(UNIVERSITY OF DELHI)

                   & GTB HOSPITAL, DILSHAD GARDEN, DELHI-95

                                  TENDER NOTICE

      Sealed quotations are invited from reputed Contractors for running the

College Canteen. The terms & conditions and Tender documents are available @

Rs. 1000/-each Form (non-refundable) at the Reception Counter (Ground Floor)

of the College and are also displayed at the College Website:

The last date for submission of Sealed Quotations is August 31, 2012 up to 4.00

p.m. in the office of the Assistant Registrar (Gen.), Room No. 212, 2nd Floor of the



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                                                              Cost – Rs.1,000/- each
                                                         Form No.________________

                 DILSHAD GARDEN. DELHI-110 095

 1. The contract shall be initially for a period of one year subject to the satisfactory
    performance of the contractor. In case of unsatisfactory performance the contract
    can be terminated without notice. The Contract can be extended further on the
    basis of recommendation of the Canteen Committee. The decision of Principal
    shall be final and binding on the Contractor.

 2. The rates of the items to be sold in the canteen shall be displayed on the notice
    board of the canteen. The Contractor has to use Coupons of different
    denominations in different colour/billing machines for payment. Strict adherence
    to first come first serve basis will be followed.

 3. In case the Contractor is found charging more than the approved rates, the
    College    is     fully     empowered         to      terminate the contract
    with immediate effect with forfeiture of the Security Deposit.

 4. The canteen facility shall be available for Senior Doctors, Resident
    Doctors, Staff and Students of UCMS & GTBH complex and accompanying
    guests only. No outsider shall be allowed.

 5. The food and drinks sold in the canteen shall be as per the annexure I of this

 6. Besides supplying food in the canteen and faculty lounge the contractor will have
    to cater for small and big parties in the college and hospital during examinations,
    conferences, seminars, etc. at the rates approved by the Canteen Committee.

 7. The quality of food supplied in the canteen shall be like home made food. Quality
    should at no cost decrease in order to make more profit e.g. bad quality raw
    material, too much water in curries and other methods used by dishonest

 8. The canteen shall run ‘round the clock’. Two separate counters will function i.e.
    one for Officers and Doctors, and the other for the staff & students.

 9. The gas based cooking will be essential and                       the    Contractor
    will bear the cost and will arrange gas refilling on his own.

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10. The Contractor shall employ sufficient Staff for proper functioning of the canteen.
    Furniture, Utensils and canteen equipments, required for running the canteen,
    including RO filter and water coolers etc. are to be arranged by the contractor.

11. The contractor shall have to submit the certificate that he has got experience of
    running a ‘round the clock’ canteen. He will also have to produce a certificate of
    satisfactory running of the canteen from the Head of the concerned Institution/
    Organization where the canteen was/is/has been running. Minimum two year
    experience of running such a canteen is required.

12. The contractor shall assess the quantum of business on his own. The College
    does not guarantee a minimum amount of business.

13. Any dues against a customer on the part of the Contractor shall not be the
    responsibility of the College.

14. Only sale of cooked food and readymade food (bakery) and all brands of soft
    drinks will be allowed. Selling and consumption of alcoholic drinks is strictly

15. It shall also be the responsibility of the Contractor to provide soap, towel etc. at
    the wash basin in the canteen at his own cost.

16. The Contractor shall arrange raw material like refined oil, ghee, milk and other
    products required for the canteen.

17. The Contractor shall be held solely responsible if any food item is found
    adulterated or a case of food-poisoning is reported.

18. In case the Contractor desires to introduce any new item for sale in the
    canteen, he will take prior permission from the competent authority and will also
    get the rates fixed. The Principal reserves the right to reject or accept such a

19. The Contractor will have to present himself before the Principal or his
    representative Member of the canteen Committee as and when called for.

20. The number of cooks and bearers should be adequate to provide, Clean, and
    provide efficient service. The Contractor shall provide the staff with clean uniform
    with caps to bearers and cooks employed by him. Each category of workers
    should have a different uniform and a name plate.

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21. The canteen staff shall be medically examined once a year by the hospital. Any
    medicine curative/preventive can be procured from Community Medicine

22. The work in the canteen will be supervised and checked by the persons as
    authorized by the Principal as and when required.

23. The premises of the canteen shall be used for running the canteen only and in no
    case used for residential purpose, or as a warehouse.

