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					              Pre-Production Questionnaire
1. Do you prefer listening to music from indie or major labels?

2. What genre of music do you listen to?
   - classical
   - R&B/Hip-hop
   - Pop
   - Rock
   - Country
   - Jazz
   - Blues
   - Anything
   - Other

3. Where do you watch music videos?
   - MySpace
   - MTV Music channels
   - Facebook
   - Other

4. What sort of music videos do you like?
   - One with a story line such as Ed Sheeran - A Team where the artist is hardly
   in it?
   - One where the artist is dancing and singing such as Beyonce - Crazy in love?

5. Do you prefer the music video to tell a story or to focus on the music?

6. What locations do you think music videos should be filmed in?
   - Warehouse
   - Field
   - Concert (live)
   - On a street
   - Other

7. Would u rather a lip synching music video or a live performance video from the

8. Do you like a lot of special effects used with a lot of colour and flashing images
   OR a calm video focusing on the story?

9. Have u seen a music video in black and white? If not, would u like to and why?

10. Do you think a music video in black and white will be more effective and how?

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