Parent Involvement Kick-Off!

                                       September 27, 2012

        5:30 pm – 7:45 pm at Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts

Who is a Parent?
A parent is anyone who provides children with basic care, direction, support, protection, and
guidance. Accordingly a parent can be single, married, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent, a court-
appointed guardian, a brother, a sister, an institution employee, a surrogate, a foster parent, or a
group such as happens when children live in a communal setting. There are nuclear families,
extended families, single- parent families, stepfamilies and blended families, foster parent families,
and homeless families. (Morrison, 1993)

The ATMSA family welcomes all of you aboard our learning starship!

                        TEAMWORK EMPOWERS SUCCESS FOR ALL!

                      Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts
                                    650 Trojan Trails
                               Tallahassee, Florida 32311

Principal                               Assistant Principal                     Parent Liaison
Iris C. Wilson                          Elizabeth Rudd                          Arrhea S. Williams

                                TITLE OF SESSION and               DESCRIPTION OF SESSIONS
PRESENTERS                      Room Number

KINDERGARTEN TEAM               FAMILY READING TIME ROCKS          This fun filled session will engage
Chairperson – Ms. J. Gilyard                                       parent-stars /caregivers in literacy
                                                                   activities that promote reading and
                                                                   writing at home. The activities will
                                                                   focus on out of school literacy
                                                                   activities such as incorporating music,
                                                                   puzzles, and oral reading (parents read
                                                                   and model what good readers do). It
                                                                   will also emphasize the various prints
                                                                   that are around you such a billboards,
                                Room Number - 109                  signs, and labels, and prints in the
                                                                   grocery store.
FIRST (1st) GRADE               READ WITH ME:                      Parent-stars will explore the
Chairperson – Ms. J. Wimberly   Ways to Develop Language Skills    relationship between language and
                                and A Love for Books               reading. This session will demonstrate
                                                                   how parents can read to their child
                                                                   (ren) to create attachments that will
                                                                   foster learning. The session will also
                                                                   help parents become active
                                                                   participants in the development of
                                Room Number - 139                  their child’s most important skill of
SECOND (2nd) GRADE              WRITING FROM THE START             This session will inform parent-stars
Chairperson – M. Wells                                             about modeled, shared, and
                                                                   interactive techniques used to teach
                                                                   and inspire writing in 2nd grade
                                                                   students. It will provide participants
                                                                   with the opportunity to experience
                                                                   and explore the central role that
                                                                   literature plays in the development of
                                                                   a writer. Most importantly,
                                                                   participants are introduced to fun,
                                Room Number 138                    interactive tools that can be used to
                                                                   reinforce writing skills at home.
THIRD (3rd) GRADE               PARENTS AS PALS                    Parent-stars will learn how to be more
Chairperson – M. Randolph       (Peer Assisted Learning            productive with their students at
                                Strategies)                        home when it comes to reading.
                                                                   Parents will work with another parent
                                (Parents please bring your child   or student (their child) to complete the
                                to this workshop so you all can    story pyramid sheet together. The
                                pair-up and work together.)        computer will be used to show
                                                                   participants how to access the Imagine
                                                                   It Website; and how to play the games
                                                                   with the students at home. Parent-

THIRD (3rd) GRADE Continues    Parents As Pals             stars will be given fluency passages
                               (Peer Assisted Learning     and the teacher-stars will demonstrate
                               Strategies) Continues       how to do a one-minute timed reading
                                                           check with their children at home.
                                                           Parents will participate in a
                                                           comprehension question activity and
                                                           will be given suggestions about how to
                                                           ask the best questions for maximal
                               Room Number - 127
FOURTH (4 ) GRADE]             THE READING AND WRITING     The main focus of this workshop will
Chairperson – Ms. T. Newsome   CONNECTION                  be to help parents understand and
                                                           identify the various kinds of genres in
                                                           literature. Special focus will be on
                                                           informational and narrative text.
                                                           Samples of both will be provided and
                                                           parent-stars will be able to brainstorm
                                                           a list of other sources for these texts.
                                                           Information regarding the importance
                                                           of fluency on comprehension will be
                                                           given. Providing parents with effective
                                                           questioning techniques to use when
                                                           discussing their child’s reading will be

                                                           In addition, the teacher –stars will
                                                           discuss how the aforementioned skills
                                                           and strategies are directly related to
                                                           developing high competency in
                                                           writing. Special focus on organization,
                               Room number - 125           elaborations, and conventions in both
                                                           expository and narrative will mode will
                                                           be discussed.
FIFTH (5th) GRADE              QUESTIONS THAT PARENTS      We all know that there is no such thing
Chairperson – Ms. T. Carter    HAVE ABOUT SCHOOL AND       as a bad question! Therefore, fifth
                               ANSWERS THAT WILL LEAD TO   grade teachers are urging parents to
                               HIGH ACHIEVEMENT            come out and spend an evening asking
                                                           the questions that many parents want
                                                           answers to but aren’t comfortable
                                                           asking. We will spend our time
                                                           together providing information that
                                                           will empower YOU, PARENT-STARS, to
                                                           help your child/children achieve at the
                                                           highest levels!