24. For the breach of any terms and conditions of the deed, the Principal, UCMS, will
    be fully empowered to impose penalty to the extent of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten
    Thousand Only) for each default or forfeit the security money or both besides
    termination of the contract.

25. If the Contractor wants to discontinue the license, he shall have to give a
    minimum three month notice with enough justified reasons acceptable to the
    Principal. In case he quits without the required notice, his security deposit will be
    forfeited. He will still have to return the items issued to him in good working order
    failing which he will be required to pay for the items.

26. The security deposit shall be released on furnishing usual "NO DUES
    CERTIFICATE" from the authority on completion of the contract.

27. The Contractor shall not bring or cook any item of pork, beef (cow, buffalo) meat.
    Although non- vegetarian dishes prepared from chicken, goat and fish items are

28. Any damage to Govt. Property during the contract period will have to be
    recovered from the Contractor.

29. The Contractor shall have to make arrangement to serve cold water at his own
    cost, if any water cooler breaks down or there is a power failure.

30. Addition or alteration/ modification in physical structure of the space provided is
    not permissible in any manner without valid written order from the Principal.

31. Subletting of any kind in any form is not permitted. If found, action will be taken,
    as deemed fit and proper. No employee will make the canteen his residence. He
    will only remain in the canteen during his shift.

32. The Contractor is not allowed to award, allot sell or mortgage the license to any
    other person in any manner whatsoever.

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33. The Principal or any other authorized officer will have the power to inspect the
    foodstuff at any point of time on their discretion.

34. The Principal shall be at the liberty to terminate the agreement and forfeit the
    security deposit in case the Contractor commits any breach of any term or
    condition contained in the contract.

35. The stamp duty and expenses if any payable under the law in respect of this
    deed shall be borne by the licensee, on Non-judicial paper for Rs.100/- for

36. The Contractor shall have to furnish the list of employees to be appointed by him
    in each shift for running the canteen. The employees shall carry identity cards
    duly countersigned by the authorized person affixed with photograph given by
    the Contractor.

37. The     I-Card     so    issued     shall  have     to    be    produced     on
    demand by the Principal or any other officer authorized by him. The expenditure
    on this shall be borne by the licensee.

38. In case a worker leaves the employment of the contractor or is removed by him,
    the contractor will inform the Principal or his representative in writing. The
    particulars of any new employee will also have to be intimated to the authorities
    as specified by the college.

39. The Contractor shall abide by the municipal laws and other authorized bodies
    pertaining to sale of food, drink and other eatables and shall also obtain the
    necessary license from the competent authority as may be required under the

40. Disposal of waste material, cleanliness of the canteen, maintenance of the items
    issued to him will be done by the contractor himself.

41. The approximate area of the stall is 60 square meter. Two tap connections are
    provided. The estimated power load is 18 KW. The Contractor will have to install
    a Sub-Meter and pay the electricity charges on actual consumption to the
    authorities towards Electricity, and rent for 60 Sq. Meter space. The rent for
    eating space will not be charged although it will be maintained by the Contractor.
    The rates for the above mentioned items will be applicable as per the rates fixed
    by the Government from time-to-time.

42. Security money amounting to Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand Only) in the
    form of F.D.R. in favour of the Principal, University College of Medical Sciences,
    will have to be deposited by the Contractor in advance before taking possession
    of the canteen premises.

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43. Employment of child labour (below the age of 18) is totally prohibited. It is the
    responsibility of the caterer to comply with all the statutory requirement of labour
    law and other connected laws in force.
44. The caterer shall be responsible for the proper conduct and behavior of the
    employees engaged. The caterer along with his co-workers has to behave
    politely with users. If it is found that any worker has misbehaved with any of the
    users, the caterer has to take action as suggested by the Principal, UCMS.
45. Liability /responsibility in case of any accident causing injury/death to cafeteria
    workers or any of the staff shall be of the caterer. The UCMS shall not be
    responsible by any means in such cases.
46. The caterer shall not employ any worker whose track record is not good. He
    should not have involved in any crime /offence/police case.
47. Since the services include food and eatables, the provisions of Prevention of
    Food Adulteration Act, 1954 are binding on the caterer.

48. The Contractor will mention the adjoining the faculty lounge which is strictly
    meant for Senior Doctors including Asstt. Professors/lecturer, Asso. Prof.
    /Reader and Professor. A separate bearer will be posted in the lounge to take
    orders and present bills to the members.

