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					                                     Edison Preparatory School Lesson Plan
Beth Humphrey/ John Croisant                      September 10-14, 2012                           World Geography 6

Weekly Topic                                                    BENCHMARKS
                                                             2.3 Define, recognize, and locate basic landforms and bodies of
Review landform terms and timelines. Review continents and   water on appropriate maps and globes.
oceans. Understand the use of latitude and longitude.

OBJECTIVE             Lesson Plan                             Blooms Co-L MI             DG                Homework
Monday                o DG/ Planner                            B1 M1 IE               In which          Accel.-
                      o Review Landform Terms by               B2 M4 VL               hemisphere(       Illustrated
                          examining the team posters           B3 M6 VS               s) is Russia      Geography
                      o Latitude and Longitude                      M9 N              located?          Dictionaries Due
                          instructions (Laminated World                                                 Wed! Finish
                          Maps)                                                                         Worksheet
                      o Latitude and Longitude
                          instructions (Ch. 1 sec 1 pg. 11-12
                          Online Textbook)
                      o “Latitude and Longitude”
Tuesday                 DG                                    B1 M1 IE            What are             Accel.-
                        Latitude and Longitude Bingo          B2 M4 VL            the names            Illustrated
                                                               B3 M6 VS            of the five          Geography
                                                                    M9 N           Great                Dictionaries Due
                                                                                   Lakes?               Wed!
Wednesday                  DG                                    B1    M1      IE What is the          Finish
                           Accel.- Collect Projects!             B2    M4      VL capital of           Worksheet
                           Seasons Activity                      B3    M6      VS North
                           Do “Understanding Earth’s                   M9      N  Dakota?
                            Movements” Worksheet
Thursday                 DG                                  B1        M1      IE    Is                None
                        Read/ Discuss/ Notes Ch. 2, sec. 4, B2         M4      VL    Mississippi
                          pgs. 50-53 from Online Textbook, B3           M6      VS    east or west
                          “How Climate Affects Vegetation”              M9      N     of
                          (Notes are in chart form, ‘Taking                           Alabama?
                          Notes” pg. 50)
                         Start creating flash cards for each
                           of the different vegetation
                           regions. Use worksheets from
                           reading guide to help with cards
                           (class set).
Friday     DG                                     B1       M1   IE   Is the Arctic       None
          Finish flash cards on vegetation        B2       M4   VL   Circle north
            regions                                B3       M6   VS   or south of
           Quiz game using flash cards                     M9   N    the equator?

Codes:    Bloom’s                      MI                               Research-Based Instruct. Strat.
          B1 – Knowledge               BK- Kinesthetic                  M1 – Ident. Sim/Diff.
          B2 – Comp.                   L/M – Logical/Math               M2 – Sum/Note taking
          B3 – Appl.                   VL- Linguistic                   M3 – Effort/Recogn.
          B4 – Analysis                VS – Spatial                     M4 – HW/Pract.
          B5 – Synthesis               IE – Interpersonal               M5 – Ling./Nonling. Rep.
          B6 – Evaluation              IA – Intrapersonal               M6 – Coop. Learn.
                                       N – Naturalist                   M7 – Obj/Feedback
                                       M – Musical                      M8 – Hyp.
                                                                        M9 – Cues/Quest.

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