Spiritwear Marching Band Order Form 2012

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					         FHS Marching Band Spirit Wear Order Form

         Item                        Price         Size       Picture   Total
      Description                             Circle Choice             Price
 (Circle Color Choice)
 Optional Quotes for back of t-
     shirt or V-neck t-shirt
      Choice A “It’s Okay…
       …I’m with the Band

      Choice B “Free Time
          What’s That”
     T- Shirt w/front logo           $13.00       Youth
 Grey T has a front two color logo
                                                  S M L
         tiger on sleeve
      Grey or Red
                                              S M L XL XXL
Choice of Quote for back                         XXXL
                                              Quote A or B

V-Neck T w/front logo and            $13.00
quote on the back and tiger on                    Adult
           sleeve.                            S M L XL XXL
       Black or White                            XXXL
  Choice of Quote for back                    Quote A or B

   Holloway Momentum                 $42.00       Youth
  Jacket-with front logo                          S M L
        on back Name,                            Ladies
     Instrument, and year                     S M L XL XXL
       Class of 20__                              Mens
                                              S M L XL XXL
Girls Track shorts –w/ $20.00                    Ladies
          logo                                 XS S M L XL
 Black w/ paw prints or
Flannel Boxers – w/logo              $15.00   S M L XL XXL
Hoodie – w/front logo and $25.00 S M L XL XXL
   tiger on the sleeve               3XL
     Black or White

  Embroidered Hoodie        $30.00   S M L XL XXL
w/embroidered logo – and
   music notes cut out
 Red or Charcoal Grey
Holloway Titan Jacket –     $45.00       Adult
  w/ embroidered logo                S M L XL XXL

  Ladies Red V neck T       $20.00     LADIES
   w/Rhinestone logo                  S M L XL XXL

 Sweatpants w/leg logo      $22.00
    Black or Grey                    S M L XL XXL

   Red Fleece jacket        $25.00      Ladies
  w/embroidered logo                 S M L XL XXL
                                     S M L XL XXL

      Knit Hat-             $12.00     One size
  w/embroidered logo

Red Fleece Headband     –   $12.00     One size
  w/embroidered logo
   Draw String Bag        –    $10.00
w/embroidered logo…name
     can be added

      Water Jug –              $18.00
  w/embroidered logo &
   name can be added
***Please add $2.50 for        $2.50
   XXL or Larger***
***Items can be personalized
     for $3.50 each***


FHS Marching Band Order Form
Item to be customized & name to be applied____________________________________

Parent Name (Please Print)_________________________________________________

Phone Number:________________ E-Mail:___________________________________

Student Name:__________________________________________________________

Payment option:
___Checks made payable to FHS Band        ___Cash


All orders due no later than Friday, August 17
(First Football Game)
Please give order forms   with payment     to Sarah Conlisk or Jaime Owings, or put in
locked box on wall in band room. Label envelopes and checks “Spirit Wear Order”

Questions? Contact    Sarah Conlisk sconlisk@sbcglobal.net 946-1514
                      Jaime Owings mjowings1@sbcglobal.net 513-5109

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