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									                       Atlantic Terrace Condominium
                             Board of Directors Meeting
                                 Monday, July 16, 2012
                                     1 PM EST

1. Call to Order:
           1:03 PM EST by President Frank O’Keefe

2. Roll Call:
           BOD Present: Frank O’Keefe, Larry Longman, Bob Stanborough, Jim Bradshaw, Debi
           Govero, Pat Adams, Ed Gaudette
           Staff: Karen Solmon, Kelly Roskamp, Kim Baker
           Stan Solomon (Attorney)

           Owners Present: Len Penzo, Jim Griffith

3. Approval of minutes (emailed 6/19/2012)
           Moved to accept Jim Bradshaw, 2nd Bob Stanborough
           Unanimous vote to accept

4. Committee Reports (Reports in attachment)
          RTU/ Rental Committee - (emailed 6/27/2012)
          Communication Committee - (emailed 6/27/2012)
          Audit Committee – no report
          Contract Committee –no report

           Owner Jim Griffith asked about the RTU program and the letter that he had been told
           would be sent to participants of the program. Larry Longman answered the question
           explaining that the letters had not been sent to date as the committee was hoping to have
           had an answer from the State of FL as to procedures to follow. That at present for the
           year 2012 all contracts that had been entered into were being honored and that hopefully
           letters would be going out within the next few weeks as to the status of the RTU program.

           Move to accept committee reports as submitted.
                       Moved by Bob Stanborough unanimous vote to accept

5. Setting of Quorum (Adams)

                   Motion #1                     unanimous vote to accept
           Move to set the quorum for the BOD be determined by the number of seated Board
           Members as set forth in the bylaws of 3-11 members. The quorum would be a majority.
             Moved by: Pat Adams, 2nd Bob Stanborough

                    Rationale: The State of FL, Division of FL Condo/Timeshare, (Charles)
                    was consulted and per our conversation he felt that the quorum should be by
                    members seated as long as was no less than 3 and no more than 11 members.
                    This should be determined by the BOD interpretation of the bylaws.

6. Old Business

         Collections Unlimited, Inc. (Bradshaw)
          Phone conversation with Collections Unlimited account rep Laura on 06/28/2012
          Laura stated on 6/07 asked Karen to send Condo Docs, signed contract, copy of 60 day
          letter and spread sheet of accounts. On 6/11 received Condo docs. On 6/13 asked Jo Ann
          for signed contract, copy of 60 day letter and spread sheet of accounts. 06/28/2012 still
          does not have signed contract, copy of 60 day letter or spread sheet of accounts. If
          Collections unlimited can get this information they can set up their system to start
          collections on the 61st day. It takes lead time to start the system before collections begin.

          On 7/12/2012 received cc of email from Kelly stating she had forwarded a copy of the 60
          day notice to Collections Unlimited. Collections Unlimited has not received signed copy
          of Contract or spreadsheet of accounts delinquent. As the delays mount we are going
          deeper into money problems. Contact number for Laura 352-563-2221 ex123

          Frank O’Keefe stated that he had not signed the contract but would do so today and get
          that to ASM to forward to CUI. ASM will also get the needed spread sheet to CUI by the
          end of this week. Mark Roskamp is to see if he can burn a disc and get that to Cui for
          easier download into their system. Jim reiterated that any account over 90 days
          delinquent was to be sent to CUI as per the motion of the BOD.

          Karen Solomon asked about monies that they may receive in the lock box. If this did
          happen then ASM was to notify CUI and that CUI would take care of the collections fee
          reimbursement from the owner. Stan Solomon also stated that he/ASM would notify the
          lock box company to put stops on delinquent accounts so that payment to AT should not

          Jim Bradshaw is to notify the BOD when all is in place with CUI and will notify CUI that
          that weekly reports of collections are to be sent to ASM and to the BOD.

          Owners who have already made payment arrangements with ASM and that are currently
          up to date with payment plan will not be turned over to CUI for collections.

