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									Transcribing NIMAS Files
Using DBT and NimPro
Transcribing NIMAS Files
Using DBT and NimPro

Peter J. Sullivan
VP, Development
Duxbury Systems, Inc.
270 Littleton Road, Unit 6
Westford, MA 01886-3523
    We gratefully acknowledge the
    contributions of the following individuals
    and organizations to today’s
•   Pearson Scott Foresman
•   American Foundation for the Blind
•   Bob Stepp, CASC
•   Braille Institute
•   Susan Christensen
 • You’ll talk the talk…
   – You’ll understand NIMAS,
     NIMAC, and NimPro.
 • You’ll walk the walk…
   – You’ll transcribe portions of a
     real textbook from a NIMAS file.
 • You’ll get your questions
 • And I hope you’ll answer

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 ab brl1 p] se4 7,b
 .,i probably w47
 •   Desktop Orientation
 •   NIMAS and NIMAC
 •   What’s wrong with DBT
 •   A better way: NimPro
 •   NimPro design details (yawn!)
 •   Using NimPro, step-by-step
 •   Demo: Basic NimPro
 •   Demo & Lab: Front Matter
 •   Demo & Lab: Body Matter
Desktop Orientation
• Workshop files are on a CD in
  your D: drive.
• You’ll be storing files on the
  C: drive, in c:\megawork.
Desktop Orientation
 Please locate the following icons on
 your desktop:

  NimPro 1.0    DBT 10.6   Microsoft Office
  (Preview 2)                Word 2003

 Play with these applications,
 or others, if the presentation
 bores you.
Suppose You Need a Book in Braille
NIMAS Files Can Help!
But what are NIMAS Files?
NIMAS Files are for New K-12
 NIMAS Files are DAISY Files



For the full story, see:
NIMAS Files Replace Other Formats
• Many states require NIMAS
  files for new publications
  they will purchase.
• Publishers who make NIMAS
  files available will usually not
  make other formats (PDF,
  Quark, plain text, etc.)
• If a publisher has made a
  NIMAS file available to any
  state, it is available to all.
NIMAS Files Come in a Zip Package
 • You can download the Zip
   package with or without
 • A short PDF is always
 • The main file is a .XML file.
   We’ll be looking at a sample.
 • Your CD file contains a full
   package, with graphics,
   already un-zipped.
NIMAS Files are Available Through
Your State’s Authorized User(s)
 • Go to
 • All can search for content by
   title, publisher, or ISBN
 • Log In to obtain content
 • Authorized Users (AUs) can
   obtain content as required
   under contract with the
 • Alternate Media Producers
   (AMPs), including braille
   transcribers, can obtain
   content assigned by an AU
 • You may or may not use the
   NIMAC directly.
Now You Have a NIMAS File
… And You Need it in Braille …
Can You Do It?
Demo 1
DBT Can Read NIMAS Files!

DBT 10.6
Opening with DBT Alone
• DBT can only open the .XML file,
  not the package.
• The resulting file is large – too
  large for DBT to handle
• DBT doesn’t recognize all styles.
• DBT cannot recognize nested
  structures (e.g. lists within lists).
• DBT misses numbers in
  numbered lists.
Why NimPro?
• NimPro improves the imports of
  DBT and MegaDots.
• NimPro can divide files as
• Designing one product
  (NimPro) allows us to make
  improvements in two product
• NimPro can ease transition of
  graphics from the NIMAS
  package into tactile formats.
What is NimPro?
• NimPro is a preprocessor. (NimPro
  stands for NIMAS Processor.)
• It is a standalone application.
• NimPro is free for users of
  MegaDots (2.3) and DBT (10.5 or
• NimPro is still unreleased, and
  indeed incomplete. But it is
  available, and, we believe, quite
• For latest builds and information,
 What Files does NimPro Use?
                 NIMAS File
               (.XML or .ZIP)

