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					                                 HCT English Language Centre
                                Course Outline ~ Students’ Version

                                       Course Title       Technical Writing
                                      Course Code         ENGL 2100
                                            Credits       3
                                     Lecture Hours        3 hours per week
                                          Lecturer        ________________
                              Office hours & Room         ____________________________________

     1. Calendar Description
     This course teaches some of the basic technical writing skills. These skills enable you to write for the
     practical needs of a specified audience. You will learn to write about factual information, objectively
     and persuasively. The use of information and communication technologies is an important part of this
     processing of information.

     2. General Aims
      Develop clear and accurate written and oral presentations of technical and scientific information.
      Promote critical thinking, continuous self-assessment and peer review.
      Prepare students to deal with their professional environment.
      Encourage independent research as well as cooperative skills.

    3. Learning Outcomes
    At the end of the course, students should be able to:
     Analyze, synthesize, evaluate and interpret information and ideas.
     Write in a style appropriate to the technical purpose, showing an awareness of audience.
     Plan and manage short- and long-term writing projects in terms of drafting, designing, revising
          and editing documents.
     Work with various writing technologies and electronic genres.
     Identify and explore problems in organizations and design and implement appropriate research
          strategies and evaluate sources.
     Write collaboratively, providing peers with constructive feedback on their work.
     Write ethically and responsibly.
     Develop effective style and tone, following business and technical writing
     Design visually effective documents (e.g. layout, formatting, incorporating graphics and visuals
          into documents).
     Prepare and deliver clear and effective presentations.
     Work collaboratively as part of a team.

4. Textbook: McMurrey, D.A. (2002). Power Tools for Technical Communication, Harcourt College
                       Publishers. ISBN: 0-15506898-9

5. Websites:      

6. Content Outline
     Written communication in a variety of formats (informal reports, business letter reports, memo
        reports, formal technical background reports, employment letters, resumes)
     Technical writing for the purpose of: description, comparison, classification, persuasion and
     Making oral presentations

final version – 12/2005                               1
7. Assessment Outline
     Mid-semester Exam (1 hour)                    15%
     Final Exam (2hours)                           50%
     Portfolio                                     25%
         (20% for assignments* and 5% for portfolio presentation)
     Homework and participation                    10%

Final grades will be based on the following scale.
                       Letter Grade                 Percentage Range               Grade Point
                             A                           90-100                        4.0
                            A-                            85-89                        3.7
                             B+                           80-84                        3.3
                             B                            76-79                        3.0
                             B-                           73-75                        2.7
                            C+                            70-72                        2.3
                             C                            67-69                        2.0
                     Major Requirement
                            C-                             60-66                        1.7
                      Major Elective

                             D                             55-59                        1.0
                             F                         54 and below                     0.0

8. Assessment specifications
            a. Mid-semester Exam                 (15%)
                Time:                                     1 hour
                Content:                                  Two writing tasks of 30 minutes each involving any
                                                          topics covered up to the MSE. Refer to the Delivery

                b.    Final Exam                 (50%)
                      Time:                              2 hours
                      Content:                   Two writing tasks of 1 hour each.
                                                         Comprehensive and involving any topics covered
                                                         throughout the course. Refer to the Delivery Plan.

                c.    Portfolio          (Assignments 20% and Portfolio Presentation 5%)
                      The final portfolio will consist of two assignments with their drafts, one of which will be
                      collaborative. The 5% for the portfolio presentation will be distributed as follows:
                           o Organization         (layout, tidiness)        2.5 %
                           o Content (all necessary documents included) 2.5 %

        9. Assignmnets
            o All assignments must be typed.
            o Each student must submit his or her own first draft (written or typed) for each assignment
                before the deadline, as well as a final version (typed). Both are required for the final
            o Font:      Times New Roman
            o Font size:         12
            o Spacing: double
        Topics for the assignments will be given either by the instructor or taken directly from the
        Assignment 1 (5%)
                Topics could include an informal site, accident, trip, or field report using descriptions.
                Consider audience, proper format, and appropriate techniques for writing drafts.
final version – 12/2005                                  2
                      Deadline:        First draft                           7 days after topic is issued
                                       Instructor will return it within 5 days
                                       Final draft                           5 days after that
                    Type:              Individual
                    Length:            Instructors will specify the words according to the nature of the task,
                                       although the assignment should be between 400 and 1000 words.
           Assignment 2 (15%= Written 10% and Oral 5%)
                    Students will work in a team on this project. The outcome consists of a formal report and
                    oral presentation.
                    a.       Written Report 10%
                             The report must consist of:
                                  o Title page
                                  o Table of contents
                                  o Executive Summary
                                  o Introduction, Body, Conclusions, and Recommendations
                                  o References & Appendixes
                              The length of the “Introduction, Body, Conclusions, and Recommendation”
                                  is approximately 1000 to 1200 words.
                              A draft of the report is due 13 days after the topic is issued.
                              The instructor will return it within 8 days.
                              The final is due 10 days after that.
                              The references should include at least three sources.
                              The report must be word-processed, double spaced on A4 paper with one
                                  inch margins and size 12 Times New Roman font.
                 b. Oral presentation 5%
                             20 minute group presentation (individual assessment)

