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Beg Band Recruiting Letter and Sign ups Fall 2012 by P97o75wv


									6th Grade Parents and Students,

As 6th Graders you have to opportunity to be involved in the coolest school activity ever--BAND!!!!
Beginning Band is offered to student at both Lewis and Clark and McBride Elementary Schools this
year and will begin on September 18th. If there is any interest at all in playing an instrument in
band this is your chance!!

Band classes will be held 2 days a week during the school year. The day of the week will depend on
if students play a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument. Students are bussed from their
elementary school at the end of the school day to the high school where band class will be held.
Band students will be dismissed from class at 2:10pm on band days to get their instruments and get
to the band bus. The bus will leave at around 2:15 and will arrive at the high school just before 2:30.
Class is held from 2:30-3:15. After class students can be picked up by a guardian, walk home, or ride
the bus home from the high school. They can even ride the bus to after school sports activities!!
Band students can participate in band along with sports and other “after school” activities this year
and for years to come!

If you are interested in signing up for Beginning Band you need to…..

           1. Parents: Fill out the attatched sign-up sheet and permission slip, officially
              authorizing your student to do band and to attend band classes all year. Without this
              form they are not officially signed up for the class. Have your child take it to school
              and bring it to our beginning band student meeting the afternoon of Tuesday,
              September 18th. This is their ticket onto the band bus for that day. Please look at
              the other side of this sheet for important dates related to instrument fittings, class
              schedule and instrument rental night.
           2. Come to our Beginning Band Parent Information Meeting. It will be held on
              Tuesday, September 18th at 7pm in the St. Helens High School band room. At this
              meeting we will cover any and everything you need to know about doing band. It is
              important to attend this meeting so you are fully informed about band and can have
              all of your questions answered. The meeting will not take long!

I look forward to speaking with you and to meeting you and your student soon!!

                                                               Noelle Freshner
                                                               Director of Bands
                                                               St. Helens School District
                                                               503-366-7418 (office)
                Band Start-up Dates 2012-2013
Beginning Band Student Informational Meeting
Tuesday, September 18th 2:30-3:15 at the SHHS Band Room
        Students will be bussed to the high school after school and will take transportation
        selected on their permission slip home that day, and for all other band days after.

Beginning Band Parent Informational Meeting
Tuesday, September 18th 7pm at the SHHS Band Room

Beginning Band Instrument Fitting Schedule 2012-2013
Fittings will be held during our allotted band class time at St. Helens High School. At the fittings will
meet with each student individually and let them try all of the instruments to find the one that fits
them best. Please look at the dates below for your classes’ assigned day. Students will again be
bussed to the high school for their fittings. If a student misses their assigned day they may attend a
make-up day or you will need to contact Mrs. Freshner to schedule a fitting as soon as possible.

Thurs           September 20th          Lewis and Clark Classes: Contreras and Henrie
Friday          September 21st          Lewis and Clark Classes: Ray and Wheeldon
Monday          September 24th          Mc Bride Classes: Hirning and Pieper
Tuesday         September 25th          McBride Classes: Eidsness and make-ups
Wed             September 26th          Fittings by individual appointment only*
Thursday        September 27th          Both Schools: Make-ups for students who were absent
                                        or who may need 2nd attempt fittings

All band students must have instrument fittings completed by Friday the 27th so they can be
assigned to the appropriate instrument. *If for some reason a student misses or will miss their
scheduled fitting date please contact Mrs. Freshner to schedule a fitting after school before the 27th

Starting Monday, October 1st
Band classes will be on the following schedule till the end of the school year. Monday
and Tuesdays will be Brass Class for students who play trumpet, trombone, baritone or
tuba. Thursdays and Fridays will be Woodwind and Percussion Class for students who play
flute, clarinet, saxophone, or percussion. No band held on Wednesdays because of district
wide early release and if there is no school in the district there is no band class that day.

Instrument Rental Night with Beacock Music Co.
Tuesday     October 2nd from 6-8pm at the SHHS Cafeteria
      Parents can drop in during this time to do instrument rentals, buy band accessories,
      books and class materials. You can also rent and purchase online before this date.
       Beginning Band Sign-Up and Permission Slip
Student Name:                     ______________________________________________________________

Student’s School:                 ______________________________________________________________

Student’s 6th Grade Teacher: _____________________________________________________________

____    I give my child permission to join beginning band this year. I also give my child
        permission attend band class at St. Helens High School from 2:30-3:15 every band
        class day.

Everyday my child will return home from beginning band each day by,

____    Riding a bus home from SHHS

____    Walking home from SHHS

____    Will be picked up each day from SHHS

____    Other:
Parent Name: ____________________________________Parent Email: ____________________________________

Parent Phone Number (Daytime): __________________________________ Evening: ____________________

Emergency Contact Person : __________________________________ Phone (Daytime) ________________
-This person will be contacted regarding transportation if for some reason a student misses their bus or is not
picked up and we can not get a hold of a parent.

Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: _______________

Anything I need to know about your student? (Special Needs, Musical Experience etc..)

This permission slip must be filled out and turned into Mrs. Freshner the Band
Director on Tuesday, September 18th at the Beginning Band Class Meeting after
school. This is your permission slip to get on the band bus!! If your student misses
this deadline please contact Mrs. Freshner at or 366-
7418 to get signed up.

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