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									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                    start to leak.
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                                                    Buying Digital Camera Batteries
                                                                 By Steve Gargin

  A digital camera battery is probably the most important digital camera accessory. Some digital
cameras can consume power at an alarming rate, providing no more than a few hours of continuous
shooting time before the battery is drained. Other cameras are renowned for the long life of their digital
camera battery which allows users to snap away with barely a thought to power consumption. It is
important to know how you intend to use your camera and what type of battery it needs.

There are two types of digital camera battery. The most widely available digital camera battery is a
standard AA-size battery. The other type of digital camera battery is a rechargeable battery that is
made by the manufacturer, otherwise known as a proprietary battery.

A proprietary digital camera battery offers the advantage of being lighter and more compact, but they
are substantially more expensive, making the prospect of buying one or two backup sets much less

The alkaline AA-size digital camera battery usually has a very short life - less than an hour in extreme
cases - when used in a digital camera. This type of battery makes an acceptable emergency backup,
especially if you are travelling with your camera. However, the Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) digital
camera battery can be used instead of the alkaline ones with a charger and this rechargeable NiMH
digital camera battery has a substantially longer life at an affordable price.

Another type of AA-size battery is the non-rechargeable Lithium batteries and rechargeable Nickel
Cadmium (NiCD) batteries. The lithium digital camera battery has a superior life to alkaline AA's and
offers good cold-weather performance but their price and non-rechargeable nature make them less
useful than rechargeable NiMH batteries. It is also important to ensure that your camera can take a
lithium digital camera battery. On the other hand the NiCD digital camera battery offers the advantage
of retaining their charge while unused, unlike NiMH cells, but have shorter lives and need to be
discharged completely before recharging which can be extremely inconvenient.

The LCD screen of a digital camera is responsible for consuming the most power from a digital camera
battery so it is worth only using the LCD when necessary to help conserve the battery life. Always try to
carry at least one backup set of batteries, especially if you plan on being away from power outlets for
an extended period of time. The universally-available alkaline AA-size battery can make a convenient

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emergency backup if your regular digital camera battery fails.

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                                           Searching For A Best Buy Digital Camera
                                                                By Ryan Alberts

Buying the digital camera can be difficult, lots of models and manufacturers to select from, each with its
own characteristics so you may end up getting actually the one you didn't really wanted to get at all. It
can be a big problem especially for first time buyers because they are offered too many alternatives
and they can't know what to look for exactly.

 So, what do I need to know about digital cameras?
 If you think you are going to carry your digital camera everywhere and anywhere, you best bet is to
pick out a handy and light one. It is also essential for you to feel good holding the digital camera while
photographing. See if it's adequate while holding and trying it before you buy it.

 Take a few shoots first and determine the resolution of camera. Pick the model with higher resolution
so you will be able to magnify your photograph without messing the picture quality. Digital cameras
with higher resolution makes higher quality pictures so as you enlarge your pictures you won't get
out-of-focus images with blurry colors.

 Select a digital camera with greater optical zoom. The bigger the better. Most digital cameras have
both digital and optical zoom and a higher optical zoom is of course better than a higher digital zoom.
Optical zoom makes the content closer by setting the elements inside the lens of the digital camera
and digital zoom just enlarges that photo by digital processing.

 Cameras consume battery power pretty fast. It is better to check if the digital camera comes with
rechargeable batteries so you could recharge them. Rechargeable batteries are handy and more
economical than purchasing every now and then disposable ones. Digital cameras with AC adapter are
best choice so you can just plug it in and attach the digital camera while viewing the photos or while
uploading them.

 If you love to take pictures a lot, you need to be sure that you have plenty of memory in your digital
camera to shot all the photographs. When you purchase a digital camera, it is best to see if it is
capable of outside storage by having a memory card slot. This way you won't have to care that you will
take all of space on the camera while shooting pictures.

 These are only the classic things you should be looking for in a camera when you want to buy one.
There are some specific characteristics that you would like to consider in making your purchasing
selection. Naturally the most important factor is how much many are you willing to spend. Your budget
will play a huge part in deciding the type of digital camera you'll buy.

 But keep in mind that the greatest digital camera is the digital camera that best suits your lifestyle.
Never purchase a camera only because it is the latest or the most modern model in the market. Get
the digital camera you are certain you will enjoy and definitely use.

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