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					English Language Learner
         Reference Center
      Tutorial (Student Version)

Welcome to the English Language Learner Reference Center. You are looking at the English Language
Learner Reference Center home screen. To get back to this screen, click the ELL logo in the upper left
Select a category to begin browsing ELL content.
Select a subject and navigate to a list of topics.
Select a topic from the list and start your research.
Read the article to start your research. ELL articles also have pictures, illustrations, and photographs. In the
Related Information section, explore other content through the “Build Background” and “Learn More” links.
The Read Out Loud feature can read the article to you. For online instructions, click the Help link. To use
      Read Out Loud, highlight the words to be read. Select an accent and reading speed. Click the
                                              Listen button.
Use a keyword search to return a result list of other articles that are related to the topic of your research.
Narrow results by Source Type to find ELL articles, articles grouped by reading level, magazine articles,
                               reference information, and biographies.
English Language Learner Reference Center also features many useful tools to help you with your
Use the research guides and worksheets to help you through the research process.
You are now ready to begin your research!

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