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									                                        Microsoft Office 2010
                                        Customer Solution Case Study

                                        Fire and Rescue Service Boosts Productivity
                                        with Upgrade of Existing Tools

Customer: London Fire Brigade
                                        “With Office 2010, staff will have access to powerful
Website: www.london-fire.gov.uk         new tools for solving problems and communicating
Customer Size: 7,000
Country or Region: United Kingdom       ideas. The Office Ribbon interface makes interacting
Industry: Government services
                                        with these tools quite intuitive.”
Customer Profile                                                                      Julian Martin, Head of ICT, London Fire Brigade
The London Fire Brigade provides fire
response and rescue, and fire
prevention and training services
                                        The London Fire Brigade wanted to boost employee productivity
through its network of 120 stations.    and increase opportunities for collaboration. To take advantage
Software and Services
                                        of enhancements to applications in the Microsoft Office system,
 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server    the organisation initially deployed Microsoft Office 2010 to a
 Microsoft Office 2010
                                        pilot group of 60 employees. Based on the success of this
  − Microsoft Outlook 2010              initiative, the organisation looks forward to bolstering employee
  − Microsoft Excel 2010
  − Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
                                        productivity and maximising the value of its technology

                                        Business Needs                                   SharePoint Server 2007, to complete
                                        Formed in 1710, the London Fire                  daily tasks and collaborate across
                                        Brigade has evolved into the largest fire        departments.
                                        and rescue service in the United
                                        Kingdom. It has 7,000 staff, including           Leaders at the London Fire Brigade had
                                        5,800 firefighters and officers. Its             evaluated upgrading to Microsoft Office
                                        firefighters staff four different shifts to      2010 to take advantage of the expanded
                                        support an around-the clock service              feature set, improved security
                                        schedule.                                        capabilities, and simplified user interface
                                                                                         of the software. But the organisation’s
                                        In addition to its headquarters in               multiple locations and frequent shift
                                        London, the organisation has a network           changes posed challenges for employee
                                        of 120 stations throughout the London            training.
                                        metropolitan area. For several years, the
For more information about Microsoft    employees at these locations used the            “Because of our uniquely complex
Office, go to:                          productivity applications in Microsoft           physical environment and staffing
www.office.com                          Office 2003, alongside Microsoft Office          requirements, the benefits of any
upgrade would need to be extremely                              tools in the PowerPoint 2010                     Enhances IT Security
compelling to justify the move,” says                           presentation graphics program to create          The enhanced email filtering tools in
Julian Martin, Head of Information and                          more dynamic training presentations              Outlook 2010 dovetail with the
Communication Technologies at the                               and public relations collateral. “The            organisation’s defence-in-depth security
London Fire Brigade.                                            SmartArt layouts are completely                  strategy. “With so many different
                                                                intuitive, and it’s helpful to be able to        locations and shift patterns, we’re
Solution                                                        insert and edit graphics directly in the         constantly looking for new ways to
In February of 2010, the London Fire                            application,” says Michael Chambers,             bolster the protection of our IT assets,”
Brigade decided it was time to                                  Process Manager for the London Fire              Martin says. “It will be useful to have
thoroughly evaluate Office 2010. In order                       Brigade.                                         additional flexibility and control in
to test a variety of usage scenarios, it                                                                         configuring security around our email
began with an initial deployment to 60                          Benefits                                         client,” says Martin.
employees across its information                                By deploying Microsoft Office 2010, the
management, finance, human resources,                           London Fire Brigade has provided staff           Strengthens Platform for Growth
procurement, and communication teams.                           in the pilot user group with new desktop         The London Fire Brigade has enjoyed
                                                                publishing and data analysis capabilities        rapid uptake of Office 2010 within its
Employees in the pilot user group have                          to support greater productivity. And, as         pilot user group. Now, the organisation
taken advantage of new tools in the                             the organisation seeks to expand                 plans to expand its rollout in
Outlook 2010 messaging and                                      opportunities for efficient collaboration,       conjunction with greater use of other
collaboration client to quickly consolidate                     its upgrade to Office 2010 will enable it        Microsoft technologies, including
email messages into conversations. Now,                         to take full advantage of Office                 SharePoint Server. “Our experience with
they can use Conversation View to                               SharePoint Server 2007.                          the pilot assured us that Office 2010
quickly file these contextually linked                                                                           definitely helps our people do their jobs
email threads to easily find them when                          Moreover, as the London Fire Brigade             more effectively within our existing
needed. The IT team also plans to use                           looks ahead to a wider deployment of             SharePoint environment,” says Martin.
new security features, such as the ability                      the software, it expects to further bolster      “We’re keen to deploy the solution
to set alerts to detect messages                                its defence against email-borne threats          broadly because it will help us maximise
addressed to large distribution lists, to                       through the use of innovative features in        the value of our investment across the
strengthen protection against malicious                         Outlook 2010.                                    entire stack of Microsoft technologies.”
software, viruses, and other threats.
                                                                Increases Productivity
Management personnel appreciate the                             Employees across the organization will
conditional formatting capabilities in                          soon be able to take advantage of new
Excel 2010 spreadsheet software, which                          capabilities in Office 2010, such as
simplify the process of visually                                simplified data formatting, the ability to
representing information. “I really like                        quickly consolidate email messages, and
having the ability to create tables, and                        presentation tools, to save time on daily
then apply the conditional formatting                           tasks. “With Office 2010, staff will have
colour scales for fast, easy comparison of                      access to powerful new tools for solving
data,” says Emma Rice, a member of the                          problems and communicating ideas. The
pilot group at London Fire Brigade.                             Office Ribbon interface makes
                                                                interacting with these tools quite
In addition, procurement, human                                 intuitive,” says Martin.
resources, and communications staff at
the London Fire Brigade can now use new

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Document published June 2010

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