What Should I Learn In Week Five 5?
the way simple sentences fall        SENTENCE PATTERNING: Why Am I Learning This?
into order. They do this on
purpose. For a simple sentence,      Knowing the 10 sentence patterns (see definition for sentence pattern
alone, 10 different patterns         to your left) are of key importance because it is through these that we
emerge. When we begin                can get students to expand their writing skills. Basically, new writers
COMPOUND SENTENCES, we               (elementary and some high school) will find a dominant “pattern and
are really combining two or          stay by it. While traditional grammar wants you to know all of the
three of the pattern types to        definitions, trans-social grammar wants you recognize these patterns
form one idea – a compound or        and to then encourage your students (or yourself as a writer) to “ante
compound/complex sentence.           up” and interchange different sentence patterns. So, rather than look at
                                     all of the bold headers in your assigned reading (see schedule), I want
                                     you to focus on characteristics of the sentence. You can do this by
DID YOU KNOW: That most              finding the noun and the verb (sound familiar…)and noting how they
children’s books are written         change in each pattern. While you don’t have to memorize every
in Pattern 1, 2, and three,          pattern style, I do want you to be able to monitor what pattern a writer
with patterns becoming more          is relying upon. When you can do this, you can begin to offer different
difficult as the child reads
more advanced work? That is
                                     possibilities; mixing and matching sentence patterns for better effect in
why many high school                 writing.
students like to write in
simple patterns (1-5) –
because they are likely to be         What Are My Tasks: Your learning tasks are as follows.
grammatically accurate, but
we expect more from them.
                                             Read your textbook assignment on patterning. It won’t be easy
See “Johnny’s high school                     and you won’t get all ten patterns, but you can familiarize
sample” to demonstrate this.                  yourself with them. Patterns 1-5) are on last week’s notes,
                                              Patterns 6-10 are on this weeks’ notes (see your schedule.
                                             Visit my notes (Diary of a sister) and see how I took the poem
HOW DO WE DETERMINE A                         and demonstrated how these different sentence patterns set
PATTERN?                                      up the overall poem. You could, as a self-test, try to identify
Basically, look for the Noun and
                                              each line as to what pattern (1-10) is being used and then
                                              check your answers against mine.
the tense of the verb next to it,
as well as the whole sentence in
                                             Complete and turn in your first N/V Drill Spotting (dropbox,
context. This will cue you to the
                                              not forum) by Friday, Sept. 21., 10 P.M. This assignment shows
SOCIAL meaning of the
                                              me ythat you can find and identify Noun and Verb forms (week
sentence, which will cue you to
                                              3) Also, use this time to also go back and review materials
the pattern – (Remember the
                                              from former weeks as this will be the midterm exam material.
patterns, the SPEAKER is the         What Terminology should I learn - Midterm:
main point. In other patterns        Sentence patterning, sentence coding (make sure that you know the
the OBJECT is more important.        differences); optional slotting, mandatory slotting, Prescriptive
Still, in others, conditions arise   grammar, Descriptive Grammar. (see Week 5 link – vocabulary.)
such as in PATTERN 5 where
we begin to see verb forms like
“seeming” and “becoming.”

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