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                                              10th February 2012                           Issue 16
                                                                                   Parent Council News
                                                                                   On Monday 6 February the Parent Council met to discuss a
                                                                                   number of issues. Here is a summary of the areas discussed:
                                                                                   Q Can childcare vouchers be used against Breakfast Club
                                                                                   Unfortunately childcare cannot be used against breakfast Club
                                                                                   fees but we can provide an invoice for you to claim against
                                                                                   some benefits.

                                                                                   Q Some parents are unhappy with the price of school trips
                                                                                   (£11 Y4 trip) and ask whether parents are subsiding those
                                                                                   who don’t pay?
                                                                                   All trips are costed individually and include the coach,
                                                                                   insurance, entrance fees, room hire, guide fees etc. The cost is
                                                                                   equally divided by the number of pupils and we do not
                                                                                   compensate for those who do not pay. The cost of coaches has
                                                                                   significantly increased over recent years and is the main factor
                                                                                   in the pricing of trips. We have to say that the charge is a
                                                                                   voluntary donation, although trips cannot go ahead if insufficient
                                                                                   funds are contributed. All trips run at a loss and a profit is never
                                                                                   made on any trip.

                                                                                   Q Discipline Policy
                                                                                   The new assertive mentoring / discipline policy was very
                                                                                   positively discussed and many parents agreed that there had
                                                                                   been significant raised motivation amongst the pupils as they
                                                                                   strive to achieve their smilies. Mrs. Vallance and I clarified that
                                                                                   no member of staff should take smilies off children once given
                                                                                   and we would look into the threatened removal of smilies in
                                                                                   specific year groups.

                                                                                   Q Why do some children not get the meal they ordered?
                                                                                   The pre order system should mean that every child gets the
                                                                                   meal they have ordered in the morning. However, after half
                                                                                   term we will be amending the system so that the children will be
                                                                                   given their coloured meal card when they enter the dining room
                                                                                   rather than when they make their meal choice in the morning.
                                                                                   This should alleviate the current trading / changing minds! In

                                                                                   response to a request, the newly appointed midday supervisor
                                                                                   (Mrs. Carney) will ask the midday staff to do some random
                                                                                   lunchbox checks of KS2 boxes before they leave the hall as
A Reminder For All Parents from Stockport School Nurses                            some parents are concerned that KS2 leave the hall without
Head lice continue to be a problem for the whole community,                        eating all their food.
not just among schoolchildren, although it has been found that
children between the ages of 4 – 11 are most commonly                              Q Is the numeracy family learning going ahead?
affected and girls more so than boys. Head lice are ONLY                           In the summer term there will be a workshop event which will
transmitted by direct, prolonged head to head contact.                             highlight the different maths strategies that we use in school.
Transmission of lice within the classroom is relatively rare.                      The maths coordinator, Miss Crabtree, is planning this and
When it does occur, it is usually from a ‘best friend’. A lot of                   further details will be given nearer the time. ‘Cheat sheets’ will
infections are caught from close family and friends in the home                    be made available for those parents unable to attend the
and community, NOT from school.                                                    workshop.
Please continue to check the heads of ALL your family at least
weekly, using a fine toothed comb. If you do find living, moving
                                                                                   Y2/6 national testing arrangements 2012
lice, appropriate treatment is essential. Treatments are                           On 27 March, we invite parents of our Year 2 and Year 6
available from pharmacies or health care staff.                                    pupils to an information meeting regarding the 2012 national
                                                                                   testing arrangements. For our Year 2 pupils the national testing
REMEMBER – Treat ONLY those who have living, moving lice.                          arrangements will be undertaken by our staff during May 2012.
It is important NOT to use conditioner when using head lice                        For our Year 6 pupils the national tests and teacher
lotion, as this may reduce its effectiveness. White ‘nits’ on the                  assessments will be undertaken to a national timetable during
                                                                                                           th                 rd
hair are old, hatched eggs and do not necessarily mean that                        the period Monday 14 to Wednesday 23 May 2012. Parents
there are live lice, although a thorough inspection of the scalp                   have already been informed of these in our school holiday list
should be carried out.                                                             for 2011/12 but we would respectfully remind you to avoid
                                                                                   arranging children’s medical appointments during the school
CONTINUE to check your family’s hair at least once a week.                         day in this particular week. The SATs meeting is held annually
                                                                                   to update our Year 2 and Year 6 parents regarding any changes
HELP is always available from our School Nurse or Health                           to the existing testing arrangements and to outline the more
Visitor who are based at Community Health Stockport Central,                       general procedures involved. It is a short meeting and provides
Hazel Grove Clinic, 253 London Road, Hazel Grove. SK7 4PW                          parents with an opportunity to ask staff any relevant questions
Tel: 0161 426 5696 Fax: 0161 426 9020                                              or seek further information and advice.
                  Cheadle Heath                                                        Primary School
                 You can keep up to date via our website at or you can follow us on twitter via @CHPSchool

