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									                                                     Whian Whian Public School                                       Principal:
                                               NEWSLETTER ~ Term 3 Week 8                                           Dave Condon
      Creative & Caring                            4th September, 2012                                           Phone: 6689 5240

Tuckshop This week – Natalie                                                           Things are happening in Public Education. One
         Next week – No Tuckshop – Teams Day                                           of the important initiatives is called “Building
Don’t forget your piece of fruit and 50c for                                           our capacity.” I suggest you take the chance
recess and money for lunch                                                             to participate in the process.       Phone
                                                                                                                      : Capacity
                                                                                        Information on Building Our 6689 9259 Public
 The term 4 roster is on the wall please put your
name on the dates that suit you.                                                               Education Lismore P-12 Project
                                                                                       An exciting project has commenced in The
Fruit Break 10am daily – each child can bring a piece                                  Wilson School Education Group to gather
of fruit.                                                                              school and community views on how we might
                                                                                       build the capacity of our public education
Wide brimmed red hats available for $6 from school
                                                                                       system in Lismore to provide improved
We are still collecting dead batteries, so any you have                                outcomes for our students at every stage of
at home please send them in to the office.                                             their education.
                                                                                       Please don’t forget our consultation meeting
                                                                                       will be held at: 6.30 pm on Wednesday 5th
This Fortnight:
                                                                                       September at Modanville Public School. We
Wed 5th – Playgroup
Thur 6th – Public Speaking – Jiggi                                                     encourage parents to attend this meeting.
Fri 7th – Assembly                                                                     The children have decided that we will raise
Wed 12th – Playgroup                                                                   money to assist the elephant rescue
Thurs 13th – P & C                                                                     organisation this term. We will have a day at
Fri 14th – The Channon Teams Day
                                                                                       the end of the term but for now there is a jar
Upcoming Events:
 3              4                  5                 6                 7               at school children can put change in to help
                                                     Public Speaking
                                                     - Jiggi
                                                                                       save the elephants. Don’t forget to support
                                   School 6.30pm
                                                                                       this charity chosen by the kids. We will be
 10             11                 12                13                14              holding a special “elephant day” on the last day
                Public speaking
                                                     P & C             Channon Teams
                                                                                       of term when students can bring in their
                                                                                       money and we can send it off to assist the
 17             18                 19                20                21              rescuing of these elephants.
                                                                                       Our students performed brilliantly at the
                Science   –   Dr   School Photos                       Last Day   of
                Nathan                                                 Term
                                                                                       Performing Arts Festival last week. We had
                                                                                       many great comments about the performance.

Principals Report

We have been given the date of Wednesday
19th September for our Annual School
Photos. This is the last Wednesday of
Term, if you know you will not be here
please let us know and we will try and have
the date changed.
Miss Jodie has once again done a spectacular      work and receive awards for their
job with the children and especially with their   achievements.
                               costuming.         Don’t forget the next P & C meeting will be
                               Thank you          held on Thursday the 13th of September.
                               Jodie, from all    Gordon Bryant will be at the meeting, so I can
                               of us. Thanks      introduce him to parents as he prepares to
                               also to Kim and    take over while I am away at the start of next
                                                  The annual Channon teams day will be held
                                                  next Friday the 14th of September. We are
Laura who volunteered their                       organising the bus and a permission note will
time to assist with the                           be sent home when we have the details early
preparations on the night.                        next week.
Thanks to Laura also for her                      Helen will be taking school photos again this
enthusiastic “crab work”.                         year. We have organised for this to happen on
I will be running a double                        Wednesday the 19th of September. We will
session of Habits on Wednesday this week. I       notify you of the time when the date
understand things are very busy at the            approaches.
moment with meetings almost every day, but        We have had a lot of equipment donated to
we hope to complete the program before the        the school by Peter who drives the bus. If you
end of the term. The remaining session will be    are interested in any of the second hand
on the last Wednesday of this term.               equipment please come in and check it out and
At assembly last week, children participated in   you can make an offer in our silent auction.
the Whian Whian Public School Public              Money will go to the P & C for your children to
Speaking competition. The students have been      use. We have a surf board, body board,
working very hard on their speeches and have      Christmas tree and oil heater.
improved enormously. All students received        The students are working on their entries for
participation certificates for their efforts.     the Lismore Show. Some students are working
Winners were Innes, Faith, Jayden, Mollie,        on individual art works and others are working
Sebastian and Kiara. The four students who        in groups to construct a scarecrow. We will be
will compete at Jiggi on Thursday in the big      travelling to the show on Friday the 19th of
scrub public speaking competition will be         October, which is in the second week of term
Jayden, Faith, Mollie and Sebastian. Good luck    4 on the bus. More details will follow closer to
boys and girls. All the students are looking      the date.
forward to next year’s competition and are
hoping to improve.
We were notified this week that we have been                             Kanga Cricket
successful in our application for the Solar                           Boys & girls 6-10yrs
Schools program. This means we will receive a                   Training one afternoon each week
grant to install solar panels and an education                  noncompetitive game each Sat at
system to the school. This should be
                                                               Sign on this Saturday 8th Sept 4-5pm
completed by mid 2013. Congratulations to                            Clunes School cricket nets
Jessica who did most of the preparation for           $75/season get cap & shirt, all else provided.
our application. Thanks Jess.                              Contact Kel McGrath 66291678 or
Our next assembly will be on this Friday 7th of               mcgrathx4@westnet.com.au
September. All are welcome to come and join
as the children share some of their favourite
Lismore Little Athletics starts:
Friday 7th September at
Riverview Park, Lismore
5.30pm to 7pm.
       Enquiries Phone:
       Bev 0488 963968

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