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									Defense Finance and Accounting Service

            DFAS Transformation
   Work           Update

                   March 2003

   Provide overview of DFAS Transformation
   Explain the process
   Outline the next steps

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      Why Transformation?
   Transformation supports DFAS Mission and Vision
   Continue to drive best value for the customer through
     – Greater effectiveness
     – Increased efficiency
     – Continued productivity gains
   President’s Management Agenda calls for improved
    financial management, improved budget and
    performance integration, and better competition in
    commercial activities
   Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) concludes DoD
    must transform to meet future challenges
   Defense Planning Guidance (DPG) required
    Transformation Roadmaps
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      Transformation Principles

   Leadership - Key vision and Transformation
    Goals provided by senior DFAS leadership
   Inclusion - Transformation is a team effort
   Openness - The process is clear and
   Integration - Incorporate current and future
    initiatives from Business Lines, Support
    Services, and HQ Elements into one plan

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Transformation Moving Forward
                                                          Future State
                                                         • Leverage operational
                                                        • Customer Focused
                                                        •• Value Driven
                                                           Develop client
Implement collaborative                                    partnerships
                                                        • Efficient
process that leverages                                   • Deliver business
BCA activities to
integrate transformation                         Generate results
efforts across DFAS                              based on best value
                                                 to the customer

 Transact                                              Analyze
 Process                                               Partner

  Current State
  Current State                         Establish transformation
• Build & Operate System                outcomes and business
• Process Transactions      Build       strategy
• Respond to Customers

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    Transformation - Our Strategy

   DFAS transformation decisions will be
    based on Business Case Analysis (BCA)
    studies of Business/Product Lines
   Theme - Business Process Improvement
   Key evaluation criteria is “best value”

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  BCA Process
 Identify Function
for Transformation

            Conduct BCA
                     6-Step BCA Process
                     1. Identify Team
                     2. Define Scope
                     3. Define Current Organization
                     4. Conduct Market Research
                     5. Analyze Options
                     6. Provide Recommendation



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    Business Case Analysis Results

   BCA is an analysis tool used to present
    alternatives and supporting information to
    DFAS leadership for a decision
   BCAs include:
     – Clearly defined organization with manpower,
       cost, and resources
     – Options for consideration with an analysis of the
       benefits and drawbacks, costs, personnel
       impact and risk assessment
     – Recommended course of action

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      Transformation Schedule - Long Term
      Conduct 20 BCAs from FY 2003-2006
      Start with Marine Corps Accounting & Vendor Pay

                Conduct BCAs
                           Implement Transformation Actions

 PL                     • A-76
                        • MEO Plus
      PL                • Competitive
           PL             (FAR Part 15)
                        • Public-Private
                 PL       Venture

                 Dec 03             Feb 04
                                                      May 05
                Draft Site         Final Site                                  Jan 06
BRAC            Selection          Selection
                                                    SECDEF Site
                 Criteria           Criteria

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    Transformation - Accomplishments

   Submitted Transformation Roadmap to
    SECDEF on June 30, 2002
   Publicized DFAS Transformation Strategy on
    Nov. 27, 2002
   Commenced analysis of Product Lines to
    identify transformation options
   Established Executive Steering Group (ESG)
    and Corporate Transformation Team to
    integrate DFAS long-term transformation

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Corporate Transformation Team

                  Corporate Planning, Chair
                  Accounting Services
                  Military & Civilian Pay Services
                  Commercial Pay Services
    Corporate     Site Directors (2)
 Transformation   Technology Services
      Team        General Counsel
                  Corporate Resources
                      • Resource Management
                      • Human Resources
                      • Acquisition Services
                      • Administrative Services
                  Corporate Communications
                  Union Representative

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     Next Steps
   Continued communication and updates:
     – ePortal
           Currently on Competitive Sourcing page
           Developing new “Transformation Central”
     – Periodic briefings
     – “Ask the Expert”
   Appoint Transformation ESG and Corporate
    Transformation Team representatives
   Kick-off Transformation Team

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