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									                                                    Woodland Middle School
                                                      755 Park Street Woodland, WA 98674

Office:   (360) 841.2800                                                                                              Cari Thomson
Fax:      (360) 841.2801                                                                                              Principal
E-mail:                                                                                Paul Huddleston
                                                                                                                      Athletic Director

WMS student athletes that have been placed on academic probation are required to meet certain conditions to maintain their
eligibility (see athletic handbook or probation/suspension letter). If an athlete does not meet these conditions, they will be
ineligible from competition the following week and until they meet the necessary requirements.

                          Athletes on academic suspension are required to attend study sessions as well.

Study sessions are to be taken seriously with the intent of getting necessary help to improve academic performance and
understanding. Incomplete forms or forms with a “no” box checked will not be considered adequate. Here is what athletes will be
expected to fill out after each 20 minute minimum study session (forms will be provided by their coach or can be found in the

          Time In:           _____________________
                                                                             SAMPLE – DO NOT FILL OUT
          Time Out:          _____________________

          Used time well yes             no       Disruptive yes           no          Prepared to work yes            no

          Instructor Signature: ____________________________________________________

  Hopefully, we can all work together to help support your student athlete as they work to improve their academic performance.

   WMS student athletes must return this form (with required signatures) to the athletic director as a condition of their
              probation. They will not be considered eligible for competition until it has been received.

                  I understand the conditions that are required for probationary athletes to maintain their athletic eligibility.

               Athlete’s Name_________________________________________________________________

               Athlete’s Signature___________________________________                              Date__________________

               Parent Signature_____________________________________                               Date__________________

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