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I would like to attend the Equine Podiatry Association 2012 Conference.


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I would like to attend on the following day(s):
Days 1 and 2                    at the discounted rate of £150 for both days
Day 1, Thursday 26th April      at the non-member’s rate of £80 per day
Day 2, Friday 27th April        at the non-member’s rate of £80 per day

Prices include lunch and refreshments.                                                           Conference 2012
Do you have any special dietary requirements?
Vegetarian? Lactose intolerant? Hate eggs?

I have made a payment of     £                    by bank transfer to the                   Thursday 26th – Friday 27th April 2012
Equine Podiatry Association (UK), details as follows:
                                                                                                   Wilmslow, Cheshire
Account Number           42715439
Sort Code                09-06-66
                                                                               The Equine Podiatry Association (UK) is a professional body for Equine Podiatrists
To book, please e-mail this form to:           working in the UK, promoting responsible hoofcare and providing information to
A confirmation letter and e-ticket will be e-mailed to you.                              anybody wishing to find out more about equine hoof health.
Thursday 26th April 2012                                                      Friday 27th April 2012
9:30   The Eponashoe                                                          9:00   Thermography
       Sally Bell, Equine Podiatrist and UK coordinator for Eponashoes will
                                                                                     Sophie Gent, Veterinary Thermographer at Equiscan will talk about
       talk about the Eponashoe and show how it has helped with a
                                                                                     how Thermography works and how it can be applied to recognising
       variety of hoof conditions.
                                                                                     hoof related problems.
10.30 Accounting for EPs                                                      10:30 Break
       Nia Cooke is not only a chartered accountant, she is also a student
       of equine podiatry. This puts her in the unique position of being      11:00 Feeding for Healthy Digestion
       able to impart some insider knowledge on making the most of your              Dr Deborah Carley has a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and a PhD in
       tax returns.                                                                  Biological and Nutritional Sciences. She has a specialist interest in
                                                                                     equine nutrition, feeding the metabolic syndrome horse, gastric
11:00 Break                                                                          ulcers and improving compromised digestion and has used her
11:30 Manual Lymphatic Drainage                                                      knowledge to develop the Thunderbrook Equestrian range of feeds.

       Rebecka Blenntoft, MLD Therapist will discuss the role of the          1:00   Lunch
       horse’s lymphatic system, how it differs from the human system
       and how to use therapies to help with odaema.                          2:00   Equine Physiotherapy
                                                                                     Suzanne Cottriall is a chartered veterinary physiotherapist. It is well
12.30 Lunch                                                                          known that hoof shape, comfort and balance can affect posture and
1:30   The Barefoot Farrier                                                          performance. Suzanne will explain how common hoof issues
                                                                                     present challenges to the physiotherapist.
       Mark Johnson, a registered farrier who is also a barefoot
       practitioner discusses how his career developed and how he uses        3:00   Close
       his understanding of both forms of hoofcare to provide a better all
       round service.

2:30   Ligaments of the Distal Limb                                           Conference Venue : Training & Safety Consultants Ltd
       Jayne Hunt, Equine Podiatrist will give a guided tour of all of the                             Oversley Lodge Farm
       major ligaments and explain what happens to the hoof and lower                                  Altrincham Road
       limb when certain ligaments fail.                                                               Styal, Wilmslow
                                                                                                       Cheshire SK9 4LJ
3:30   Close

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