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									                                  Richboro Middle School Band
Dear Students and Parents

As the school year begins, we need to look ahead to our first performance. The band will be performing at
“Middle School Night” with the Holland Middle School Band and the Council Rock South Marching Band at a
South Football Game. The performance will be on Friday evening, October 5, at 6:30 PM. The band will be
performing The Star Spangled Banner, This is My County, Gonna Fly Now, and September in the pre-game

Students will be bused from Richboro Middle School to Council Rock North at 3:15 PM. We will rehearse with
Holland and South, have dinner, and then march to the stadium to perform. A pizza dinner will be provided by
the Council Rock South Band Parents. Students who have after-school activities can still participate, as long as
they can be in front of the school at North by 6:00 PM. The band will begin marching to the stadium at 6:15
PM, and the performance will start at 6:30 PM. The performance will be over at 7:00 PM.

Parents should pick up their children at the North Auditorium at 7:00 PM. Students who are staying for the
game should be met at the auditorium by their parents and escorted to the stadium. Students will not be
permitted to enter the stadium unaccompanied by their parents. Council Rock staff cannot chaperone
students for the entire game because we are working with the High School Band during that time. We will,
however, ensure that all students have been safely picked up by their parents following the performance.

Please note that students will need the following items to participate:
    1) A music holder that attaches to their instrument, known as a lyre. These are available from local music
       stores, and I will also order some from Music and Arts that can be purchased at school. Flute lyres are
       $10.50, Clarinet and trumpet lyres are $5.25, saxophone lyres are $4.25, and trombone lyres are $7.00.
       Drummers will use Flute lyres. Purchases are cash only, as I order them on my account and simply pay
       the music store back. Students can order a lyre at their lessons.
    2) A flip folder to hold the music. This is not needed for flute and drum lyres because the lyre already
       contains a flip folder. The cost is $6. These can also be purchased at lessons, cash only.
    3) A completed permission slip and medical form.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the North Stadium on October 5.


Lee Hauslein, RMS Band Director

Check off below:

___ I wish to order a ________________ lyre. (Brand and model of


I wish to order a flip book (instruments other than drums and flute)__________________ ($6)

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