Jose
               Technolo-                       big data ana-
               gies                            lytics com-
               The San                         pany named
               Jose global      Paul Salazar vice president
engineering, procurement        of sales. Previously, he
and construction company        served as vice president
named David Kaltsas presi-      of corporate marketing at
dent and chief operating        Greenplum.
officer. Currently, he serves
as chief commercial officer
at the company.                                 Kathy
               Peter Lurie,                     The Sunny-
               Leap                             vale search
               Motion                           engine
               The San                          appointed
               Francisco        Kathy Savitt chief market-
               motion-          ing officer. She is founder
               controlled       and former chief executive
software and hardware           officer at Lockerz.
company appointed Peter
Lurie senior vice president
of business development
and general counsel. He is
co-founder of Virgin Mobile
and a senior vice president
at American Express.

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