Parent teacher meetings: spring term 2012                                           Free school meal entitlement
Thank you to everyone who attended the Autumn Term 2011                             Please consider claiming for free school meals if you feel you
Parent-Teacher meetings. Our Spring Term 2012 meetings will                         are eligible to do so. You will gain financially from this and so
                  st       nd
take place on 21 and 22 March (please note that as always                           will we through the Coalition Government’s “pupil premium”
there will be no teacher led clubs or activities during this week).                 addition to school budgets nationally. For a primary school child
Further information and invitations to these will be sent out to                    this equates to £600 per eligible pupil per year additional
parents after the February half-term holiday.                                       funding for our School Budget. You will be eligible if you are in

Football                                                                            receipt of Income Support, Income-based Job Seeker’s
                                                                                    Allowance, Income related Employment Support Allowance or
Our football team played their first friendly match of the year at                  the Guarantee part of Pension Credit or if you have an annual
home against Adswood on Wednesday. Although the team                                income (as assessed by HM Revenue and Customs) of less
were defeated 6 – 2 the team played with enthusiasm and                             than £16,190 each year (but not Working Tax Credit). Further
enjoyed the match, despite the harsh weather conditions. Many                       information can be obtained from Stockport Council’s Free
thanks to Mr. Carroll for training the team. The team are in                        School Meals Team on 0161 217 6015 or e-mail:
desperate need to a new kit so if you know a business who                 
would be interested in sponsoring the team strip please let me
know (estimated cost £300).
                                                                                    Admission procedures consultation
Curriculum updates -                                                                Local Authorities are required to consult on admission
Reading ~ The children take part in guided reading sessions                         arrangements for entry to school with schools, parents,
each week. This is when the children are grouped together                           community groups and any other individuals and bodies who
according to ability and are taught new reading skills and how to                   have an interest in the local area in September 2013 to 2014.
apply them. Teachers are then able to monitor their progress.                       Added to this consultation is an item regarding the use of
The children are heard read and assessed through the week to                        catchment areas for schools for the academic year 2014 to
ensure that they are reading books from the appropriate book                        2015 onwards. The consultation will run from 3rd January to
bands and they have the opportunity to change their individual                      28 February 2012. Full details of the admission arrangements
reading books during the week. Teachers carefully choose the                        proposed by Stockport MBC are available in the linked
books your child reads and brings home. If you would like to                        document below. Items include:
discuss the books your child is reading or how they are moving                      * Information regarding a change to sibling status
through the scheme, please talk to the teacher at parents                           * Use of catchment areas 2014 – 2015
evening. We will not change books if they haven’t been heard                        * Proposed Published Admission Numbers for all primary &
read at home.                                                                       secondary schools for 2013 to 2014
                                                                                    * Increases are proposed at 5 primary & 3 secondary schools
Homework ~ Teaching staff will be having a full review of                           * Proposals for schools terms & holiday dates for 2013 - 2014
homework and developing a new policy specific to each year                          To comment go to
group next term which will be made available to you. Homework
should be an activity linked to work that has been taught during
the week therefore the subject matter and content should be
                                                                                    Nursery admissions ~ September 2012
familiar which allows your child to demonstrate what s/he has                       The closing date for applications for Nursery places in
been learning that week. Your child will not be expected to do                      September 2012 is the 31 March 2012. This is for children
                                                                                                                     st                       st
work that is new to them and requires teaching at home.                             whose dates of birth are from 1 September 2008 to 31

