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					             Spring 2009 Practicum/Internship—Assessment Evaluation Assistant

IUPUI is a recognized national leader in service learning and civic engagement. The Center for Service and Learning (CSL)
seeks to make service a distinctive aspect of the educational culture at IUPUI. The mission of CSL is to involve students, faculty,
and staff in service activities that mutually benefit the campus and community. IUPUI is nationally recognized for its programs
in service learning and civic engagement. CSL program initiatives include the Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholarship
program, America Reads/America Counts Community Work-Study program, service learning classes, campus-wide service
activities, and multi-faceted partnerships with the community. Visit our website for more information about the ONP and the
Center for Service and Learning,

Title: Assessment Evaluation Assistant

Description: Works closely with the CSL Assessment Specialist. This position focuses reviewing, designing and conducting
assessment surveys with college students. This position also incorporates program evaluation, collating data and content
analysis. Student will also assist in conducting interviews with community partners.

Qualifications: Enrollment in an IUPUI or IUB graduate program. Student should have an interest service learning and program
assessment. The position is located on the IUPUI campus.

Learning Outcomes:
    To gain knowledge and experience in interviewing processes.
    To gain experience in content analysis.
    Gain understanding of program evaluation.
    Develop knowledge and experience on giving surveys.
    Gain experience and knowledge in data collection.

    Assist in reviewing and designing assessment surveys or interview protocols.
             o Conduct surveys with college students involved in service programs or scholarships.
             o Assist with program evaluation.
       Assist with working with data and reports.
             o Collate data and information into reports.
             o Review student reflections in content analysis.
             o Conduct interviews with community partners

Time Requirement: 10 hours per week with the possibility of additional hours and/or responsibilities as required by the
student’s internship/practicum program requirements.

    Possibility for scholarship funding for graduate students taking 3+ credit hours at IUPUI.
    Opportunity to work in a large, urban, commuter university with a diverse student body.

Send a cover letter of interest and current resume to:
Kathryn Steinberg
Assessment Specialist
Center for Service and Learning
801 West Michigan Street
Business/SPEA Building, BS 2010
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5153
(317) 278-0110

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