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									ANV6: Vacancy Template
Job Description:
     Employer Name:       D B Schenker Rail UK
        Vacancy Title:    Operational Management Trainee Apprenticeship (3 year programme)                                Ref:

    Short Description     DB Schenker Rail is number one for rail freight services in Europe and through its extensive operating network, provides
                          customers with services across all parts of Europe through its West, Central and East operating regions. Services provided
                          in Britain are delivered through the Region West operating area.

                          In Britain, DB Schenker Rail employs over 3,200 people nationwide and operates hundreds of freight trains every day.
                          Services to Europe via the Channel Tunnel are also provided, with trains in France being operated by DB Schenker Rail’s
                          subsidiary company Euro Cargo Rail.

                          Freight trains in Britain are delivered through one of three customer facing business segments:

                                   Industrial - providing services to the energy generation, metals and petroleum markets
                                   Construction - providing services to the construction and infrastructure markets including Network Rail
                      :            Logistics - providing terminal and logistics services

                          With strong growth plans and international opportunities, DB Schenker Rail is an excellent place to establish your career.

                          DB Schenker is delighted to announce they are recruiting apprentices across the country to be trained as future
                          Operational Managers. This is a long term commitment by the company and they are interested in hearing from high
                          calibre people who have a genuine interest in railway operational management.

                          Applications are welcome from people from a wide variety of backgrounds who meet the required criteria. Successful
                          candidates will be given extensive training at a UK leading rail and engineering college and be enrolled onto the
                          government’s high profile advanced apprentice framework. During your training you will work towards a series of relevant
                          qualifications, culminating in an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) level 3 advanced apprenticeship. On job
                          learning will form a vital part of your development and include a variety of methods. You will be assigned a trained
                          mentor to guide you through your day to day working life. The main duties and activities stated below is a guide. Post
                          holders will be trained to carry out these duties over the period of their 3 year apprenticeship. No duties will be
                          undertaken without adequate training and supervision. This traineeship will eventually lead to a management position
                          within DB Schenker Rail (UK) where you will be responsible for the operations of the freight rail services.

      Main Duties &       The role of an Operational Manager is to ensure that the freight trains are run at the right time, with the right cargo and by
     Responsibilities:    competent people. It is a role about people, logistics and good management.

                          Specifically you will be taught to undertake the following duties:

                              Ensuring adequate numbers of people are competent, motivated, engaged and are aware of their limitations
                              Ensuring that safety and corporate standards are met and maintained
                              Ensuring that locations they are responsible for are maintained fit for purpose and secure
                              Managing within agreed parameters the costs associated with their resources
                              Providing advice and guidance to other groups on the effective utilisation of their resources
                              Promoting a positive safety culture
                              Engaging in a positive relationship with customers
                              Implementing traffic flow Management including the optimisation of yard and terminal capacity

     Other Activities :      Improvement of customer train flow efficiency and profitability
                             Customer liaison on a ‘day to day’ basis
                             Ensure sufficient drivers with suitable route/traction knowledge to resource the plan
                             Ensure sufficient ground staff with location knowledge to resource the train
                             Locomotive/Wagon maintenance is carried out to plan
                             Staff competency management system is up to date for all staff
                             Area location checks are up to date
                             Undertake Safety Encounters
                             Manage current Company Safety Brief process
                             Managing costs within budget
                             Completion of Business briefs to all staff
                             Managing Resolution of Sickness Absence within agreed parameters
                               Managing Disciplinary Matters within agreed parameters
                               Effective communication of all pertinent information (2 way communication)
                               Conduct Safety Tours and Location Checks
                               Wagon fill and train size optimisation
                               Wagon availability to Key performance indicators
                               Where necessary carry out ground staff duties
                               Complete minimum number of hours to be able to be assessed as a competent train driver
                               Undertake developmental projects within agreed parameters.