49. Application for allotment of canteen must be accompanied with:—
    i) PAN No. /Proof of last three years Income Tax Return filed.
   ii) Security Money in the form of F.D.R. of Rs. 50,000/- (At the time of awarding
   the contract)
   iii) Experience Certificate

50. Undertaking for strict compliance with the prescribed rates for different items and
    terms & condition of the tender duly agreed and accepted.

51. The Contractor shall submit his complete Bio-Data with attested copy of his
    Educational Certificates duly attested by the Gazetted 0fficer.

52. In case of any dispute, the matter will be decided by the arbitrator appointed by
    the Principal and the discussion of the Principal will be final and binding upon the

53. Subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions laid down in the contract, the
    lowest rates quoted will be considered as suitable for awarding the contract
    based on the average rates quoted.

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                                                                     Annexure - I

                        LIST OF ITEMS TO BE SOLD IN THE CANTEEN

               Sl. No                              Item               Rate (Each)

         1.             Tea readymade with milk & sugar 100ml
         2.             Coffee Nescafe hot 100ml
         3.             Coffee Nescafe cold 200ml
         4.             Lime water sweet/ salty 200ml
         5.             Cold drinks aerated Limca/ coca cola/ etc.
         6.             Flavoured milk (Branded)
         7.             Seasonal Fruit juice 200ml.
         8.             Mineral water bottle
         9.             Lassi (Branded tetrapack) 200ml.
         10.            Maggi Soup 200ml Chicken

         11.            Maggi Soup 200ml tomato
         12.            Maggi Soup 200ml mixed vegetable
         13.            Maggi Soup 200ml chicken corn

         14.            Samosa , 1 No. (70 gms.)
         15.            Bread pakora 1 No. (80 gms.)
         16.            Butter Sandwich (two slice) (50 gms.)
         17.            Vegetable Sandwich (two slice) (50 gms.)
         18.            Jam Sandwich (two slice) (50 gms.)
         19.            Patties (vegetarian) (100 gms.)
         20.            Patties (chicken) (100 gms.)
         21.            Muffins, (30 gms.)
         22.            Parantha (allo) (50 gms.)
         23.            Parantha (Plain), (50 gms.)
         24.            Parantha (Gobhi), (50 gms.)
         25.            Parantha (Paneer), (50 gms.)
         26.            Potato cutlet, (50 gms.)
         27.            Bread (2 slice) and one egg omelet
         28.            Bread (2 slice) and one egg burji
         29.            French toast
         30.            one egg omelet
         31.            one egg burji
         32.            0ne boiled egg

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        33.    Maggi masala from one packet, 100 gms.
        34.    Samosa Chaat, 1 No. (100 gms.)
        35.    Seek kabab (mutton), (50 gms.)
        36.    Seek kabab (chicken), (50 gms.)
        37.    Burger with one allo tikki filling, (100 gms.)
        38.    Mixed pakora 5 pieces in one plate, (100 gms.)
        39.    Allo Bonda, (50 gms.)
        40.    Dahi vara, (50 gms.)
        41.    Paneer Bhujiya(100 gms)

        42.    Ice cream (Mother diary or Amul)
        43.    Gulab Jamun 2 pieces
        44.    Kheer Rice 50ml
        45.    Seviya kheer 50ml
        46.    Ras malai 2 pieces

North Indian
        47.    Tawa roti, 2 Nos. (60 gms.)
        48.    Tandoori roti, 1 No. (30 gms.)
        49.    Naan, 1 No. (40 gms.)
        50.    Kulcha, 1 No. (30 gms.)
        51.    Rice Plain 200gm/plate
        52.    Rice jeera 200gm/plate
        53.    Rice fried 200 gm/plate
        54.    Biryani Vegetarian 200gm/plate
        55.    Biryani Non vegetarian 200gm/plate
        56.    Chole 50gm and 2 batuurae
        57.    Dal with jeera Tarka 50 gm
        58.    Channa 50gm/plate
        59.    Rajma 50gm/plate
        60.    Kaddi one bowl 100gm
        61.    Seasonal vegetables dry one bowl 100gm
        62.    Malai kofta 2/plate
        63.    Allo jeera (dry)
        64.    Allo (dum) 2/plate
        65.    Allo curry
        66.    Paneer 50gm/ plate shahi
        67.    Paneer 50gm/ plate matter
        68.    Paneer 50gm/ plate kadai