                                                           It takes a village to educate a child, so
                               Room number – 703           this session will share quality
                                                           strategies with you that we know

                                                                   work. Use of quality strategies has
                                   Questions That Parents Have     proven to bring forth positive student
FIFTH (5th) GRADE Continues        About School and Answers That   outcomes! Therefore this session will
                                   Will Lead to High Achievement   equip both our students and parents
                                   Continues                       with an abundance of strategies and
                                                                   techniques to choose from. We want
                                                                   you, the parent, to understand what
                                                                   we are teaching our students and why.

                                                                   To make the most of our time
                                                                   together, the team ask that you come
                                                                   prepared with your questions written
                                                                   down on paper and be prepared to
                                                                   fully participate.

                                                                   We look forward to spending an
                                                                   evening with you that we are certain
                                                                   will prove worthwhile in the months to
                                                                   come. You know your child better
                                                                   than us, so we need you to assist us in
                                                                   providing a quality education to all of
                                                                   our STARS. Together, we will do a
                                                                   great thing in the lives of our children!
                                                                   Please accept our invitation and join
                                                                   the 5th Grade Teacher-stars!
                                   Room Number - 703

MULTI -GRADE LEVELS (1 – 5)        STEPS/SRATEGIES TO HELPING      This interactive session will provide
Ms. A. Williams – Parent Liaison   YOUR CHILD SUCCEED IN           strategies to help parent –stars
                                   SCHOOL                          prepare your children for long-term
                                                                   success on their educational journey.
                                                                   It will explore techniques, ways of
                                                                   thinking, and relationships that are
                                                                   needed in order for your child (ren) to
                                                                   be successful on the K-12 Journey.

                                                                   Students cannot afford to wait until
                                                                   they get to high school to start making
                                                                   preparations for college and careers.
                                                                   Students must be ready and set to
                                                                   learn early on. THE TIME IS NOW!
                                   Room - Media Center
Intermediate Grade Levels (3-5)    ACALETICS-STRATEGIES TO HELP    This hands on session will provide
Mr. Todd Collins                   YOUR CHILD SUCCEED IN MATH      home strategies to help increase your
                                                                   child’s proficiency in math. Take home
                                                                   materials will be provided at the end
                                                                   of the session for parents who stayed
                                                                   for the entire session.


                              Parent Involvement Kick-Off!
                                 REGISTRATION FORM

Please return this form to your child’s teacher no later than
Monday, September 17, 2012.

Parent’s Name: ___________________________________________________

_________ I plan to attend.                        ________ I do not plan to attend.

How many persons will attend the workshop with you?
_____________Number of adults           ________ Number of children

Please indicate by checking the session that you will attend in ranking order.
Can only attend one session! Please indicate first choice with #1 and second choice with #2.
(In case first choice is full, you will be able to attend your second choice.

______ (Kindergarten (K) Session – “Family Reading Time Rocks”
______ First Grade (1st) - “Read With Me: Ways to Develop Language Skills and
                             a Love for Books”
______ Second (2 ) Grade – “Writing from the Start”
______ Third (3rd) Grade – Parents As Pals (Peer Assisted Learning Strategies)
______ Fourth (4th) Grade – The Reading and Writing Connection
______ Fifth (5th) Grade -
______ Multi-Grade Levels (1-5) Steps/Strategies To Helping Your Child
         Succeed In School
______ Acaletics (3rd-5th) Strategies to Help You Child Succeed in Math

Dinner will be served from 5:30 pm until 6:00 pm. Dinner will be taken up at 6:15 pm
so all can enjoy the workshops. Childcare will be provided for children 3 years old and older.
The workshop sessions will begin promptly at 6:30 pm in the designated classrooms. Door
prizes will be given at 7:40 pm. The winner must be present in order to win.

Please come prepared to participate and have a good time in the name of your
child’s education!

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