         AT updates: construction, fire damage, furniture repair, etc.
                   Construction: Most of the drilling is complete, painting continues as weather
                   allows, Meeting with Lou the engineer set for next week and punch list will
                   begin, window hollow cell fill is left to do on all windows, interior sheet rock
                   needs to be completed and is a slow process due to high occupancy now, and
                   BOD members that are on site over the next weeks have agreed to devote time
                   to the punch list or meetings as needed.
                   Fire damage: 4A is complete and open. The cost was handled through the
                   construction company.
                   Furniture repair: the furniture rep has looked at the couches and is replacing
                   cushions and is looking into the repair of the other fabric issues. Karen is to talk
                   with the company and find out when this will take place.
                   Etc: spa rail broke and a replacement is on order. The broken rail will be sent
                   for warranty replacement.

   Website (Stanborough)
          Bob Stanborough presented information about website company,
          and price quotes: $385.15 for 3 years and $1,157.50 for 10 years. The site can
          be built and maintained internally or there is an option to hire to
          build and maintain. Bob’s recommendation was to initiate the contract and
          attempt to build and maintain internally, with the option to revisit if we needed

           Motion #2                   unanimous vote to accept
          Move to contract with for a 10 year period.
                   Moved by: Bob Stanborough. 2nd Jim Bradshaw
          Bob will contact and initiate the process, as well as have them
          contact Karen for credit card payment.

   Audit Report (Stanborough)
          Stan Solomon responded to the concerns of the Audit Committee and addressed
          all issues raised. However, it was not clear whether the individual reconciling
          the monthly bank statements is a different individual than the individual writing
          the checks and it is felt that separate individuals will strengthen controls. Karen
          Solomon responded stating that it was indeed a different person handling those
          accounting task.

   Managers Job Description/ Appraisal / Performance (Adams)
          Pat Adams reported that Kim Baker had not signed and returned the correct job
          description as instructed. Adams stated that she had emailed the President, Frank
          O’Keefe, several times trying to complete the evaluation as directed without
          results. O’Keefe did send email in last 2 days, but his explanation was not
          understandable to Adams. Therefore, no performance eval had been completed.

           Motion #3 Passed: 5 yes (Adams, Longman, Govero, Stanborough, Bradshaw)
                                2 no (Gaudette, O’Keefe)
          I move that Kim Baker be relieved of her duties as Atlantic Terrace Resort
          Manager effective the close of business Monday, July 16, 2012 and that Atlantic
          Shores Management be instructed to find a replacement to work the Front Desk
          on an interim basis until the BOD has an opportunity to search for a permanent
          replacement through the job application/interview process.
                    Moved by: Larry Longman, 2nd Pat Adams

                Discussion: ASM asked if the person needed to be CAM certified and the
                decision was that not necessarily at this time. The present front office
                staff, Susannah and Dottie, we would like for them to remain and that
                another person could be found to fill in interim. Karen Solomon is to
                notify the BOD who the interim person will be and when they will begin
                in the position.

           Recording of Meetings (O’Keefe)
                    O’Keefe stated that he wanted to revisit the idea of recording meetings to allow
                    the owners to listen to the meeting as well as read the minutes. Jim Bradshaw
                    stated that he was the one that had brought this to the BOD attention back in
                    November of 2011 and that at that time the minutes were poor to none. He stated
                    that since earlier this year that the minutes have improved and are concise and
                    timely. This subject had been discussed at an earlier meeting and was decided
                    that it was not needed. There was no further discussion and no vote.

           Landscape Bid Update (Adams)
                    Pat Adams reported that there was only one bid received and that she had
                    spoken with 8 other landscape companies without getting them to bid on the
                    project. The one bid received was approximately $40,000. Most of the other
                    landscape companies declined bidding due to the need of a certified landscape
                    architect due to drainage and grade issues. Karen Solomon stated that she used
                    a landscape company Choice landscape at other properties and she felt that they
                    would do a bid. She is to talk with the company and have them get in contact
                    with Adams.

     (Frank O’Keefe, President left the meeting and Ed Gaudette, Vice-President continued as Chair)

7. New Business

           Rental Program (Stanborough/Longman)
                    Stanborough reported information on a rental company Unlimited Horizons that
                    will rent or sale our units. Longman stated that this company can as well deal
                    with our RTU program in the future. Stan Solomon has in the past dealt with
                    the rental, but he chooses to discontinue that program with AT. Unlimited
                    Horizons charges 25% commission on rentals as per the information that was
                      Motion #4                        unanimous vote to accept
                    Move that the BOD engage into an agreement with Unlimited Horizon to handle
                    rental and sales for AT Association.
                          Moved by: Bob Stanborough, 2nd Debi Govero

                      Motion #5                            tabled
                    Move to open a separate bank account for rental income and obtain Intuit to use
                    for collection and accounting at the front desk.

