EASTBRIDGE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
                          BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES
                                   Monday, July 25, 2011

Officers Present: Zoe Allen, President; Daniel Grund, Vice President; Colleen Scovel, Treasurer, Ann
Mattiello, Secretary; Kim Gratzer, Manager, EMB

Absent: Babs Tatalias, Member-at-Large

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by the President at 6:32 p.m.

There were 7 homeowners present.

Homeowners Forum:
 Homeowner in 12 is in the process of purchasing new doors for her unit and is willing to share
  information with other homeowners who also want to buy new doors.
 Homeowner in 13A asked permission to have steps installed from her back porch to the ground. Ann
  made a motion to approve the installation of steps, by a professional, on the back deck of unit 13A to
  the ground. Second: Daniel. All in favor.
 New homeowner in 4A presented a few questions to Kim about his unit. He will speak to Kim after
  the meeting about his concerns on his unit.

Approval of Minutes: Colleen made a motion to approve the June 27, 2011 Board Meeting minutes.
Second: Ann. All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report – June 30, 2011
Total Assets: $272,257.92
Operating Account: $48,184.17
Replacement Reserve: $200,986.50
Delinquencies: $20,973.75
Total Regular Assessment delinquencies for June: $20,973.75
Additional Assets: $1,813.50
Total Liabilities: $17,250.57 excluding delinquencies

Committee Reports:
  o Website – Tania has almost completed transferring information from the old Eastbridge website
     to the new site. Karen will maintain the new website.
  o Newsletter – there will be a newsletter before the end of the year.
  o Landscape – will create plan to eliminate trip hazard in front of building 19.

Manager’s Report
  o Kim will call electric company and seal coating company to coordinate the electrical work on
      carports 13 and 14.
  o Kim will send letter to 3A for window covering rules violation.
  o Kim will send Zoe information for real estate agents who are contacting Zoe for information for
      perspective buyers and lenders.

Unfinished Business:
   o Preventative and routine maintenance schedule 2010 and beyond – Zoe and Kim will work on
   o Re-grading and Drainage – Signature Landscape – will finish the project before the end of the
   o Smoke alarms and back porch electrical outlets – completed.
   o   Carport painting – proceeding. Aaron feels it will be done by the end of August.
   o   Building 10 crawlspace repairs – done.
   o   Chimney Cleaning – Kim will contact Mike for forms he collected from homeowners.
   o   Painting dumpster enclosures and light posts – Aaron is getting this done. If necessary will ask
       for volunteers to complete project.
   o   Rules Violations – 30B has not complied to a letter sent about inappropriate window coverings.
       A letter with a $50.00 fine will be sent to 30B.
   o   Asphalt Seal Coating – has been tentatively scheduled for August 9 and 10. Information will be
       sent to homeowners. Cars not removed from scheduled seal coating areas will be towed.
   o   Building 4 plumbing problems – still having plumbing problems.
   o   Bad debt write-offs – done.
   o   Allied Waste – has not picked up at Eastbridge in the last 4 weeks. Kim will ask for credit.

New Business:
   o Carports 13 and 14 electrical problem – Colleen made a motion to accept ___________________
      bid of $____________________ to fix the electrical problem in carports 13 and 14. Second:
      Daniel. All in favor.
   o 12C rules violations – Kim will send a letter to 12C for leaving a dog unattended on back deck.
   o 1D Rodents – EMB called pest control company for rodents in 1D.
   o 2B Leak in Utility Room – plumbers have been called
   o 31A Crawlspace inspection – High Country to inspect crawlspace. Leak under pipe in bathroom.
      Kim will call plumber to repair.

Ann made a motion to adjourn at 7:32 p.m. Second: Daniel. All in favor

Next meeting: Monday, August 22, 2011 at 6:30 PM at the Cabana.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ann Mattiello

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