10. Homework and participation (10%)
       Homework: Late homework is not acceptable. Homework will be given on a regular basis.
       Homework will include exercises on vocabulary and extra reading. Preparation for assignments
       will not be considered as part of homework.

           Participation:     There may not be sufficient time to go over all the material in a chapter
           (whether the chapter is taught in class or assigned for extra reading). Therefore, students should
           be prepared to discuss the topics in class and to ask questions about anything which seems unclear.

11. Course Policies

Attendance:       Attendance and active participation in class activities are required. Irregular attendance
will be dealt with according to item 75 in section 8 of the “College Bylaws for Technical Colleges”
(Ministerial decree no. 72/2004). Students must have an official sick leave from a government hospital or
written, signed permission from the HoD. 3 incidences of lateness (exceeding 5 minutes) will be
considered one absence.

Absence Warning
        10% = 4 hours - 1st warning
        20% = 7 hours - 2nd warning
        30% = 11 hours -3rd warning

Late Assignments:          For late submission of assignments, students need a legitimate reason and they
need to inform the instructor in advance of the reason. Otherwise, assignments will be marked down by
5% (e.g. 80% will be 75%).

Plagiarism and cheating: Plagiarism is the presentation of another person’s work, words, or ideas as if
they were one’s own. It ranges from an entire assignment which is not the student’s own work to specific
passages within an assignment which are not the student’s own work but taken from a source without

final version – 12/2005                                3
Cheating is usually understood as copying from another student. However, it also includes a student or a
group of students, using or attempting to use unauthorized aids, assistance, materials, or methods in
assignments, reports, presentations or examinations.

If the instructor concludes that a student has cheated and/or plagiarized, a grade of zero will be assigned
for the affected assignment, report, presentation, or examination.

                                                     Delivery Plan

                          Textbook:         Power Tools for Technical Communication

 Weeks                     Chapters Involved                                Activities                  Extra Reading

               Introduction                                         Assignment #1                   Ch. 18 Reviewing and
               Ch. 19 Audience and Task Analysis                    (3rd to 5th week)               Revising
               Ch. 1 Description: Product Specifications ,          1st Draft: 7 days after the     Ch. 7 Headings
               Informal Reports                                     topic is issued. Instructor     Appendix A Abbreviations,
               Ch. 5 Definition and Classification                  will return it within 5 days.   Symbols, and Numbers
               Technical Background report                          Final Draft: 5 days after the   Ch. 11 Illustrative Graphics
                                                                    first draft is returned.        Ch. 8 Lists: Bulleted,
                                                                                                    Numbered, and Others

    4-6        Ch. 20 Finding Information: Print, Internet,         *Assignment #2                  15 Formal Reports:
               Informal Sources                                     (7th to 9th week)               Design, Format, Abstracts
               Ch. 21 Citing Sources of Borrowed                    Deadline:                       Appendix B
               Information                                          1st draft: 13days after the     Punctuation
               Ch. 22 Managing Team Projects                        topic is issued.                Appendix C
                                                                    Instructor will return it       Grammar Favorites
                                                                    within 8 days.
                                                                    Final Draft: 10 days after
                                                                    the first draft is returned.

    7-9        Ch. 13 Business Communications: Letters,             Mid-Semester Exam               Ch. 10 Tables, Graphs,
               Memos, and Emails                                    (end of the 8th week)           and Charts
               Ch. 4 Comparison: Recommendation,                                                    Ch. 12 Highlighting and
               Evaluation, and Feasibility Reports                                                  Emphasizing
               Ch. 16 Oral Presentations: Preparation,
               Visuals, and Delivery

               Ch. 6 Persuasion: Proposals and Progress
               Ch. 14 Employment-Search Tools:
               Application Letters, Resumes

                                                              Oral Presentations

                                                              Review and Exam

final version – 12/2005                                         4

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