                    Discussion: Stanborough also reported on a mechanism for rental to continue
                    from the front desk as well, which would involve a separate banking account
                    and a credit card machine with the monies being processed by Intuit. There
                    would be rental for the machine and a small percentage charged by Intuit for the
                    transactions through the program. There would need to be communication
                    between the rental company Unlimited Horizons and the front desk to make sure
                    that availability was known by both. At present this is on hold due to the
                    changing of front office personnel and gathering of further information.

   Management Contract
          Motion #6 Passed: 5 yes (Adams, Longman, Govero, Stanborough, Bradshaw)
                           1 no (Gaudette)

          Move that the contract with ASM not be automatically renewed at the next
          renewal period, and that this motion serve as written notice per the minutes.
              Moved by: Bob Stanborough, 2nd Debi Govero

          Rationale: #1 All contracts should fall under the contract matrix guidelines
                        as adopted.
                      #2 The working relationship between ASM and the BOD has
                         become somewhat adversarial.
                      #3 Contract auto renewal would be scheduled for approximately
                         December 2013.

           Motion #7 Passed: 5 yes (Adams, Longman, Govero, Stanborough, Bradshaw)
                               1 no (Gaudette)
          Move that the President appoint a committee of 3 to research, investigate, and
          search for the best method for the management of AT.
               Moved by: Bob Stanborough, 2nd Larry Longman

   Sea Wall (O’Keefe)
         Removed from agenda for further investigation

   Annual Meeting (Govero)
         Govero addressed the possibility of moving the Annual meeting to the Saturday
         of the condo week 37, since there are 4 BOD members that are already at AT
         during week 37. At this time moving the date is not possible due to all of the
         deadlines to be met prior to holding the meeting. The date for the Annual
         meeting is set for October 27th, 2012.

          Motion #8                                unanimous vote to accept
        Move that the BOD direct the Management to handle the election of directors for
        2012 and hopefully, years to come as follows:
        A ballot containing the owners name and unit number as well as all candidates for
        the Board of Directors and any issues that the owners are being solicited to vote on
        will be sent to all owners (in good standing?)
        The owner will be instructed to vote for up to eleven candidates as well as to cast
        their vote on any other issue which may be on the ballot. The ballots will be
        tallied by ASM and/or and the results announced at the annual meeting.

   BOD Delinquency/Removal/Position fill (Stanborough)
         Stanborough brought up the issue of a BOD member that was showing as
         delinquent on the last report and due to the bylaws this person could not serve if
         30 days delinquent. This issue has been resolved the BOD is not delinquent and
         there was no motion or vote.

8. Owner Comments
         Len Penzo (owner)
                     Mr. Penzo questioned the procedure of taxes and the State of FL in using a
                     rental company now. Previously he had had a problem of being charged
                     taxes for the whole year when only rented his week. Stan Solomon stated
                     that the State of FL had corrected this with a form to be used for timeshares.
                     Bob Stanborough also stated that the tax issue had been discussed with the
                     new rental company we would be using.
                     Mr. Penzo also thanked the BOD for the work being done.

          Jim Griffith (owner)
                        Thanked the BOD and stated he had enjoyed being able to sit through a
                        BOD meeting.

9. Adjournment:      3:15 pm    Moved by: Larry Longman, 2nd Pat Adams

           Next Scheduled Meeting: 6th August, 2012                 11am ET

                                    Committee Reports
                                      July 17, 2012

HOA/RTU Committee's Report
A letter is being developed to go out to previous RTU Renters. The letter is almost finished at this
time. The letter is being composed by Bob Stanborough, Frank O'Keefe, and Larry Longman. The
RTU Program continues to remain on hold waiting for a decision from the State of Florida.

Larry Longman, Chair

Communications Committee's Report
We are planning to use our new website for updates to be sent to owners. The new website
appears to have made some progress from last month's report. The blue notebooks found in
each room have been identified as needing changes, revisions, and updates.

Larry Longman, Chair

Submitted by: Pat Adams
Date: 7/23/2012


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