The Confederate Legion Pledge by GEYv2dL


									         The Confederate Legion Pledge
              A matter of honor!

"I am a Confederate Legionnaire in the service of the just and
honorable cause of the South, in behalf of the Citizens of the
Confederate States of America. It is my purpose and mission
to reclaim the honor of our forefathers who fought, suffered, bled and
died in agony in our nation's defense. Unfurl and raise our
Confederate States National Flag to it's rightful place and
glory. Duty, responsibility and my own personal honor require of
me to do whatever is lawful, peaceful and honorable, in order to
restore the Confederate States Constitution to power, reseat the
Confederate State Government, and reinstate the Confederate
States of America to it's rightful independence. With these
words I swear my pledge of loyalty forever!"
Deo Vindice

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