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					               Watson Primary Annual Report
                    Principal-Mary Holt
                          Mission Statement
  The mission of Watson Primary School is to provide standards based
  learning opportunities focused on academic and character growth in a
   cooperative partnership with parents and the community to improve
                      achievement for all students.

                             School Goals
  1. Literacy
     All students will improve in comprehensive literacy skills with
     emphasis on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and
     text comprehension.
  2. Math
     All students will improve use standard based math skills and
     mathematical ability to respond to open response questions and solve

Professional Development

  1. All faculty and staff participated in the right-to-know safety program,
     chemical awareness, and blood pathogens in-service training.
  2. Several teachers participated in the ongoing ELLA training that was
     conducted on-site by our literacy coaches.
  3. An instructional facilitator (math) and classroom teachers attended
     Cognitive Guided Instruction (CGI) workshop at the Northwest
     Arkansas Service Cooperative.
  4. Literacy Team meetings were conducted throughout the year and
     provided valuable professional development to Watson Primary
     teachers as they implemented Reading First/Comprehensive Literacy.
  5. Several teachers participated in colleague visits which enabled them
     to observe other teachers and instructional facilitators to learn more
     about the Reading First program through on-site professional
  6. Three teachers attended the SPED workshop.
  7. Several teachers participated in summer on-site professional
     development in the areas of Literacy and Math Instructional
  8. Staff Development is an on-going process with many faculty members
     attending program selections offered through the Northwest Arkansas
     Education COOP.
  9. On-site staff development was provided in these areas: Right-To-
     Know safety program, Chemical Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens,
     Total Instructional Alignment, Curriculum Alignment, Technology
     (Teacher Access Center and Home Access Center), Arkansas History,
     Parental Involvement, Data Analysis, Nutrition and Wellness,
     Alternative Learning Environment Program, and Improving Student
 10. Several employees were certified in
      American Red Cross
      Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
 11. The school nurse attended a variety of health related staff
      development training and provided on site professional development
      for faculty and staff on various health issues.
 12. Administrators attended the Arkansas Association of School
      Administrators Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.
 13. Instructional facilitators attended subject specific professional
      development at the state and local level.

Materials and Equipment

  1. Classroom supplies and materials were purchased for every
  2. Elements of Reading Vocabulary kits were
     purchased for utilization during literacy
  3. Additional books were purchased for the guided
     reading library in the book room.
  4. Math materials and resources were provided for each classroom.
  5. Science and Social Studies materials and resources were provided for
     each classroom.
  6. Books were purchased for classroom libraries.
  7. Some computers were added to the classrooms and all computers were
  8. With the finical support of PTSO a sound and multi media system was
     purchased and installed in the cafeteria.
  9. Some classrooms were equipped with amplification systems for use
     by the teacher and students.
  10.Physical Education and playground equipment was purchased for
     student use during P.E. and recess.
  11.Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) purchased for every
     classroom non consumable instructional supplies/materials.
  1. Watson Primary School is a Title One School Wide School and
     follows all Title One regulations, guidelines, and policies. Title One
     Program provides instructional support and resources for all students.
  2. Total Instructional Alignment will be our process for instructional
     alignment in grades K-12.
  3. Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley math adoption, along with Math
     Investigations Joint Usage Plan and CGI (Cognitive Guided
     Instruction) is being utilized as our K-2 research based math program.
                                                 4. A comprehensive literacy
                                                     program utilizing
                                                     Reading First
                                                     components and
     strategies is being implemented in the K-2 classrooms.
  5. The science and social studies curriculum is based on the Arkansas
     Curriculum Framework, includes current publications (such as Social
     Studies Weekly), and incorporates hands on activities.
  6. Alternative Learning Environment (A.L.E.) program is providing
     academic and behavioral support for our students.
  7. Our ESOL program consists of a teacher who provides support to our
     ESOL students by either going into the classroom to provide
     assistance or pulling students out of the classroom and working with
     them to meet their individual needs. An ESOL aide is also available to
     work with our ELL and Migrant students.
  8. Winnebago, a library circulation program using bar codes, is utilized
     for research, book searches, and daily check-in and check-out of
     library material.
  9. Students in Kindergarten, were given the Mat 8 and 1st and 2nd grades
     were given the SAT-10 test. The scores have been analyzed to study
     achievement and student need areas to provide academic intervention.
  10.Title One teachers/staff use formative and summative assessments to
     identify those students needing academic intervention. Those needing
     intervention (basic and below basic) will be served by Title One staff
     on a daily basis in addition to regular class instruction.
  11.Our instructional computer lab is managed by a computer lab teacher
     and utilized on a weekly basis by the classroom teachers. Technology
     improvements are ongoing as stated in the HSD Technology Plan.
  12.The instructional facilitators work with kindergarten through second
     grade students, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators to assist in
     facilitation of academic success for all students.
  13.Counselors work together to provide a counseling program that meets
     the needs of our K-2 students.
  14. All children K-2 participate in a Gifted and Talented enrichment
  15.Cross Curricular lessons are applied in Art, P.E., Music, and Library.
  16.Character Education lessons are taught by our school counselors and
     our character education committee promotes good character with our
     school-wide program.
  17.“Kids for Health”, a comprehensive health education program, is
     conducted in physical education classes K-2.
  18.Our P.E. teachers initiated a school wide health/wellness program
     utilizing pedometers and promoting healthy activity.
  19.Safety education programs include:
                        a. Fire Safety Program-presented by our local fire
                        department and Watson Primary media specialist.
                        b. Drug Education-Red Ribbon Walk
                        c. Bike Safety- Conducted by our Resource

