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									                                        CLASS X
                                   HOLIDAY HOMEWORK

1. Read any one of the following books and write a book review
    The pursuit of happiness             Chris Gardner
    The difficulty of being good         Gurcharan Das
    Ignited minds                        A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

2. You are the editor of a newspaper. Create a supplement of five to six pages incorporating the
   following news items.
Page 1: National and international news
Page 2: Notice of any big event in the city, report of a formal event in the city, interview of any
member of a colony addressing their grievance under the column ‘People Speak’.
Page 3: Letter to the editor on any topical issue, editorial column by the editor; article on
reducing stress under the column ‘Speaking Tree’.
Page 4: Film review, crossword puzzles, cartoon strips etc.
Page 5: Sports news
The supplement should also contain advertisements created and drafted by you.

3. Do you think life exists on other planets? Let us assume the answer to be yes. If there is life
    on other planets, what would these aliens look like? Draw your idea of an alien and create a
    story in about 300 words.
4. Write a speech with reference to the great social activist Anna Hazare and the Lokpal Bill on
    the topic ‘The role of youth in realizing the dreams of India’.
Hints: (a) fighting for equal rights (b) fighting corruption (c) empowering the masses (d)
looking for jobs within the country (e) active involvement in social issues (f) promoting
national integration (g) equal participation of women in all fields

5. Design and write a page for the school newsletter “Gokul Days”. Topics should relate to
   themes like current affairs, social relevant issues, sports, science and technology etc.

Note: Use coloured A4 sheets for your homework.
Questions 1, 2 and 5 are compulsory. Anyone to be done from questions 3 and 4.
                                     HOLIDAY HOMEWORK

                               CLASS- X SUBJECT- MATHEMATICS

1. Make a project on history of the number ∏.

Project details:

a) Knowledge about ∏ in various civilization.

b) Approximations for ∏.

c) Circle and ∏.

d) Famous mathematical problems featuring ∏.

2. Make a project on observing interesting patterns in a IPL 4 cricket match.

Project details:

a) Performance of both the teams on the basis of run rates per over.
b) Performance of both the teams on the basis of wicket rates per over.
c) Runs scored in first five overs i.e 1-5 overs
   Next five overs i.e 6-10 overs & till 20 overs.
d) No. of wickets taken in first 10 overs and next 10 overs.
e) Study run rates for various bowling techniques used by bowlers (such as fast, slow, spin etc).
f) Study wicket rates for various bowling techniques used by bowlers(such as fast, slow,spin etc).
g) Compare on the basis of top run makers
h) Compare on the basis of top wicket takers

    Both the projects should be done on Assignment sheets.

3. Assignment on chapter 3 (do in practice register)
                         DWARKA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

                               CLASS-X SUBJECT- MATHEMATICS

                        TOPIC-PAIR OF LINEAR EQUATIONS

Q1. Solve the following equations by the method of elimination:

   a) 2x -9 = y –x +7 = 5x -6y                            d) 4x – 2y =12 , 5x + 3y =26

   b)          +   +1 = 15 ,    +     =15                 e)   +y =0.8     ,    =10

   c) 2x + y =21 , x +y =13                               f) 6x + 5y = 7x + 3y +1 = 2( x +
      6y -1)

Q2. Solve the following equations by the method of cross multiplication:

       -       +1=0 ,     +      -10 =0

  a)       =       , ax +by =a2 +b2

  b) (a –b)x +(a+b)y = a2 -2ab –b2 , ( a+b) (x+y) = a2 + b2

  c) 5px + 6qy 28 , px + 4/3 qy =6

Q3. Show that the system of equations ax+ by =c and lx + my =n will have a unique
solution if and only if am – bl # 0

Q4. Check algebraically whether the system of equations 5x – 2y =4 and 10x – 4y =7 is
inconsistent or dependent?

Q5. Find the values of a& b for which the following system of linear equations has infinitely
many solutions: (a-1)x + 3y =2 ; 6x + ( 1-2b)y =6

Q6. Find the value of k for which the following system of linear equations have no solution:

  3x +y =1 ; (2k -1)x +(k -1)y = 2k +1

Q7. Find whether the following pair of linear equations is consistent or not:

 x + y =14 ; x –y =4

Q8. The path of train A is given by 2x +y -4 =0 and path of another train B is given by 4x
+ 2y -16 =0 . Can an accident take place between the two trains? State reasons.

