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					Unit 2A Worksheet

1) The functions of bones includes:_____________, _______________, _______________,
_________________________, _________________________and_________________.

2) The production of Red Blood cells is also referred ___________________and occurs in the
________ bone marrow which is located in the ____________ bone area of long bones.

3) Osteoprogenitor cells which are unspecialized Connective Tissue cells become ___________,
which ________or form_________.

4) ________________which are made from osteoblasts maintain bone, but ______________
that are made from monocytes which are __________________resorb bone for__________,
growth, and ___________of bones but most importantly keep blood ____________levels up if
diet ____________ is low.

5) Bone matrix is 1/3 _____________which are ____________and fibrocartilage or________,
the other 2/3 is made up of minerals or __________________which are mainly ____________
_____________and calcium carbonate and provide______________. Less than 1% is
___________________cells which become bone cells.

6) Spongy bone is made up of______________, which is composed of parallel ___________or
layers. These _________ plates of bone have large spaces usually filled with _______bone
marrow where ___________blood cells are made also called_______________________.

7) There is more/less spongy bone in short flat _____________shaped bones than in long bones.
This spongy layer in flat bones is referred to as ___________which is present in ________
bones for ___________ of the brain and the fact that it is more_________ _________.

8) Compact bone contains structural units referred to as___________, along with Central or
_____________canals that run_____________, which contain blood vessels and_________.
These are all contained in circular rings of concentric _______________which are hard and
_____________ to withstand stress. The entire bone is enclosed by_________________.

9) The humerus and femur would be examples of ________ bones, where as the metacarpals and
metatarsals would be classified as _________ bones. ________ bones of the skull and sternum
could also be referred to as_________. The vertebrae such as _________ and axis as well as
the hip or _________ bones would be classified as irregular. And lastly a bone that maybe
different in each people due to the mechanical stress or __________ in some tendons would be
the ___________ bone such as the patella.
10) A bony expansion on a narrow neck is referred to as a _______ and would be found on
the_________, where a smooth, nearly flat __________ surface found a vertebrae is called
a_________, and an arm-like bar of bone such as the ___________is referred to as a_______.

11) A _______________is a large rounded projection for tendons of muscles or __________
attachment and are found on the_________, and a ____________ is a small rounded projection
found on the humerus, just as a _____________is large, blunt and an ______________ surface
such as the greater trochanter of the______________.

12) A _________ is a narrow _____________ridge of bone such as the _______ crest, where
as just a narrow ridge of bone is referred to as a _______ such as the nuchal_______of the
skull. And lastly a ________ is any bony prominence such as the ___________ process.

13) Depressions and openings in bone such as a _________, which is a canal-like passageway,
where a ___________ is a round or oval opening through a bone such as the _________magnum
of the ____________ bone, and a ____________is a cavity within bone that reduces the
_________ of a bone such as the cranium.

14) A __________ is a shallow, basin-like ____________ such as the coronoid ________of the
humerus, and a _____________is a furrow in bone such as the intertubercular __________of
the humerus and a ______________is a narrow slit-like opening for passage of blood vessels,
nerves or________________.

15) In the anatomy of the long bone the proximal and distal ends are covered with ___________
cartilage and are referred to as the _____________which are composed of _________bone
with __________bone marrow for__________________, where the _____________is the
shaft of the long bone composed of ____________bone and the ________________is the
juncture between the two.

16) ______________ is the fibrous covering of the rest on the bone, and has 2 layers, the
______________layer which is composed of dense ___________ CT and the _____________
layer composed of ______________which _________ bone and ______________that resorb
bone. This is all attached to deeper bone by ____________fibers or _______________fibers.

17) The functions of the periosteum are: ___________growth, __________of fractures,
_______________and ligaments and ______________ attach here.

18) In the _____________or shaft of the long bone is the _______________or marrow cavity
which houses the _______________bone marrow which is made up of ________but in the fetal
stage________________ takes place here. The lining of the inside of the marrow bone cavity is
referred to as ________________which is a layer of _________________cells, which are
made up of_________________, which build bone and a few ____________that resorb bone.

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