Important Policy Statement
                                                                                    August 2009. Parents will be informed by letter from Stockport
                                                                                    Council posted on 17 May 2012 regarding the outcome of their
                                                                                    application. Those who applied on-line will receive an e-mail
Parental Photography/Videos on School Occasions                                     notification on this date. The admission criteria for Nursery
One of the more problematic policy matters the School                               places are available at
Governing Body has previously discussed is related to the
school’s policy on parental photography and videoing of pupils
at school occasions such as productions and events. As you
may be aware from coverage of this topic in the national media,                             Breakfast Club fees increase
this has sometimes become a difficult issue, especially for                         With effect from February half term, Breakfast Club will be
primary schools and their Governing Bodies. Some schools                            opening at 7.45am instead of 8am to give more flexibility to
have reacted in the extreme by imposing parental “photography                       working parents and the price per day is increasing to £1.50.
bans” on such occasions often citing child protection,                                      Pantomine December 2012
safeguarding and the Data Protection Act as justification for                       I can confirm that we are taking the whole school (Reception to
such decisions. Our considered response is that we wish to                          Year 6) to see Aladdin at Stockport Plaza on 14 December!
adopt a common sense approach to this matter and have no
desire to take such extreme action. However, we wish to make                        This has been a very busy half term and we are now half way
it clear to parents / carers that we expect that all photographs                    through the year! I am very proud of the way Year 5 conducted
taken on school occasions must be for personal, family use                          themselves this week as they performed in ‘Joseph’ at
only. Importantly, where such photographs include incidental                        Stockport Academy. They were fantastic ambassadors for the
images of other pupils then parents should be mindful that such                     school and sang with enthusiasm and pride. Thanks to Mrs
photographs must not be published on the internet or social                         Barker for coordinating this three night event. May I remind you
networking sites.                                                                   that school closes for the Spring half-term holiday today and re-
                                                                                                                 st                      nd

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              Cheadle Heath                                                        Primary School
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Spring Term 2012 Diary Dates

             Date                                                                      Event
     February       20               School closed for INSET (Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures)
                    21               School reopens at 8.55am
                    24               Bag 2 school collection
                    28               Year 3 assembly – 9.05am
     March          1                Disco
                    1                Full Governing Body meeting 3.30pm
                    6                Year 2 assembly – 9.05am
                    8                Grandparents Day – details to follow
                    w/c 12           Science Week – details to follow
                    w/c 12           SEN reviews
                    13               Year 1 assembly – 9.05am
                    13               Music Extravaganza in school at 7pm
                    16               Parents welcome in school to view children’s books @ 1.30 – 3pm
                    20               Fashion Trasion Show 2pm
                    21               Parents’ Evening until 6pm
                    22               Parents’ Evening until 7pm
                    23               Sports relief
                    26               Parents’ Forum meeting 2.15pm
                    27               Y2 / Y6 SATs meeting @ 3.20pm and 4pm in school hall
                    29               No Playaway
                    29               Coffee Morning and FS / KS1 Easter Bonnet Parade
                    30               Spring term finishes. School closes at 2pm
     April          16               School opens for summer term at 8.55am

   Every effort will be made not to change dates. However, if necessary, any additions /changes will be highlighted with *.

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