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If you are looking for an ideal pet, you will find that birds are an easy to care for and positively delightful option.

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									Birds: The Perfect Pet If you are looking for an ideal pet, you will find that birds are an easy to care for and positively delightful option. If you are not a cat person or a dog person, it can seem hard to find a pet that is really worth having. Snakes and spiders are scary, hamsters die quickly, and fish just sit there and look at you. There is hope, however, for individuals looking for intelligent and friendly pets: birds. Birds are perhaps the most versatile pets available, and can provide countless years of joy and companionship, regardless of your lifestyle or living situation. One of the reasons that birds are absolutely ideal pets is that they are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. This means that you can select a pet that you find not only aesthetically pleasing, but also well suited for your living space. Birds come in just about every color you can think of, from deep blues to bright yellows to dusky purples to vibrant reds. Many species, in fact, showcase a combination of colors for an even more astounding visual impact. Birds also come in a variety of sizes, from the size of your palm to the size of your torso. Therefore, it doesn't matter how much space you have as you will be a will to find a friend that fits nicely. Unlike cats or dogs, birds are uniquely suited in this way to being the ideal pets for people who live in confined spaces such as apartments or retirement homes. The most common types of pet birds include the smaller varieties, such as canaries, finches, and lovebirds, however there is a strong population of bird owners who keep medium-sized varieties like parents and cockatiel. Birds are exceptionally easy to care for, as most people keep them in cages. Daily responsibilities include ensuring that the water bottle is full, there is enough food available, and that the droppings papers at the bottom of the cage are changed. Beyond that, there is little daily maintenance required for the caretaking of a bird. Depending on where you live, you may choose to settle the birds down in the evening by placing a blanket around the cage to simulate night in nature, however this is not a necessity. While they are friendly animals, birds do not necessarily require the daily emotional maintenance that other animals require. They don't feel dejected if you don't pet them, and they won't act out if you tell them they can't sleep in the bed with you. They are go along to get along, happy go lucky creatures that truly provide companionship on your terms. As if their ease of care and adaptability weren't enough to encourage you to consider a bird as a pet, think about how wonderful it would be to wake up in the morning to vibrant and joyous bird songs. Their melodies, chatters, and feather fluttering are exceptionally therapeutic sounds that both lift the spirit and remind you that you are not alone. Birds don't bark, they don't whine, and they don't leave poop as a present for you on the kitchen floor. They are simply easy-going companions who will share a song with you or leave you be. They're always there for you without expecting excessive attention or positive reinforcement. In many ways, a bird is a good example of how we should all endeavor to live our lives: with grace, dignity, and joy. So if you are looking for that extra element in your home to make it someplace that's truly special, consider bringing a bird into your life. You won't regret it.

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