BOARD MEETING OF THE BYRON BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                         of the BYRON UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                            EXCELSIOR SCHOOL LIBRARY
                                                 14301 Byron Highway Byron, CA
                                                    Tuesday, August 19, 2008



      1.       The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.
      2.       Roll Call:      Board Members:             Kathy Slightam, President; Ken Silman, Clerk
                                                          Jill Sprenkel, Karri Murayama, Lisa Hultz
                               Others:                    Eric Prater, Superintendent
      3.       CLOSED SESSION

               a.        Government Code Section 54956.9(b)(1)
                         Receive Advice from Legal Counsel – Anticipated Litigation

A.    PUBLIC MEETING: 6:05 p.m.

      4.       Flag Salute
      5.       Approval of Agenda:     A motion was made by Ken Silman and seconded by Kathy Slightam to approve the
               agenda, removing Item E.1.g.
      6.       Report out from Closed Session: None

B.    BOARD COMMUNICATIONS: Lisa Hultz and Kathy Slightam reported attending Excelsior’s Back to School Night and felt
      the excitement from the teachers, heard many compliments and felt the staff did a great job. Jill Sprenkel also heard
      comments that parents were impressed after attending Back to School Night; encouraged attendance at SEED’s family picnic
      on September 6 , which is not a fundraiser but an awareness of what SEED does; Timber Point PTA is having its annual
      Twilight at Taylor Ranch on September 19 . Karri Murayama attended the social at Excelsior School. Ken Silman
      congratulated Karla Allen on her new position at Excelsior School and Bobbi Nugent for becoming a board member in

C.    SUPERINTENDENT’S COMMUNICATIONS: Eric Prater also offered compliments of Back to School Night to the Excelsior
      staff, stating that it was the result of a solid plan and hard work. In regards to enrollment, all classes are within their limit with
      the exception of three extra students at Discovery Bay School, which will be watched closely. Jared Landro was honored as
      Junior National Young Leader and will be attending a conference in Washington, D.C. and will need to raise $1,800 by next
      summer. County Vector Control has been contacted regarding the mosquito influx and the area has been fogged to alleviate
      problem. The Discovery Bay School marquee should be installed by next week. The staff development day on August 29
      is being planned.

D.    PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: Bobbi Nugent reported on the Discovery Bay PTA membership and upcoming events, including
      Booville on October 25 . Betty Sanchez reported on Timber Point PTA membership and upcoming events, including Bunko
      on August 28 .



                 a.   Presentation of Elementary Projects by WWCOT

                      Gary Gery from WWCOT presented draft drawings of the elementary schools and an estimate of cost of
                      $850,000 for projects, which included an enlarged parking lot, drop off loop, non-DSA storage building,
                                                                                             th th
                      possible joint use restroom and fields for Timber Point School and a 4 /5 grade plaza, shade
                      structure/relocated restroom, play fields and backstops at Discovery Bay School.

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                                                      August 19, 2008
     b.   Approve contract with WWCOT, Architect, who was chosen by RFQ Committee to provide
          architectural services for the elementary school projects under Measure C

          A motion was made by Jill Sprenkel and seconded by Lisa Hultz to approve the contract with WWCOT to
          provide architectural services for the elementary school projects.
          Roll Call: Unanimous
     c.   Approve contract with Don Williams Inspections, Inc., who was chosen by RFQ Committee as
          Inspector of Record services for projects under Measure C.

          A motion was made by Karri Murayama and seconded by Ken Silman to approve the contract with Don
          Williams Inspections for services on Measure C projects.
          Roll Call: Unanimous

     d,   Approve contract with Krazan & Associates, Inc. who was chosen by RFQ Committee for testing lab
          services for projects under Measure C.

          A motion was made by Kathy Slightam and seconded by Lisa Hultz to approve the contract with Krazen &
          Associates for testing lab services for Measure C projects
          Roll Call: Unanimous

     e.   Excelsior Gymnasium Air Conditioning Update

          An air conditioner will be installed in the Excelsior gym at a total cost of under $40,000 and can be reused in
          new construction. It should be installed within three and a half weeks.

     f.   Discovery Bay School Kindergarten Fencing Update

          Mr. Prater would like to recreate equity between the schools and feels the Kindergarten wing at Discovery Bay
          School needs additional fencing. Bids are being received from three fencing companies to do the work which
          will be paid for through deferred maintenance or Measure C funds.

     g.   FCMAT Efficiency Study: Deleted from agenda


     a.   STAR Testing Presentation:

          Ken Jacopetti and Louise Colbert made a presentation on Spring, 2008 STAR test results.

     b.   Middle School Presentation

          Ben Scinto and Karla Allen presented an update on new programs at Excelsior School.

     c.   Update on Grant Writing & Independent Study in the Byron Union School District

          Dolores Long presented an update on status of grant writing and independent study, viewing the district
          website inclusion of this information.


     a.   First Reading of Revision to Board Policy 6158, Independent Study

          A first reading of the revised Board Policy 6158 was on the agenda with second reading and final approval for
          the next regularly scheduled board meeting on September 2, 2008.

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                                        August 19, 2008
        A motion was made by Ken Silman and seconded by Jill Sprenkel to approve the following consent agenda:
        1.   Personnel:
             a. Approve medical leave of absence for Christina Guinn, beginning August 11, 2008 through six (or eight, if caesarian delivery)
                 weeks post partum and continuing as unpaid leave through June 5, 2009
             b. Approve Maddie Lopez for English Language Learner Stipend for the 2008-09 school year in the amount of $4,000
             c. Approve employment of Angela Ordaz, school counselor, under AB 1802 for .5 FTE at the Excelsior Middle School for 2008-09
                 school year
        2.   Business:
             a. Warrants: 8/5/08
             b. Approve adding Esta (Gaby) Hellier, Chief Business Official, as one signature of the four listed on bank accounts
        3.   Contracts with non-public school agencies for special education students:
             a. Foundation Therapy Service in the amount of $53,555.75 to cover 7/30/08 through 7/30/09.
             b. Tobinworld II in the amount of $201,453.00 for the period of 7/1/08 through 6/30/09.
        4.   Donations:
             a. Discovery Bay PTA in the amount of $2,460 for art/music docent school year 2007-08 and $117.44 for art supplies

             Roll Call: Ayes: Karri Murayama, Lisa Hultz, Jill Sprenkel, and Ken Silman
                    Recused: Kathy Slightam


        The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Governing Board of Trustees is scheduled for: September 2, 2008

Adjourned to closed session: 10:05 p.m.

Reopened at 11:33: Report out of Closed Session: The Board of Trustees voted 5-0 to approve a proposed settlement
agreement with Blach Construction regarding a pending construction dispute.


        The meeting was adjourned at 11:34 p.m.

Date Approved: September 16, 2008

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                                                         August 19, 2008

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