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									                                    KAZUMI TERADA
     2525 Steinway Street, #2R, Long Island City, NY 11103 646-209-4565

               Making a difference for the world by leveraging my global network and my skills in leadership,
               business development, design, research, sales, and/or client management. I am a native speaker of
               both Japanese and English and prefer global opportunities, with main base in New York.

               Project Manager and Product Development, Panasonic Inc., Dec. 2008 – Present, NYC
                  Provide bilingual project management and strategic support for the director of Panasonic Design Center
                  of America. Manage industrial design and market research projects. Provide insights and create proposals
                  for new product development. Research the latest in technological advancements for the industrial
                  design department in Japan. Translate and interpret between Japanese and English.

                  Co-Founder, Fifth Line Group, LLC, January 2004 – December 2008, NYC
                  Founded a visual communication and marketing company. Projects include sales and market
                  development in the US for Japanese companies or visa versa, launching bilingual web sites, search engine
                  optimization, motion graphics, corporate identity, and advertising. Clients include, Panasonic Design
                  Center of America, Sony Music Entertainment, NTT DoCoMo, Fuji TV, and Swedish Institute.

               Japan Business Development Lead, Vibrant Media Inc., February 2006 – March 2007, NYC
               Launched the first live IntelliTXT (Contextual In-text video advertising on the Internet) campaign in Japan.
               Managed the day-to-day operations. Recruited new publishers in Japan. Forged a relationship between VM
               and ad agencies such as Dentsu, Hakuhodo, Digital Advertising Consortium (DAC), and ADK, by holding
               weekly conference calls with Japan.

               Japan Project Manager, Bertelsmann Inc., October 1999 - October 2001, NYC
               Localized in Japan, an online media store that is still second to Amazon in Germany and at one
               point, had stores in fourteen countries. Supervised seven IT consultants, delegated responsibilities,
               communicated with teams in Japan and Germany, created specifications, and managed work order requests
               from Japan office. Oversaw software and manual localization and translation.

               Web Developer, Pixelpark Inc. (Bertelsmann Inc.), September 1998 - Sept 1999, NYC
               Bridged the gap between design team and technical team to create websites that reflected the best of both
               worlds. Coded websites, created navigational interface, and managed site structures.

               Business Development Associate, (Bandai Inc.), May 1998 - Aug. 1998, NYC
               Assisted Japanese VP of Business Development in day-to-day operations, co-branding partnerships,
               translations, and contractual paperwork. Created web sites in Japanese and English to license music content
               for a custom CD burning service.

               PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture, New York, NY, May 1997

               Completely bilingual in English and Japanese. Able to speak to a large audience. Create, inspire and
               motivate teams to create a specific result. Mac and Win OS in Japanese and English. MS Office, Project,
               Powerpoint, Access, Visio, Quickbooks, Adobe Creative Suite, CRMs (SalesForce), Basecamp, and QA
               Tracking Systems, 3D softwares, and ease in learning new software.

               Mahayogi Yoga Mission, 501(c)(3), May 2000 – Treasurer & Board Member, International yoga school based in Kyoto
               NY de Volunteer, 501(c)(3), Oct 2001 – Co-founding Member, 1500+ member Japanese volunteer team in NYC

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