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									London North Sub Regional Strategic Working Group for Learners with
              Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities
                                    TERMS OF REFERENCE

      Membership of the group: representation from

       Local Authorities (including Learning Disability Partnership Representatives)
       FE Colleges                            Haringey 6 Form Centre
       Prospects                              Work-based Learning representative (s)
       Voluntary Sector                       Jobcentre Plus
       Valuing People                        Waltham Forest Mencap
       Voluntary Service Council             Royal Mencap Society
       Business Link

       Circulation of papers to North London Training Partnership

      Members will liaise with other organisations they are representing to ensure they have input
       to and are kept informed about the work of the group

      The group will meet a minimum of four times per year

      Chair and secretariat will be provided by LSC London North

      Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly, with minimum of 6 organisations represented at each

      Agenda: an agenda will be produced and circulated to members in advance of the meeting

      Minutes will be circulated within 2 weeks of the meeting

      Wherever possible, papers to be discussed at the meeting will be circulated to all, a
       minimum of three working days prior to the meeting taking place


      Provide input to Learning for Living and Work Implementation Plan
      The Group will report to, and where appropriate, make recommendations to the London
       Region Learners with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities Strategic Working Group
      Share expertise in achievement of objectives set out in Learning for Living and Work

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