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									                                   Central Highland Region PHT
                                         Meeting Summary
                                       Monday, 04 June 2012
                                 10:00 hrs, UNHCR office, Bamyan

WFP, UNAMA, IOM, Solidarites, Save the Children, CCA, UNHCR, Helvetas

Previous meeting minutes action points
 OCHA to incorporate inputs and disseminate final version of IACP to the partners;
            o OCHA incorporated inputs and disseminated IACP to partners.
 Common Rapid Forms will be used for rapid assessment as a common tool. OCHA will disseminate
   the forms;
            o Common Rapid Forms has been disseminated to all partners.
 UNHCR to share the MoU with Solidarities and IOM; Solidarites (ERM) in Bamiyan to follow up
   the agreement on NFIs transfer from UNHCR and IOM to Solidarites Warehouse
            o UNHCR shared MoU with IOM and Solidarites; delivery of NFIs did not take place yet
                as the composition of kits with IOM and UNHCR are different with Solidarites.
                Agreement would be followed with Kabul level offices with considering of harmonizing
 All partners in general and in particular Helvetas, ARCS, Save the children will inform people at risk
   to be vigilant and to take their valuables away from flood ways;
            o OCHA informed ARCS and Save the children on the issue.

Briefing on CAP midyear review and CAP projects applied from CHR by OCHA
CAP 2012 Midyear review is already started in the country that facilitates by OCHA. It gives an
opportunity to agencies, organization and clusters to review the needs based on the change in context,
funding and access and amend the project proposals accordingly or submit new projects.
In 2012 CAP for Afghanistan, the total projects submitted are 145 projects for USD $437 million. The
planning process included eleven clusters, sub-clusters and humanitarian working group with a total of 70
NGOs and UN Agencies. The disaggregated requests per type of organization are: UN - 75%;
international NGOs - 21%; and national NGOs – four per cent.
There are 6 projects for USD 3.6 million submitted for central highland by SHRDO, MEDAIR, Save the
Children, ActionAid for Bamiyan and LSO for Daikundi. So far, CH is 18% funded with MEDAIR
project in Waras district.
Organization and Agencies by the beginning of June submits final project proposals to OPS (Online
Project System). The organization or agencies not registered can register themselves to OPS and the
already registered organization is required to reconfirm their registration.

There are two projects funded out of CAP in CHR; one in Daikundi from NCA (USD 972,364 that also
includes Faryab) and one in Bamiyan from UNMAS (USD 4,000,000).

Update on situation in Behsud by UNHCR
The seasonal conflict over pastures erupted between Kuchis and Hazara at night on 02 June Kajab valley
– to the bordering villages of Markaz-e-Behsud (Behsud-II) district (Kharqul, Baba Kharbid, AbPay and
As a result 200 families displaced from the conflict affected villages to the district centre in the villages
Sang-e-Shanda, BadAsyab and Sina-Balagh.

One Kuchis and 3 local residents killed, two were wounded and two more are missing from the local
50 ANP and 110 ANA forces that deployed to the area, in addition 120 ANA deployed to other end of
Kajab valley in Behsud-I.
The delegation (MoD, MoI, Office of Administrative Affairs, Provincial Deputy governor and Kuchis
leader) all day have been in discussion with elders from both sides and returned back without any tangible
result as the delegation plans to meet the elders for second time.

UNHCR responses are on hold to see further development in the situation and the implement partners in
Behsud II can’t distribute due to insecurity.

Update on floods and follow-up on flood response based on ERM assessment,
IOM: Base on the report received from DDMC a flood occurred in the beginning of June in Sar-e-
Khoshak village of Shiber district that resulted in destruction of agriculture lands and roads. It does not
need any humanitarian response. Solidarites added that right now their assessment team is conducting
assessment to the area and the report would be shared soon after it is completed.
According to the flood assessment report by Solidarites, the floods in Yakawlang and Kahmard left
destruction in agriculture fields, roads and water storages that needs short and long term response from
respective clusters or sector. UNAMA-DCU agreed to refer the development related issues to respective
sector working group (SWGs) meeting and other development partners. While OCHA agreed to follow up
the water issues with UNICEF (Wash Cluster). The flood report is already disseminated to the partners.
Solidarites rep added the destruction left by floods can be recovered with small scaled projects and it can
prevent further disasters to infrastructures, agriculture farms, and irrigation canals.

According to Solidarites, the NFI kits composition in Solidarites stock is different from UNHCR and
IOM and this can cause problem in distribution. Solidarites will try to harmonize the kits. OCHA advised
the partners to use the kits as it is and refer the discussion of kit harmonization to their respective national
level office as it is a national level issue.

The economic migration is increased in the districts of Yakawlang, Panjab, and Waras as their local
coping mechanisms are overwhelmed due to poor crops, lack of livelihoods and insufficient public

As most of the problems in CHR is the consequences of development deficit therefore development
partners and donors should be encourage to Bamyan.

Action Points:
   - Solidarites to share assessment reports from Shiber after it is completed.
   - OCHA to find out more about Non-CAP, UNMAS project in Bamiyan.
   - The issue of NFIs transfer from UNHCR and IOM to Solidarties would be followed by the Kabul
   - UNAMA-DCU to refer SI development related recommended response to SWG and development

                                             Ishaq Ali Ramazani
                                                 CR, OCHA
                                                18 June 2012


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