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               Default Attorney Group
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 DAG Members Honored at AMC Mortgage Services Attorney Conference                                     Formatted: Font: 14 pt, Bold

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       [January 31, 2007Insert City, State], Dec. 12, 2006— At the recent AMC Mortgage                Formatted: Font: Not Bold
Services Attorney Conference in Long Beach California two members of the Default Attorney
Group received awards. The Default Practice Group at Barron & Stadfeld, PC , Massachusetts
was recognized as the top judicial timeline performer (large volume partner) for 2006. Pite
Duncan LLP, California received the Bankruptcy Innovation Award. The winners were selected
by AMC’s Vendor Management team based on a variety of analytics.

Julie Taylor-Moran of Barron Stadfeld noted “We take pride in receiving this recognition of our
focus on maintaining outstanding timeline performance while also providing innovative
strategies and solutions to challenges facing our mortgage servicer clients. We continue to focus
on exceeding expectations through every step of the default process. It is truly a pleasure to have
been recognized by AMC for our ongoing commitment to excellence.”

John Duncan of Pite Duncan LLP stated “ We greatly appreciate AMC’s recognition of the firm
and our efforts to work with them in understanding the changes in bankruptcy law in 2005. It is
great to have such a supportive client who is interested in building a strong relationship.”
The Default Attorney Group (“DAG”), an recently formed groupassociation of nationally
recognized law firms, is pleased to announce the addition of Cal-Western Reconveyance Corp
along with Pite Duncan LLP as ato its membership. Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation and
Pite Duncan LLP are Designated Counsel for Freddie Mac, and are members of the AFN. Pite
Duncan LLP is a member of the and USFN.

According to Kathleen Guerrette-Mitchell, Executive Director of the Default Attorney Group,
“The addition of Cal-Western &and Pite Duncan gives our organization critical coverage across
the Western United States with the addition of California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho,
Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington”,” said Kathleen Guerrette-Mitchell, Executive Director
of the DAG.

 Avis Thomas, Executive Vice-president of Cal-Western added said that “Cal-Western and Pite
Duncan’s decision to join the Default Attorney GroupDAG was a logical step as . “wWe wanted
to associate on a national level with firms committed to offering product knowledge and superior
service, rather than marketing purely timeframes,” he continued.

W-m,” said John Duncan, Co-Managing Partner of Pite Duncan. “

About DAG

The Default Attorney GroupDAG is comprised of eighta number of law firms and trustees
across the U.S. who have joinedassociated together to offer lenders and sservicers within the
default industry a network of excellence representing 2providing representation in 25 4 states. .
Committed to professional and ethical representation of the mortgage servicing industry, with
excellence in timeline management across all default processes, DAG members focus on
reducing loss severity through innovative loss mitigation programs. DAG’s sophisticated
litigation support is maintained by deployment of state-of-the-art technology and integration of
systems which enhance the efficiencies of their clients. Legal services encompass afor the full
scope of real-estate related matters, including bankruptcy, foreclosure and litigation.

DAG’s managing members are: Berry F. Laws III of Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen, P.C., Alan
Such of the Fein Such Law Group, and Julie Taylor-Moran of Barron & Stadfeld, PC. Other
members of DAG include: James P. Bonner of Brock & Scott, PLLC; Carolyn A. Taylor of
Hughes Watters Askanase L.L.P.; Daniel C. Consuegra of the Law Offices of Daniel C.
Consuegra, and Frank J. Veneziano of Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.

For additional information on the Default Attorney Group visit:

The Default Attorney Group is committed to professional and ethical representation of the
mortgage servicing and default industries, excellence in timeline management, across all default
the ability to offer cradle to grave processes, with a focus on assistance to reduceing severity
loss severity through innovativeloss mitigation programs, as well as the highest degree
ofsophisticated litigation support to protect the mortgage servicing industry, and thesupported
by deployment of state-of-the-art technology and integration of systems to enhance the
efficiencies of their clients.

For additional information on the Default Attorney Group, please contact Kathleen Guerrette-
Mitchell at 703-599-3069, Berry F. Laws III, Co-Managing Member, at 816-221-1430 (e-mail, or visit                                            Formatted: Default Paragraph Font
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