10 Tips to Remember When You Design Your Own Custom Military Gifts

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					10 Tips to Remember
When You Design Your
Own Custom Military
     There are at least 10 tips to
  remember when you design your
  own custom military gifts. Giving
gifts to military personnel is slightly
    different than giving them to
   civilians. However, keeping the
 following tips in mind can help the
donor save money, time, and effort,
   as well as ensure the gift will be
10 tips on how to design
  custom military gifts
 It really doesn’t matter if the gift is
 bought or self-made, as long as the
      gift is given from the heart.
However, these guidelines should be
followed when designing the custom
                military gift:
1. Consider who the gift is for: Think
 about the recipient’s age, activity
    level, military status, health,
     hobbies, likes and dislikes.
2. Determine the primary purpose of
    the gift: Is it for boosting the
 person’s morale, showing love and
support, or supplying needed items?
 3. Consider the location where the
 gift will be used: Will the location
place any restrictions on the type of
 present or its use? Is the gift to be
used while the person is overseas or
stateside? Will it require any special
     conditions or precautions?
 4. Choose a present that can easily
be personalized or customized, such
     as these: gift cards, apparel,
 photos/photo album, scrap books,
 dog tags, shadow boxes or display
boxes, certificates, mugs, magnets,
    stationery sets, care packages,
 pillows, memory quilts, memento
5. Surf online arts & crafts and do-it-
      yourself sites for gift ideas,
 instructions and tools that can be
utilized for creating personalized or
customized items. If online research
   isn’t feasible, then visit the local
6. Familiarize yourself with the rules
and regulations relating to packages
   being sent to service personnel
  stationed overseas. Especially do
this if it’s being sent to Iran, Kuwait
or Afghanistan. There are numerous
websites and organizations that will
 provide you with this information.
 7. Consider giving several little gifts
    if the person is on deployment
rather than one large gift, unless it’s
    for a special occasion such as a
     birthday, an anniversary, or a
8. Always include a part of yourself
 in the gifting to increase the sense
of being connected. Send an up-to-
date photo of yourself or your most
recent activities, write a note, draw
a picture, record a short video clip,
    share your own interests and
 hobbies, or send a self-made card.
9. Ensure that the package is sturdy and
 well-taped before shipping it overseas.
   Especially make sure that anything
fragile is well-protected by bubble wrap.
   The post office and various military
organizations will provide guidelines for
  packaging and shipping the package.
Remember that it will take several weeks
   to get to its destination and will be
    tossed about or have other heavy
         packages placed upon it.
  10. Be sure that you properly file the
customs paperwork with the post office.
  The government does not guarantee
    your package will safely reach its
 destination so do not send anything of
   great value or that cannot easily be
     replaced. Also be aware that all
packages are inspected in Kuwait before
being sent on to Iran or Afghanistan and
 any restricted items will be confiscated
            by the inspectors.
 Although this may sound like a difficult
  process, it’s fairly simple once you’ve
become familiar with it. Sending a token
 of gratitude to well-deserving military
 personnel is certainly worth the time,
money and effort. If you follow these 10
    tips when you create your custom
   military gift, then you’ll become an
        expert before you know it.
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