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									Tell of Long Ago
  Fossils are animals or plants
that lived a very long time ago.
 After they died, they turned
            to stone.
  How do animals and plants
become fossils when they die?

    Most don’t…they just rot
    and disappear, often in
    swampy forest soil called
Sometimes leaves fall in the peat. The leaf
may rot away, but the mark of its shape is

   The peat with the leaf hardens into a
   rock, called coal. Coal is a fossil too.
Sometimes animals die and only their
  bones are left, covered in mud.

  Thousands of years go by, the mud piles
  up in layers and the weight of the mud
  presses down on the bones. The mud
  turns to rock.
As that happens, ground water seeps
through the changing layers of mud.
Minerals are dissolved
    in the water.

             The water seeps
             into all the tiny
             holes in the fish
After a very long time the bones turn
    to stone and become a fossil.
   Some fossils
   are actual parts
   of plants or
   animals that
   have turned to

Sometimes a fossil is only an imprint of a
plant or an animal.
    Not all fossils are found in

Some are found in the frozen ground of
the Arctic, like the bones of the ancient
Millions of years ago, a fly was caught
      in the sticky sap of a tree.

  The sap hardened and became a
  fossil known as amber. The fly
  was preserved in the amber.
We can learn many things from
      studying fossils.
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Open Court Reading 2002, Level 2, Unit 4
Created by Carol Potter, 2005

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