REGENCY CONDO                                                       OCEAN VIEW REALTY GROUP
1415 OCEAN SHORE BLVD                                               1350A OCEAN SHORE BLVD
ORMOND BEACH, FL 32176                                              ORMOND BEACH, FL 32176
Welcome Renters!                                                    We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!

DIRECTION:. Regency Condo is just North of our office on the right hand side of Ocean Shore Blvd.
Not even 0.1 of a mile.

In case of an emergency after hours within your unit please call our service at 386-441-8245 and specify you are
our rental and you have an emergency that cannot wait for normal business hours.

A reminder: This is not the “Holiday Inn”. This is a community of owners who share your vacation time with you
and your family. Please respect their home and treat Sunrise as if it were your home.

Please run the garbage disposal often. Do not over fill and run plenty of water through it.

You have an assigned parking space. Please do not pull into anyone else’s space. .

Tar stains from the beach are difficult to get out of rugs. Please remove all tar from your shoes and/or your feet
before entering the unit.

Please do not hang towels over outside railings.

When operating vertical blinds, please use the chain to open slats so you can see through them, then draw the
blinds open or closed via the drawstring. The breeze off the ocean can be very strong at times. If you open the
sliding glass door, and have the entrance door open at the same time please be certain to use a door stop or the
entry door will slam shut.

Please obey all condominium rules and regulations during your stay.

At the end of your stay, please lock the door on your way out and return all keys to the Ocean View office or key
return box at Ocean View.

Check out time is 10a.m.

Hope you have a Great Time in Ormond Beach and we hope to see you again.

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