Board of Directors Minutes Nov 2 2005 Sacramento by KC5mgBBc


									                                     WINTER MEETING
                                  Holiday Inn, Capitol Plaza
                                         300 J Street
                                       Sacramento, CA

                                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS


                               Wednesday, November 2, 2005
                                  3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                    John Q Ballroom

Officers:                                   Directors:
Jerry Prieto, President                     Dave Whitmer        Eric Lauritzen
                , President Elect.          Dave Robinson       Tim Niswander
Mary Pfeiffer, V.P. Ag.                     Steve Hajik         Dave Bengston
Jim Dalperdang, V.P. Wts & Measures         Earl McPhail        Bob Lilley
Ed Meyer, Secretary                         Harry Krug          Gary Caseri
Mark Quisenberry, Past Pres.

   I.          Call to Order 3:33 pm- Quorum present

   II.         Approval Minutes

          a.      Board of Directors Minutes, October 31, 2005- deferred.

   III.        Ethics Committee Report

          a.      Patrick Griffin from Siskiyou County and Mary Mutz from Calaveras
                  County were inducted into the Association
                       M/S/C to approve CACASA membership for Patrick Griffin and
                       Mary Mutz with all rights and privileges subject to the provisions
                       of our by-laws.

   IV.         Old Business

          a.      IMPAC Committee Update- Mary Pfeiffer
                  A copy of the minutes from IMPAC meeting of October 14, 2005 was
                  handed out. A motion taken by the committee to the Board of Directors
                  was discussed. The motion was to “Recommend to the Board of Directors
                  that DPR be requested to modify proposed Section 6396 (a) – Residual
                  Funds, changing the “commissioner” to “California Agricultural
              Commissioners and Sealers Association” in two places where it occurs
              within that subsection. M/S/C to approve the recommendation as

      b.      Long Range Planning Committee, Development Process- Bob Lilley/ Jerry
              Prieto- Moved to executive session.

      c.      CDFA Budget Update- Ed Williams
              The counties that are late in turning in their Annual Financial Statement:
              Amador, Fresno, Imperial, Inyo/Mono, Los Angeles, Marin, Sacramento,
              San Francisco, San Mateo and Tuolumne.

IV.        New Business

      a.      Vendor Booth/Displays at Conferences- Jerry Prieto
              Suggested inviting industry to set up booths at our Spring Conferences.
              Examples of other Association conferences were given where industry
              booths were allowed for a fee. There was general support for the

      b.      Future Winter Conference dates:
              I.    November 6 - 10, 2006. It was discussed that this week would end
                    with Friday being a holiday (Veterans Day). It was agreed to move
                    to this week, and make the Winter Meeting a four day conference
              II.   November 5 – 9, 2007 was tentatively agreed upon for 2007.

      c.      Interim Dates- February 1st & 2nd

V.         Additional Agenda Items
           a. FBI – Tim Lester WMD coordinator for Agroterrorism gave a presentation
              and his direct line: 916 977-2231. He discussed a number of initiatives to
              prevent agroterrorism including the 2nd Annual International Symposium
              on Agroterrorism scheduled for September 25-29, 2006 in Kansas City,
              MO – They are expecting 2000 – 3000 attendees.
           b. Luanna Harmon- Infragard coordinator in Sacramento Area- handed out a
              packet about the InfraGard website and program. InfraGard is a national
              information sharing program between the Federal Bureau of Investigation
              and the private sector. The group is comprised of individuals with varied
              interests including business, academics, technology, law enforcement,
              government, etc… all dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to
              prevent hostile acts against the United States. Their website is at
VI.   Executive Session
      a. BGS Group Update- Dan Webb- deferred to the Thursday Board of
         Directors meeting.
      b. Executive Director Update- Mark Quisenberry- Mark briefly described the
         timeline and process for the proposed RFP for Executive Director. The
         finance committee had moved for the Board to approve the RFP. Due to
         time constraints, further discussion and a decision were deferred to the
         Thursday Board of Directors meeting.
      c. Dues- Taken out of order and discussed last- As a result of the Special
         Board of Director’s Meeting on Tuesday, November 1, the Executive
         Secretary was asked to put the various dues proposals in writing,
         illustrating the impacts on the individual counties. 9 proposals were
         worked up on spread sheets and distributed.
                i. 1. Based on population, expenditures and crop values.
               ii. 2. Based on current dues plus the current assessment that was
                   agreed to in Mono County.
              iii. 3. Based on current dues plus a $170,000 assessment. The county
                   assessment based on their % of the gas tax distribution multiplied
                   by 170,000.
             iv. 4. Same as 3 but the assessment was $200,000.
               v. 5. Same as 3 but the assessment was $250,000.
             vi. 6. Same as 3 but minimum dues for counties receiving under
                   $100,000 in UGT was $1,250 and minimum dues for counties
                   receiving over $100,000 in UGT was $2,500.
             vii. 7. Same as 6 but the assessment was $200,000
            viii. 8. Same as 6 but the assessment was $250,000
             ix. 9. Was based on doubling the current dues plus the current
                   assessment that was agreed to in Mono County.
         A handout on 6 different funding mechanisms was distributed as well as
         an illustration of how the proposal to invoice Area Groups rather than
         individual counties might calculate.

         There was a great deal of discussion. A vote was taken and proposal
         number 3 was narrowly passed by one vote. The group then agreed that
         the issue was too important for our Association to make a decision on
         such a narrow vote so the vote was withdrawn with everyone’s consent.

         The two primary issues of debate were:
         1.    Concern by counties of being assessed dues that were so high they
               would not be able to get them approved by their Boards.
         2.    Concern by smaller counties that proportionally their dues
               assessment had greater impact on their operations and larger
               counties were getting a disproportionate break in dues.
   The Executive Secretary was asked to bring back a blended proposal to
   the Board of Directors meeting on November 3rd that would consider both

d. Recommendation from SJV Area Group regarding San Francisco
   County’s Financial Statement and other issues – The recommendation
   from the SJV Area Group was distributed in Executive Session. Stacey
   Carlsen discussed efforts he has made to bring San Francisco up to
   speed. Ed Williams pointed out that their Annual Report is expected to
   arrive at any time. No action was taken on the recommendation but the
   Association was to be notified if San Francisco was the only county
   remaining that had not turned in their annual report.
e. President Elect process- Bill Gillette
   Clarification- The two nominations for President Elect will only serve
   through the end of this term (05/06). The nomination committee will start
   the process again for 06/07 through the normal process. The two names
   will be on the ballot that will be mailed next week. Those ballots will be
   returned to Bill Gillette and he will bring the ballot committee together to
   count the votes.
f. CDFA / DPR lab- need equipment for two new lab people $500,000 this
   year and $250,000 in subsequent years… DPR just hasn’t made the effort
   to fill the positions. Jerry will keep working with the Director to address the
   issue. Inadequate lab staffing runs contrary to the pressing issues of
   increasing enforcement and speeding up timelines.
g. Long Range Planning Committee, Development Process- Bob Lilley/ Jerry
   Prieto- Moved to executive session from Old Business. Bob Lilley
   explained that the Southern Area group basically objected to the process
   used to change the Long-Range Planning Committee. Mike Boitano
   explained that the suggested change came from an Area Group meeting
   that was a combined North and Sac Valley meeting. The discussion was
   taken to the Leadership Meeting and the amended version was emailed to
   the entire membership. After discussion it was M/S/C to send the
   document from the Leadership Meeting back to the Area Groups as a
   template to use in the formation of a Long Range Planning
   Committee and bring the proposal back for a vote at the February

Respectfully Submitted

Executive Secretary

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