Other Responsibilities:     Performance Measures

                               Meeting company safety targets
                               Decrease in train cancellations
                               Employee competence compliance (within areas of existing competence) report weekly
                               Area Locations compliance (weekly report)
                               Achievement of personal objectives and targets
                               Delivery of cost budget
                               Delivery of absence reductions within agreed parameters
                               Improved communications with staff
                               Deliver agreed customer Key Performance Indicators
                               No cancellation of trains due to lack of ground staff
                                Training and assessment of staff in ground staff duties and locations
                                Application of DBS Management Instructions to ensure a safe and efficient working environment
                                Ability to act as Rail Incident Officer (RIO) and Train Operators Liaison Officer (TOLO)
                               Competent to investigate and report on operational incidents

                            Learn to drive a locomotive train through the structured accumulation of the minimum number of hours train driving (225
                            within 18 months of initial passing out)

  Terms & Conditions:                The post is offered on a full time permanent management apprenticeship contract
                                     The starting salary will be £12,000 per year rising to £15,000 after successful completion of year one and £23,000
                                      on successful completion of year 2.
                                     You will be entitled to 25 days leave, plus bank holidays
                                     You will be required to work 37 hours per week on a flexible basis including evenings, nights and weekends.
                                     The post holder will be located at the appointing depot for the duration of their traineeship. Following the
                                      training programme they may be required to move within the UK to enable them to continue their career with
                                      the company.
                                     Protective personal equipment will be provided
                                     In the event that there are excessive numbers of applicants, candidates who can demonstrate a high level of
                                      interest or experience in railway operations and logistics will be preferred and will be short listed against the
                                      desirable criteria outlined under ‘Skills, Quality and Knowledge’
                                     Driving licence at start of employment is desirable or if no full licence
                                     Driving test to be passed asap and within 12 months of start of employment. In exceptional circumstances this
                                      may be extended to 18 months. Any trainee who is without a car licence 18 months after their start date will be
                                      terminated and subject to the repayment terms of their learning contract

             Weekly wage:   £230.00         Working Week:       Flexible shift work 37 hours              Location:   Newport, Wales

     Future prospects:      This apprenticeship is a long term and serious commitment by DB Schenker Rail UK. It is designed to be the pipeline of
                            talent for our future Operational Managers. Successful and high calibre candidates have a clear progression route to
                            management over time. For those people with a second European language future career options may also include
                            working outside the UK.

   Expected Duration:       3 years

    Learning Provider:      Vision West Nottinghamshire College:
                            Placed in the top 10% of all colleges within the UK for results, we are one of the largest and most successful colleges and
                            our apprentices have earned a reputation of winning high profile awards for their commitment and achievements.

                            The college provides outstanding education and training opportunities for the districts of Mansfield, Ashfield and
                            surrounding areas working closely with employers. Our results are consistently high and in May 2008 we were awarded
                                                                            Version 1.0                                                                   ANV6
                           outstanding by Ofsted and earned Beacon College status in 2009, we are a high-profile centre of education, with our
                           learners at the heart of our excellence.

 Training Provided:        Operational Management Trainees Apprenticeship Framework
                           The basics

                                    NVQ L2 Railway Engineering (Inc. Personal Track Safety and underpinning knowledge of railway operations
                                    Train Driving Competence

                           Developing competence
                                    IOSHH Managing Safely certificate
                                    Business Improvement Techniques Level 2 NVQ
                                    A1 Assessors training

                           Learning to Manage
                                       Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 3 Higher Apprenticeship (inc. Management NVQ and
                                        technical (theory) certificate. Content bespoke to DBS management context.

                           Please note the college block release will take place at a college base in Nottinghamshire . Overnight accommodation
                           and travel during block release will be paid for by DB Schenker Rail UK

Candidate Specification:
A candidate specification is a profile of the skills and aptitudes required of the post holder and to ensure equality of opportunity all criteria on the
person specification should be derived from the job description.         The requirements set out in the person specification should be specific and
measurable during the selection process e.g. English to GCSE standard or equivalent, it provides:

            A set criteria against which all applicants can be measured objectively;
            A structured and systematic means for a comparative assessment of the applicants;
            A document to ensure that the basis of decission-making is transparent.

The criteria included in the person specification must be capable of being objectively justified as the minimum requirements to carry out the post

     Skills/Knowledge:     Give evidence and examples within your application
                                    Hands on approach to tasks undertaken
                                    Communicate effectively – both written and verbal
                                    Accept responsibility for your own work and its delivery
                                    Continuously work to improve your own performance
                                    Behave in a way that encourages efficient and safe working
                                    Ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines
                                    Able to work on own initiative or as part of a team
                                    An interest in a career within the rail freight industry
Vacancy Details continued...

             Experience:   All candidates must have had some work experience either paid or voluntary. Experience in a logistics or rail environment
                           is desirable and would be an advantage but not essential as full training will be given. Any experience you have; work-
                           based or through study should be recorded in your application.

