CIHR Open and Peer Review Reforms

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					                            CIHR Open and Peer Review Reforms
                          Speaking Notes for University Delegates

The following notes have been developed to support University Delegates in communicating the
current status of the reforms with their respective communities. If you have any additional
questions, please contact the Reforms Implementation Engagement Lead, Stacey McKinnon

      CIHR has initiated a process to design a new Open Suite of Programs and peer review
       system to ensure the long-term sustainability of CIHR's contribution to the Canadian
       health research enterprise, to remove barriers, and to enable researchers from all pillars
       to improve CIHR's ability to deliver on its mandate.

      CIHR is still looking at the design to determine what changes are required. There is
       support for introducing two funding schemes - one that focuses on broader programs of
       research and one that supports specific projects. CIHR’s Governing Council has
       reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the Foundation/Programmatic Research
       Scheme and the Project Scheme. The Feedback Analysis document outlining what
       CIHR has heard from the community will be published in July. The design and
       implementation plan will be published in the fall 2012.

      It is in the specific details of the proposed changes to peer review that opinions are
       divided (and at times highly polarized). CIHR will be conducting further analysis over the
       summer to determine the best approach for peer review.

      CIHR is committed to using pilots to test out aspects of the changes and provide an
       opportunity to determine if the changes address the current challenges. CIHR recently
       piloted a new peer review process for the New Investigator program and the results are
       currently being analyzed. In addition, a research plan is being developed to determine
       what CIHR is able to pilot and test in both the OOGP program and smaller targeted
       competitions. A summary of the plan will be communicated with the community once it
       has been approved.

      As per the normal process, CIHR has launched the September 2012 and March 2013
       OOGP competitions.

      The exact details on how researchers (both single and multiple grant holders) will
       transition from the current Open Suite of Programs to the new funding schemes is not
       yet known. We expect to announce the transition plan in the fall of 2012. CIHR is
       committed to providing the community with at least one (1) year between the
       announcement of the new design and the launch of the first competition. Therefore, the
       earliest the first competition would be launched is December 2013.

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