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									                              Shorewood High School
                            Long Term Volunteer Record

       Please check the Career Pathway that your service most closely relates to:
 Business Marketing and Management             Arts and Communications
 Business Finance and Operations               Technology, Trades & Manufacturing
 Social and Health Services                    Science and Engineering

Name                                                              Class of

Position as Volunteer                                     Volunteer Site

Volunteer Supervisor                                              Phone
                        (Please print)

        I verify that the above named student has completed the hours recorded.

Signature                                                                  Date

   Dates         #Hours            Volunteer Activity          Dates           #Hours         Volunteer Activity
Volunteered     Completed                                    Volunteered      Completed

Total Hours1                                                Total Hours 2

                        TOTAL HOURS Columns 1 and 2

Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper and attach to the back of this paper.

1.      Write a brief description explaining why you chose to participate in the above volunteer activity.
2.      How do you see the above volunteer experience benefiting you in your future pursuits of college,
        career, etc?
3.      Describe the skills or attitudes you have developed as a result of participating in the above
        volunteer activity.
                                                                                               Revised 09/03

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