               NimPro Project

                  WordML        MegaDots-Ready
DBT Document
                 Document         Document
NimPro Project Files
• Contain text as in the original
  NIMAS file.
• Text is in linear form – just a series
  of paragraphs instead of nested
  structure of original NIMAS file.
• Paragraph styles are intended to
  be meaningful to braille
• Contain dotty graphics.
• Link to ink graphics from the
  original NIMAS file.
• May evolve to support Braille-in-
Step 1:
Get the Hardcopy Too!
Step 2:
Put a Friendly Face on the NIMAS File
NimPro Display
• Text and graphics are presented in a
  natural order, derived from the NIMAS
• Text styles are presented on screen as
  they would be presented to a print
• Text styles are shown also on a “Style
  Map” to the left of the document text.
• NimPro normally displays one page of
  the document at a time.
• NimPro’s “simulated print” display is
  not intended to eliminate the need for
Step 3:
Review Paragraph Style Tags
Step 4: Revise
• Use Quick Keys in Edit Style
  Mode to revise paragraph
  style tags
• Use Text Edit Mode to
  change text
• Use Wizards for
  the Big Jobs
Step 5: Divide and Conquer
• Divide by pages
• Divide by sections
NimPro Functionality Summary
• Print-oriented display, with
  pictures, allows you to easily
  spot problems.
• Wizards are designed to fix
  several common problems at a
• Quick Style Editing, and other
  limited editing capabilities, can
  be used to fix other problems.
• Export to DBT, Word, or
  MegaDots to fix further
Demo 2
Basic NimPro
•Reading Documents
•Using Quick Keys
•Saving Selected Pages
•Viewing with DBT or Word

NimPro 1.0    DBT 10.6   Microsoft Office
(Preview 2)                Word 2003
NIMAS Trouble
• Text is sometimes out of natural order
• Typos
• Image description errors
• Overuse of bold text
• Indistinct styles for Contents
  and Index
• Heading levels must be
  matched to braille format
NIMAS Trouble (Continued)
• Some lists are doubly-
• Some headings are written
  as Body Text
Step 6: Edit Individual Volumes
• Use DBT,
• Use DBT-Ready Word
  Files, or
• Use MegaDots
Demo 3
Using a Wizard

NimPro 1.0    DBT 10.6   Microsoft Office
(Preview 2)                Word 2003
Demo, Q&A and Lab
Front Matter and Rear Matter

NimPro 1.0    DBT 10.6   Microsoft Office
(Preview 2)                Word 2003
Quick Keys Reference
B    Body text (ordinary text paragraph
L1   List Item (an entry in a list)
T    Production Note (a transcriber's Note)
H1   Heading 1
H2   Heading 2
H3   Heading 3
Demo, Q&A and Lab
Body Matter

NimPro 1.0    DBT 10.6   Microsoft Office
(Preview 2)                Word 2003
Quick Keys Reference
B    Body text (ordinary text paragraph
L1   List Item (an entry in a list)
T    Production Note (a transcriber's Note)
H1   Heading 1
H2   Heading 2
H3   Heading 3
Recap: Coming Attractions
• View By Section will support
  all the same features as
  View By Page.
• The NimPro native
  document format isn’t
  entirely working yet. It will
  allow you to save and pick
  up your work within NimPro
  without having to reload
  the original NIMAS file.
Recap: Coming Attractions
• We plan to enhance NimPro’s
  direct editing capabilities, though
  we do not anticipate eliminating
  the need for “touchup” in DBT or
• More Wizards are to be added,
  and existing Wizards enhanced,
  as-needed. Our limited
  experience with real-world NIMAS
  files prevents us knowing what will
  be needed in this regard.
Recap: How-To
• Use NimPro for a quick assessment,
  overall fixup, and division of the
  NIMAS document.
• Get NimPro at
• Use DBT, Word, or MegaDots from
  there to:
   – Search/Replace
   – Re-arrange
   – Introduce section markup
   – Mark uncontracted and CBC text

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