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          69.            Paneer 50gm/ plate saag

Non Vegetarian
          70.            Egg (2) curry (onion tomato)
          71.            Chicken 1/4th /plate curry
          72.            Chicken 1/4th /plate tandoori
          73.            Chicken 1/4th /plate butter
          74.            Mutton curry 50 gm/plate
          75.            Mutton kofta curry 50gm/plate
          76.            Mutton keema matter 50gm /plate
   South Indian
          77.            Idli 2 medium size/plate
          78.            Sambar (Thick) Small bowl
          79.            Dosa plain, (60 gms.)
          80.            Dosa masala, (80 gms.)
          81.            Uttapum, (80 gms.)
          82.            Vara (2 medium size) with/without one small bowl
          83.            Chowmein Vegetable Large plate, (150 gms.)
          84.            Chowmein chicken Large plate, (150 gms.)
          85.            Manchurian vegetable medium bowl, (100 gms.)
          86.            Manchurian chicken medium bowl, (100 gms.)
          87.            Chilli paneer medium bowl, (100 gms.)
          88.            Chilli chicken (boneless) medium bowl, (100 gms.)
          89.            Fried rice vegetable and jeera, (150 gms.)
          90.            Chopsuey vegetable dinner plate
          91.            Sweet and sour vegetable medium size bowl
          92.            Sweet and sour chicken medium size bowl
          93.            Spring roll vegetable 2rolls
          94.            Spring roll chicken 2rolls
          95.            Momos Vegetable 4/plate
          96.            Momos chiken 4/plate
          97.            Macoroni vegetable small plate

   Thalis Lunch/Dinner
          98.            Mutton Thali
                         a) Mutton curry 2 pieces mutton/keema curry 0ne
                         small bowl/seek kabab -2
                         b) Dal makhni /rajma/chole-1 small bowl
                         c) Raita/plain curd -1 small bowl
                         d) Plain rice/pulao
                         e) Roti -2/Naan -1

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              f)   Salad

              Chicken Thali
              a)   Chicken curry 2 pieces chicken/Chicken
              masala/ sahi chicken
              b) Dal makhni /rajma/chole-1 small bowl
              c) Raita/plain curd -1 small bowl
              d) Plain rice/pulao
              e) Roti -2/Naan -1
              f)  Salad

       100.   Egg Thali
              a) Egg curry 2 eggs
              b) Dal makhni /rajma/chole-1 small bowl
              c) Raita/plain curd -1 small bowl
              d) Plain rice/pulao
              e) Roti -2/Naan -1
              f)  Salad

       101.   Vegetarian Thali
              a) Paneer 2 pieces one square inch
              In the form of shahi paneer/ kadai paneer/ matter
              b) Dal makhni /rajma/chole-1 small bowl
              c) Seasonal vegetable one small bowl
              d) Raita/plain curd -1 small bowl
              e) Plain rice/pulao
              f)    Roti -2/Naan -1
              g) Salad

For Parties   To be served in Crockery(Melmoware or Bone

       102.   Vegetarian Meal
              a) Paneer
              In the form of shahi paneer/ kadai paneer/ matter
              b) Dal makhni /rajma/chole-
              c) Two seasonal vegetable
              d) Raita/plain curd
              e) Plain rice/pulao
              f)    Roti /Naan
              g) Salad
              h) Sweet Dish (Two)
              i)   Mineral Water (small bottle)

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            103.                       Non-Vegetarian

                                       a) Shahi paneer/ kadai paneer/ matter paneer
                                       b) Dal makhni /rajma/chhole
                                       c) Two Seasonal vegetable one small bowl
                                       d) Raita/plain curd -1 small bowl
                                       e) Plain rice/pulao
                                       f)   Roti -2/Naan -1
                                       g) Salad
                                       h) Chicken(Butter chicken/Kadai chicken/roasted
                                       chicken) or Mutton preparation.
                                       i)   Sweet Dish (Two)
                                       j)   Mineral Water (small bottle)

The menu for items to be served during breakfast, lunch, dinner time on different days and the items to be
served at other times will be decided after consultation with the members of the canteen committee and
the contractor. The menu will have to be strictly adhered to. .

Any other item which can be sold by the Contractor, may also please be quoted, separately.

I hereby accept the terms and conditions mentioned by the College in the Tender and I will abide by the
rules and regulations of the College from time to time.

                                                                 Signature of the Canteen Contractor

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