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Long-Term Project: by tfGBNfa


									                                             Long-Term Project:
                                            Sandwich Book Report

Dear Parents and Students,

        We will be assigning a book report of your student’s choice. The steps of the report will be
organized so that the students will have one step to do at a time. An outline of what is required will
be used as a checklist to ensure that all parts are completed. Due dates for each step will be clear
and enforced. The materials for each step will be given to the students as needed. The research
and writing will be completed both at school and at home.


1. Write the book title, author, illustrator (if there is one), and your name the BREAD top.
2. Write a one-paragraph summary of the book on the LETTUCE.
3. Describe or draw the book's setting on the TOMATO.
4. Describe the main character in one paragraph on the MEAT.
5. Write about a part of the book that made you happy on the CHEESE.
6. Describe a part of the book that you thought was sweet or sad on the ONION.
Also write what you thought of the book’s ending. Did you like it? Why or why not?
7. Tell what you liked or didn't like about the author's style on the BREAD bottom.
8. Be prepared to share your sandwich with the class.
9. Last put your sandwich together. You can fasten it with a brad or your own creative way.

       This is an exciting project and we are certain that all students will experience a high level
of success. Please feel free to contact your student’s teacher if you have any questions.

Writing 1.1 – Create multiple-paragraph compositions: a. establish and develop a situation or plot. b. describe
the setting c. present an ending
Writing 1.6 – Edit and revise manuscripts to improve meaning and focus of writing
Conventions 1.4 – Use correct capitalization
Conventions 1.5 – Spell roots, suffixes, prefixes, contractions, and syllable constructions correctly.
Listening & Speaking 2.3 – Deliver oral responses to literature


                                                    Mrs. Rowland

My student and I have read the requirements of the sandwich report and understand that the DUE
DATES ARE FIRM; NO late work will be accepted. Please return this to your student’s teacher
no later than ________________.

Parent Signature ______________________________________________________

Student Signature _____________________________________________________

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