Facility Improvements

  1. Playground landscaping improvements including new fall material
     under playground equipment were made.
  2. On-going routine maintenance and cleaning of the facilities are
     performed on a daily basis.
  3. Painting was completed in specific areas: some doorways, halls, and
  4. Several HVAC (heat and air conditioning unit) were purchased and
     replaced existing unit as needed.

Teacher-Student Incentives

  1. There are several programs or services in place to
     assist with student health needs, social needs, and
     academic needs (school supplies). The Valentine
     Fund, H.E.L.P., Operation Blue Jeans, Stuff the Bus,
     and Wal-Mart Christmas Shopping are supported by
     private donors, churches, businesses, local
     organizations, and/or local school funds.
  2. Other classroom/school-wide incentives include student recognition
     programs such as Eagle egg awards, citizenship, student of the month,
     ambassadors, a red ribbon drug-free promotional program, and
     Terrific Kids. We have many individual classroom recognition
     programs that have been developed and are administered by
     classroom teachers.
  3. The Character Education program provides daily and monthly
     incentives for students displaying good character. Four assemblies are
     held throughout the year to promote the character development of
     students. Various community organizations have generously donated
     rewards to utilize within our character education program.

Parental Involvement

  1. An Open House was conducted jointly with Huntsville Intermediate
     School. An open house was established between the two buildings to
     promote parental involvement and giving parents an opportunity to
     join our various programs.
  2. An agenda notebook goes home with the students each day and is
     used by the classroom teacher to promote communication between
     school and home.
  3. Our Parent Center is open daily and located in the library. Educational
     resources are available for parental use.
                             4. Watch D.O.G. Dads is a parental
                                 involvement program initiated with
                                 assistance from local businesses. This is an
                                 effort to increase the positive male role
                                 models within the school. The HSD
     Resource Officer will coordinate the program.
  5. PTSO provides much needed financial and volunteer assistance to our
  6. Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice each year.
  7. Watson Primary School parent academic events are held two times a
  8. Parents are involved in the development of the ACSIP plan for the
  9. The parent involvement district facilitator and building level
     facilitator continue to build a strong parental involvement program.
  10.A survey is utilized to guide the parental involvement program and
     find ways parents can volunteer at our school. The information
     obtained from the surveys is used to develop a volunteer resource
     book for the faculty and students.
  11.We have a program of recognition for volunteer service in our school
     where volunteers are recognized in the local newspaper.
  12. The Pizza Hut Book It reading incentive program is
     very successful in creating opportunities for parental
     involvement in the area of literacy.
  13.An annual survey (Bridging the Gap) is given to
     parents to obtain feedback on our school.
  14.Other programs in which parents have assisted are:
     a. Playground Committee
     b. Open House
     c. Music programs
     d. Fund raising
     e. Fall Festival
     f. Talent Show
     g. Fun & field day
     h. Newsletters
     i. Handbook Committee
     j. Character Education Programs and Assemblies
     k. Classroom Volunteers
     l. Drug-Free and Safety Programs
     m. Kindergarten Graduation

Assessment Results
Accreditation Status-Accredited
Attendance Rate (2008 Report Card)-94.2%
School Improvement Status-Targeted Improvement: Achieving Year 2

                   Qualls Early Learning Inventory
                        Kindergarten-Fall 2008
                                   Developed         Developing        Developed
            General Knowledge         5%                42%              52%
            Oral Communication        4%               56%               38%
            Written Language          3%               48%               49%
            Math Concepts             3%               34%               63%
            Work Habits               3%               39%               58%
            Attentive Behavior        3%               40%               57%

                             Metropolitan 8
                          Fall 2008, Spring 2009
                     (National Individual Percentile Rank)

                                        Fall                  Spring
                                 Reading       Math    Reading     Math
                 Kindergarten                            67         63
                 Grade 1           62           58

                     Stanford Achievement Test-10
                              Spring 2009
                     (National Individual Percentile Rank)

                                     Reading         Mathematics
                    Grade 1              45              67
                    Grade 2              46              60

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