    Personal Qualities:    You should be enthusiastic and committed to learning new skills and knowledge within the rail-freight industry, a flexible
                           and open minded approach is needed to be able to adapt and work effectively in a variety of situations. You will need to
                           be reliable, adaptable and able to work to instructions given and on your own initiative. Further qualities below are
                           essential :

                               Ability to communicate effectively,
                               Good interpersonal skills
                               Demonstrate a high level of interest in this industry sector and logistics in general

         Qualifications:                    o   GCSE English and Maths Grade A-C or equivalent PLUS one of the following:
                                            o   2 ‘A’ levels grade A-C or equivalent E.g. BTEC National Diploma; BTEC Extended Diploma or BTEC
                                                Certificate L3 or projected results (will be subject to confirmation) or,
                                                                           Version 1.0                                                             ANV6
                                        o     Apprenticeship in a rail, engineering, logistics or a related subject or,
                                        o     2+ years work experience in a rail or logistics field/industry

      Important Other   The selection process takes several stages. Successful candidates at each stage pass through to the next:
                        Stage one:          Online Application
                        Stage two:          Interview and initial assessments with Vision Apprentices plus answer sheets (See supplementary
                        questions details on page 5 of the job description)
                        Stage three         DB Schenker Train Driver assessment exercises
                        Stage four:         DB Schenker management assessment centre
                        Stage five:         Rail Industry standard medical for safety critical workers – including drug and alcohol screening

                        Please note the selection process takes several months, the successful candidate will commence employment week
                        commencing 12 November 2012.

                                   Working in a rail depot environment, sometimes outside.
                                   Unsociable Hours
                                   Safety critical environment means strict rules to follow
                                   Regular drugs and alcohol screening
                                   Due to the requirements of the rail industry standards candidates who have colour blindness cannot be
                                    considered as they will not be able to pass their train driving competence
                                   If you do not live in the local area to your desired work location consideration must be given to your living and
                                    travel expenses
                                   Please note the college block release will take place at a college base in Nottinghamshire . Overnight
                                    accommodation and travel during block release will be paid for by DB Schenker Rail UK

Candidate Specification Summary:
        Competencies:   Core Competency                     Description                 Indicator               Essential   Desirable   Assessment
                        Communicate Effectively                                                                     √
                        Work under pressure and to                                                                  √
                        tight deadlines
                        Ability to work to rules and
                        Customer service skills and
                        awareness                                                                                   √
                        Awareness of costs and
                        budget control
                        Deliver effective solutions to                                                              √
                        rising problems
                        Work both independently
                        and part of a team
                        Proficient skills in excel,                                                                            √
                        word, outlook
                        Interest in Railway operations                                                              √


                        Some work experience paid
                        or voluntary                                                                           √
                        Within the rail or logistics                                                                           √

                        Personal Qualities:

                        Friendly and outgoing                                                                       √
                        Confident                                                                                   √
                        Enthusiastic about the role                                                                 √
                        Flexible / adaptable to
                        change                                                                                      √
                                                                          Version 1.0                                                              ANV6
                           Highly motivated to deliver                                                                 √
                           results                                                                                     √
                           Responsible attitude to safety                                                              √
                           Attention to detail
                           GCSE English and Maths                                                                  √
                           Grade A-C or equivalent plus
                           one of the following

                           1. 2 ‘A’ levels grade A-C or
                           equivalent or projected                                                                 √
                           results ( subject to
                           confirmation or,
                           2. Apprenticeship in a rail,
                           engineering, logistics or a
                           related subject or,
                           3. 2+ years work experience
                           in a rail or logistics

                           Full Driving licence or:                                                                             √
                           Driving test to be passed
                           ASAP within 12 months of
                           start of employment. In                                                                 √
                           exceptional circumstances
                           this may be extended to 18
                           months. Any trainee who is
                           without a car licence 18
                           months after their start date
                           will be terminated and
                           subject to the repayment
                           terms of their learning

Application Details:

Key dates:
                           Closing date:     15 July 2012
                                              nd    rd     th
Stage Five: Assessment Centre date:          2 /3 or 4 October
                             Start date:     12 November 2012

Supplementary Application Form Questions:
If your application is shortlisted and you are invited to a first stage interview you will be contacted by email with full instructions.
As part of the interview process you will be required to answer the questions below, in writing, and bring them to the interview.
Each answer should be 250 words.
             Question 1:   What particularly attracts you to this trainee programme at DB Schenker rail UK?
             Question 2:   What do you see as the key challenges of working within the UK rail freight industry?

How to apply?:
     Application route:         WNC / AVoL              Employer direct     Employer web address

                                                                           Version 1.0                                                     ANV6

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