Q9. In a IIgm , one angle is 2/3 of the adjacent angle. Determine the angles of this IIgm.
Q10. The sum of a two- digit number and the number formed by interchanging the digits is
132. If 12 is added to the number , the new number becomes 5 times the sum of the digits.
Find the number.

Q11. In a two – digit number , the ten’s digit is three times the unit’s digit. When the
number is decreased by 54, the digits are reversed. Find the number.

Q12. The sum of numerator & denominator of a fraction is 8. If 3 is added to both the
numerator and denominator , the fraction becomes ¾. Find the fraction.

Q13. The monthly incomes of A & B are in the ratio 9:7 and their monthly expenditure s are
in the ratio 4:3 . if each saves Rs 1600 per month , find the monthly income of each.

Q14. The area of a rectangle is reduced by 80 square units if its length is reduced by 5 units
and the breadth is increased by 2 units . if we increase the length by 10 units and decrease
the breadth by 5 units, the area is increased by 50 square units. Find the length & the
breadth of the rectangle.

Q16. Atwo – digit number 5/6 of itself when its digits are reversed. If the difference of the
digits of the digits is 1, fin the number.


10 class Project                                                                  20 marks

1. Survey project on common domestic circuit.

2.Observe and note the reading of electric meter at your home daily at 8:30 am
and 8:30 pm (fixed time) for 2 weeks. Find the average unit consumed per day.

a) How many unit during day time?

b) How many unit during during night time?

3) Do this activity for 2 weeks and tabulate your observation in file.

d) Compare your observation with the details given in your monthly electricity
Class x


   1) Prepare question / answer bank of
 management of natural resource

2) prepare a bank of well –labeled diagrams of the lessons:-
     Life processes
     Control and coordination.
     Reproduction.


Collect information about mendle’s law of genetics and his contribution in the field of genetics
preparing a project file.

The project should be submitted on a4 size sheets including follwing points:

      Introduction
      Main body
      Appendix
      Conclusion
      Bibliography


   I. Analyse the role of chemicals used in daily life (e.g: common salt, vinegar, baking
        soda, cosmetics etc.) Under subtitle – chemistry in kitchen / chemistry in
        cosmetics / chemistry in medicine (prepare an activity file & collect pictures
        from internet & magazine)

Q1. Take any 5 grammar topics and describe the whole topics and also do exercises (10 sentences) each
related to those topics.

Q2. Write any poem of any French poet and make a glossary of the words with their meanings.

Q3. Make a diary of 1 month describing your daily routine and with the pictures related to those

Class X – S.St.
Do any one of the following Project Works

        1. Role of government / non government functionaries in your locality in
           disaster management.
        2. Generating awareness on Disaster management.
        3. Preparation of models of disaster resilient structure.
        4. Institutional case study on disaster response
        5. Preparation of Disaster Contingency Plan
        6. Pocket Guide on First Aid

Class X- Computer Science
1.)Do Project 1 & 2 on page no 252

2.) Design a website on ‘Monuments in India’

3.)Do Cyber Olympiad worksheet on page no.307 of your computer book
                               द्वारका इंटरनेशनल स्कल

                                       सेक्टर 12, द्वारका

               कक्षा X    ( ग्रीष्मावकाश गहकार्य )
                                          ृ                       ववषर्: हहंदी

                             ं ू     े
प्रश्न (क) ननम्न ववषर्ों पर कप्र्टर क माध्र्म से प्रस्ततीकरण तैर्ार करें :-

           1. वाक्र् ववचार
           2. समास
           3. संधि
           4. शब्द, पद और पदबंि
           5. अव्र्र्

प्रश्न (ख) ककसी भी एक महान हहंदी साहहत्र्कार की ककताब पढ़कर उनके
       द्वारा रधचत (कहानी) की समीक्षा कीजिर्े I

नोट : पहले प्रश्न क ललए CD तैर्ार करें और दसरें प्रश्न को फाइल में पूरा करें I

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